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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

North Corel walkthrough - Queens Blood Players & Revive Materia

Nathan Garvin

After enduring the trek over Mt. Corel you’ll finally reach the decimated remnants of North Corel. It’s your last port in the storm before you continue to Chapter 8, which is a lengthy story-heavy chapter with almost no freedom to form parties of your own and explore. This page will help you make the most of your last gasp of freedom by providing a walkthrough for North Corel in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, including Queen’s Blood players, shop information, how to advance to the "Gold Saucer" iconGold Saucer, and info on how to obtain the orb of Revive Materia.

(1 of 2) You can purchase the Queen’s Blood Booster Pack “Uncanny Terrors” from the weapon vendor.

You can purchase the Queen’s Blood Booster Pack “Uncanny Terrors” from the weapon vendor. (left), Do whatever shopping you care to, then head up towards the ropeway to trigger a scene outside a clinic. (right)

North Corel Shops and Walkthrough

When the opening scenes are done, you’ll find yourself in the Settlement - Residential Zone. Follow Barret and Yuffie to the southeast, passing a materia vendor as you go, although he doesn’t sell anything new or particularly noteworthy. Head up a wooden ramp past the materia vendor and another short scene will trigger. To the southwest is a suitably unfriendly branch of Maghnata Books, while to the southeast is a weapons vendor who actually sells a wide range of items. Most of his wares are identical to what the vending machines on Mt. Corel sold, however - the only item of real interest (assuming you didn’t miss any weapons, in which case they’ll be for sale here) is the QB Booster Pack: "Uncanny Terrors" iconUncanny Terrors. For 500 gil you’ll get the "Sandhog Pie" iconSandhog Pie, "Bloatfloat" iconBloatfloat, and "Heatseeker" iconHeatseeker cards.

We’ll get to the Queen’s Blood matches here shortly, but for now head up some stairs to the north (the sign pointing to the “Ropeway” should steer you true) and keep going until Tifa mentions she wants to see somebody. Approach her outside of a building and another scene will trigger, which will point you towards the Gold Saucer.

Leave the clinic and if you check the map, you’ll note you’ve ascended to the “Settlement - Lookout” area. Across a bridge to the southwest is a Rest Spot you can use, a notice board with new side quests on it, a piano where you can play the Piano minigame and, of course, Chadley, who probably doesn’t have much new for you. In any event, you can now technically follow the “Ropeway” signs to reach the gondola leading to the Gold Saucer, but once you board this, the chapter is over, and you won’t get the option to return until Chapter 9.

(1 of 2) Before you chase the black-robed men to the Gold Saucer, you can play Queen’s Blood with the reformed bandit Biff,

Before you chase the black-robed men to the Gold Saucer, you can play Queen’s Blood with the reformed bandit Biff, (left), and a dog named Rolf. (right)

North Corel Queen’s Blood Opponents

Now that you’re done advancing the story, let’s fleece some Queen’s Blood players of the precious cards before moving on. At this point in the game if you’ve been diligent there should be two players you can have a match against:

  • "Biff" iconBiff: He can be found in the bar, along with the Piano minigame. He’ll charge you 7 gil if you lose. Defeat him and you’ll obtain his "Bomb" iconBomb cards.

  • "Rolf" iconRolf: A very good boy found north of the Rest "Stop" iconStop on the “Settlement - Lookout” area. Pick on this poor pooch and you’ll purloin his "Cockatrice" iconCockatrice cards.

Head west from the clinic, drop down onto a roof, and pick up the Revive Materia on the ground.

How to Get the Revive Materia in North Corel

Before you leave North Corel behind, you probably noticed a loose orb of magic materia (green) glowing at you in either the intro cutscene or as you explored. Let’s give that orphaned materia a home. Make your way back up to the clinic where Tifa reunited with her old doctor earlier and from the entrance turn west to spot a broken section of fence. Drop off here onto the roof below, then drop down again to find yourself standing near the elusive materia. Grab it to obtain your first Revive Materia. Fitting, considering the salvation that both Barret and Tifa found in the clinic nearby.

With that you’re done in North Corel for now. Head up to the ropeway gondola and depart for Gold Saucer to start Chapter 8!

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