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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Exploring the Grasslands

Shane Williams

You’ll now find yourself in the first major region of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and as a result, you’ll have a lot of optional content to sink your teeth into. On this page, we’ll provide the necessary steps to tracking down Piko and reaching the "Mythril Mine" iconMythril Mine.

Billy will provide you with your first chocobo.

Abandoned Dock

The "Grasslands" iconGrasslands is a region that has a lot of optional content, but before you go out of your way to do them we recommend that you continue on with the main story until you have access to the chocobo and Chadli. To begin, head to the abandoned dock which can be found by following the path along to the southwest, then open the chest at the entrance for 1,500 Gil before approaching the broken bridge to trigger a scene.

Bill’s Chocobo Ranch

The bridge is currently out of action so Aerith and Tifa suggest getting some birds to get across, head northeast until you reach "Bill’s Ranch" iconBill’s Ranch and then speak with Billy in the stable to see if he can hook you up with some wings. Unfortunately, there are no chocobo’s available to rent currently, but Billy mentions that if you can find the one that recently went missing then you can use that instead. Speak with "Chloe" iconChloe to acquire some Gysahl Greens and then follow the tracks to find Piko.

Catching Piko

Catching Piko won’t be the easiest of tasks as you need to do it without alerting the others, you can do this by using the tall grass to shield you from their line of sight. If you’re struggling to take Piko’s reins, then check out our Finding Piko for tips. Once Piko is comfortable with you, return to the ranch and speak with Billy then head back outside on hop on your chocobo by pressing DualSense-R1 and then you’ll need to participate in a short game of Hustle de Chocobo. To do this, all you need to do is sprint by pressing DualSense-Stick-L and make your way to each pillar which has an orange glow spiraling around it.

(1 of 2) Follow the tracks to find Piko’s whereabouts

Follow the tracks to find Piko’s whereabouts (left), and then use the grass to avoid being seen. (right)

You can now progress and make your way towards the Mythril Mine, but we recommend doing all of the optional content first, such as Enemy Intel, Divine Intel, Active Intel, Fiend Intel and Expedition Intel.

Additionally, you’ll be able to undertake the following side quests:

Through the Swamplands

Once you’re ready to move on, head back towards the abandoned dock and hop on your chocobo, then work your way towards the center islands to trigger a short scene which seems to be showing Sephiroth. Open the nearby chest for 1,500 Gil and then continue south to engage in battle against the one and only "Midgardsormr" iconMidgardsormr. It is a rather tricky opponent at this stage of the game, as you’re still getting used to some of the gameplay mechanics, but don’t worry as we have a How to Beat Midgardsormr page ready to provide you with all of the tips you’ll possibly need. Following the battle, you’ll have a short walking segment and then you’ll find yourself in the Mythril Mine.

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The second in a trio of games, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth continues with the epic retelling of the original Final Fantasy VII story. Follow Cloud Strife and company, as they chase Sephiroth, after the events that unfolded in the city of Midgar. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will contain the same action-based combat system introduced in Remake, with additions to keep it fresh. To help you along the way, this guide plans to contain the following content:

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