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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Queen's Blood Tutorial - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Jarrod Garripoli
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There are plenty of new minigames in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, one of which is a card game called Queen’s Blood. The minigame seems to be similar to Fort Condor in the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intermission DLC, where you’ll be able to challenge certain NPCs across the game’s world. Going against these opponents and winning will net you new cards to use in Queen’s Blood, so you’re essentially getting stronger the more you win. However, you may be wondering how exactly this card game is played, which this page will cover.

Queen’s Blood is a new card minigame that will be in Rebirth.

How to Play Queen’s Blood in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

When you find a NPC that wants to play Queen’s Blood, you will be able to challenge them. One of the first things you can do right away is choose a deck, which you can edit if you want. Note that you will only be able to play a game with a deck that contains, at maximum, 15 cards. Once you’ve chosen your deck, the actual minigame will begin. The Queen’s Blood board is comprised of three rows, each with five spaces on them.

You will play your cards on the left side of the board, while your opponent will start on the right side. You will notice right away little icons on the board, which kind of look like pawns from a chess set. This indicates where you can place your cards, but there is a little more to it than that. On the cards themselves, in the upper left corner, there is the same icon. So, if you see two pawns on the card, that means you will need to have a spot on the board with two pawns on it.

How do you get more of those pawns to appear in a space on the board? Well, depending on the layout on the card, you simply need to place the card on the board. The yellow squares on the card’s layout will spawn new pawns, meaning if there’s already a pawn on that square, more will be added and you can play better cards. One neat thing you can do is place a card on a square adjacent to a square with an enemy pawn on it. If the card has that adjacent square as one of its moves, you will replace your own pawn over the enemy’s pawn.

The less squares your opponent has for their cards, the better.

Depending on whether there are still any squares left for your opponent, this can essentially block them from placing any more cards. Some cards have abilities on them, and while the breadth of them are still unknown, the ones that have been shown power up adjacent cards. The number in the top right corner of the cards represents their power, which contributes to the overall score to the left/right on the board. When no more cards can be placed on the board for both you and your opponent, the game is considered over.

Whoever has a higher score for a row will win that row, with that score being added to the player’s total (the loser’s score for the row will be erased). The winner of the entire game will be whoever has a higher score after adding up all rows. Should you win, then you will receive a card from your opponent (no idea if this is set in stone or not). It’s also unclear if you forfeit anything, should you lose the overall game. There is some kind of ranking system, though, as winning will increase your ranking and allow you to challenge tougher opponents.

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Everything you know and read about Odin is wrong.

Read this: https://www.reddit.com/r/FinalFantasyVII/comments/1bb28bm/odin_is_bugged_this_will_help/

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Everything you know and read about Odin is wrong.

Read this: https://www.reddit.com/r/FinalFantasyVII/comments/1bb28bm/odin_is_bugged_this_will_help/

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