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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The Hardest Sell Quest Guide

Jessica Dillon

The Hardest Sell is a side quest that has a focus on "Red XIII" iconRed XIII but can be tricky to find. This quest is locked behind another Junon quest that unlocks the Crow’s Nest area. Before unlocking the Crow’s Nest, part of the Junon region will be blocked off from Cloud and his party. The guide below goes over how to start the Hardest Sell and how to defeat all the fiends at the Junon lighthouse.

You will need to speak with Toby at the Crow’s Nest to start The Hardest Sell.

Starting The Hardest Sell Side Quest

The Hardest Sell will be hidden until you complete When Words Won’t Do and guide Salmon the dog to the Crow’s Nest. At this point, you will be able to access the two side quests associated with the location Dreaming of Blue Skies and The Hardest Sell. You can pick up the quest from the notice board. Once it’s been added to your quest list, track down Toby. Toby tends to walk around the front part of the Crow’s Nest, so make sure to follow the quest marker until you find him.

How to Complete The Hardest Sell Side Quest

You will want to head out of Crow’s Nest entrance on the furthest end of town. This grants you access to the cliffside that was previously inaccessible before unlocking the area. Follow the path up and then cross the bridge to reach the lighthouse. You will notice that the area is decorated when you arrive, so head up and inside the lighthouse to find Kyrie. She will task the party with defeating a group of fiends that have been terrorizing her home. To find them, head outside of the room, back down the steps, and to the quest marker to start the fight.

You will fight several sets of monsters, the first being "Flan" iconFlan. Flan are weak against "Fire" iconFire and having a "Fire Materia" iconFire Materia equipped will make quick and easy work of them. They are a weaker enemy, so you can use whichever party formation you want for this quest. Some "Ignilisk" iconIgnilisk will also be added during the second wave. These are weak to "Ice" iconIce so of coourse, use of an "Ice Materia" iconIce Materia will be your best friend here. Once you move through a few rounds of these enemy combinations, two "White Mousse" iconWhite Mousse will appear. This enemy is the giant version of flan with no weaknesses and is much more annoying to deal with as they are resistant to some of your melee attacks.

(1 of 3) Head into the Junon Lighthouse to speak with Kyrie.

White Mousse will also gain resistance to elements you keep using back-to-back. The enemy also absorbs magic and will unleash a more powerful attack if you don’t keep a balance of magic and physical attacks. Once these two enemies are defeated, Kyrie will speak to you again, completing the quest and granting you 500 experience. She will give you the Merc Legwraps, Merc Overalls, and Merc Cap to equip your Chocobo with. Your relationship with Red XIII will deepen, and you will get 10 party experience.

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