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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Exploring Southern Corel

Shane Williams

South Corel will become available once you’re finished in the "Gold Saucer" iconGold Saucer. On this page, we’ll provide you with the necessary steps to defeating Dyne, "Anuran Suppressor" iconAnuran Suppressor and escaping Shinra so you can safely reach the "Gongaga Region" iconGongaga Region.

Barrett comes to the rescue!

Be a Good Tourist

Once you’ve made it through the Corel Prison you’ll find yourself in the southern portion of the "Corel Region" iconCorel Region which means you can wrap up this region’s world intel, but before you crack on with that you’ll want to progress the story some more until you can access a new method of transport. Follow the vulture to the scrapyard and then use the nearby bench to restore your HP/MP and stock up on some potions for the upcoming battle against Dyne. This is an extremely challenging battle as there is little cover and lots of heavy hitting attacks to avoid, so consider checking out our Dyne Boss Guide & Strategies page for advice on how to effectively prepare for the battle and tips on how to counter his attacks.

Anuran Suppressor Boss Strategy

After the battle against Dyne has come to a close, Shinra decides to pay a visit, so you need to intercept them. Follow the path along until you reach an open area and then you’ll have to take down the Anuran Suppressor. The best way to take this down is to keep using Synergy skills until you have enough pips to perform Synergy abilities, as this will knock it over and allow you to attack the cockpit and deal significantly more damage. This is a good opportunity to use its weakness against it and hit it with lightning-based spells. Alternatively, you can chip away at its legs to pressure it and then follow up with a focused attack to stagger it.

The Anuran Suppressor has some powerful attacks up his sleeve and you learn more about them below:

Stun Ray

The Anuran Suppressor will flash you with a large bright light which will paralyze you, so stand behind it to avoid it.

Time Bomb Scatter

The Anuran Suppressor will be able to plant multiple bombs on the ground which will explode after a few seconds, so simply create some distance to avoid it.


The Anuran Suppressor will surround its body with sparks of electricity and this will paralyze you if you get too close, so simply keep away until it stops.

(1 of 3) If you fight too close then you’ll want to watch out for Snap Kick

Snap Kick

If you’re standing too close, then the Anuran Suppressor will use Snap Kick which means it’ll kick you and send you flying, so avoid standing too close for too long to reduce the chance of this attack occurring.

Amphibian Laser

The Anuran Suppressor will be able to swing an electrified cable around the arena which will paralyze you if you get hit. Unfortunately, this attack is quite tricky to avoid so it’s best to hold in the block button.

Steam Roll

During Phase 2, the Anuran Suppressor will be able to use an attack called Steam Roll. This will cause it to dash towards you which can be tricky to dodge due to the speed, so it’s best to just hold block to reduce the amount of damage taken.


Once you’ve defeated the Anuran Suppressor, you’ll find yourself on the buggy trying to escape Shinra, but they’re persistent so you’ll need to take them down with Barrett’s Weapon. If you run out of ammo then press R1 to reload and you can use the Overcharge skill to clear them out quickly. After the cutscene, you’ll find yourself in control of Zack once more. Here you’ll want to walk around town while speaking to the citizens to gather information on Biggs and then an explosion will go off in the distance. Make your way over to it to find Biggs and then you’ll return to Cloud.

You’ve now got access to the buggy so you canfinally complete the rest of the optional content in this area which consists of Divine Intel, Activation Intel, Expedition Intel, Fiend Intel and the Protorelic. Once you’re done, head to the south of the area via the buggy to reach the Gongaga Region.

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