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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Moogle Mischief Minigame Guide - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Nathan Garvin

Moogles are another iconic staple of the Final Fantasy series which, for some reason, has been ignoring most of the beloved elements that made the series so popular in the first place in recent years. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth looks to buck that trend, as the game is absolutely stuffed with classic critters, even if they only played a marginal role in the original Final Fantasy VII. Case in point, moogles, which were largely limited to an animatronic doll and minigame at the Gold Saucer in the original. Now, however, you can find Moogle Intel scattered throughout the world and if you can outplay the Moogles at their Moogle Mischief minigame you can unlock and expand the Moogle Emporium. This page will cover the Moogle Mischief minigame and the wares you can purchase via the Moogle Emporium in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

(1 of 2) Scattered throughout the world you can find Moogle Intel - in the Grasslands a Mogshroom can be found southeast of Bill’s Ranch.

Scattered throughout the world you can find Moogle Intel - in the Grasslands a Mogshroom can be found southeast of Bill’s Ranch. (left), When you visit a Moogle Merchant will ask you to wrangle the mischievous Mooglets who are supposed to be help run the Moogle Emporium. (right)

How to Unlock Moogle Mischief

Moogle Mischief will unlock in Chapter 2, after you meet up with Chadley and activate a nearby tower for him. Following this you’ll be free to scour the Grasslands region for World Intel, and one of the World Intel locations here is a Moogle Intel location just southeast of Bill’s Ranch. It’s at this Mogstool where you’ll likely get your introduction to Moogle Mischief and subsequently the Moogle Emporium, but there’s numerous of these Moogle Intel locations throughout the game, so your mileage may vary.

(1 of 2) Approach the Mooglets and they’ll flee - trick them into fleeing back to the Mogstool to catch them.

Approach the Mooglets and they’ll flee - trick them into fleeing back to the Mogstool to catch them. (left), Be wary, however, these magical critters aren’t afraid to play some nasty “tricks”. Get hit three times and you lose! (right)

How to Complete Moogle Mischief

At its core, Moogle Mischief is a simple minigame. The overly playful Mooglets are, as the name of the minigame suggests, up to some mischief, and their shenanigans are preventing the Moogle Emporium from operating. In order to get the shop back up to snuff you’ll need to wrangle these Mooglets. To do this you just need to move near them, in response to which they’ll reflexively flee away from you. Your goal is to trick them into fleeing to their Mogstool in the center of the minigame area by repeatedly approaching them, hence causing them to retreat towards the aforementioned mushroom house.

Of course, these are Moogles we’re talking about - magical critters whose appetite for misbehavior is significant. They won’t be content to float around until you corral them all, they’ll use magic to defend themselves. This includes conjuring banana peels and bombs, shooting wind scythes at you and more. Ultimately it’s just a game to them, so you won’t die, but if you take three hits you’ll lose the game and have to try again. Chase all five Mooglets back to the Mogstool and you’ll win.

In each region the difficulty will increase - you may encounter stage hazards (like stationary tornados) and the attack pattern of the Mooglets may change, including a secondary barrage of whatever tricks they use, more projectiles, faster attacks, etc. One saving grace is there’s no time limit to these (for now), so stay frosty, plan your approach route so you chase the Mooglets in a productive direction, time your advance and be patient. On stages with the little tornadoes, you can get the Mooglet to hit them and be temporarily stunned. While stunned, you can pick them up with DualSense-L2 and carry them around, although they will only stay put for so long (circle around theur portrait will deplete).

By the third rank you may notice that the Mooglets continue using their “tricks” even after they’ve been corralled, meaning you need to be extra cautious as you approach the Mogstool, as that’s when you’re most likely to encounter barrages of these tricks. Even worse, by the fifth rank a time limit of 4:00 is imposed, and you’ll need to have learned the Mooglet’s attack patterns and the general functionality of the AI by now if you want a good shot at winning. Some Mooglets will spam their attacks immediately after being chased and require you to circle around on repeated approaches, backing off and dodging their counterattack before looping around to scare them towards the Mogstool again, while others can be chase consistently. Choosing your angle of approach and picking targets preferentially becomes key, too.

Wrangle all the Mooglets and the Moogle Emporium will open (or have its stock expanded, if already opened).

Unlocking and Upgrading the Moogle Emporium

What do you win, exactly? Aside from the standard World Intel fare (Party XP and Data Points) you’ll unlock or upgrade the Moogle Emporium. Now that the Mooglets are back to work, the Moogle Merchant can open up shop, allowing you to buy rare items. Of course, Moogles have no need for money, they instead trade their treasures for "Moogle Medal" iconMoogle Medals, which are found in Shinra crates throughout the world. These drops are random and the crates respawn, so there’s no real limit to how many you can farm, if need be. Below you’ll find the wares you can unlock for completing Moogle Mischief events - once will unlock the Moogle Emporium, and every subsequent Moogle Mischief minigame you win will cause the Moogle Emporium’s stock to expand:

Item Merchant Rank "Moogle Medal" iconMoogle Medals Stock
"Ether" iconEther 1 1 unlimited
"Elixir" iconElixir 6 15 unlimited
"Ruby" iconRuby 1 10 unlimited
"Emerald" iconEmerald 1 10 unlimited
"Empowerment Materia" iconEmpowerment Materia Earrings 6 6 1
"Level Boost Materia" iconLevel Boost Materia 5 6 1
"Healing Materia" iconHealing Materia Earrings 4 6 1
"Fire Materia" iconFire Materia Earrings 3 6 1
"HP Up Materia" iconHP Up Materia Earrings 1 6 1
"Precision Defense Focus Materia" iconPrecision Defense Focus Materia Earrings 2 6 1
"Vibrodetector" iconVibrodetector 4 3 1
Manuscript: The Art of Swordplay Vol. I (Cloud) 1 6 1
Manuscript: The Art of Swordplay Vol. IV (Cloud) 4 6 1
Manuscript: Sharpshooter’s Companion Vol. II (Barret) 3 6 1
Manuscript: Way of the Fist Vol. I (Tifa) 1 6 1
Manuscript: Way of the Fist Vol. IV (Tifa) 5 6 1
Manuscript: Telluric Scriptures Vol. II (Aerith) 2 6 1
Manuscript: Telluric Scriptures Vol. IV (Aerith) 6 6 1
Manuscript: Tale of the Red Warrior Vol. I (Red XIII) 2 6 1
Manuscript: Tale of the Red Warrior Vol. V (Red XIII) 6 6 1
Manuscript: Secrets of the Ninja Vol. I (Yuffie) 3 6 1
Manuscript: Fortunes Untold Vol. II (Cait Sith) 4 6 1
Manuscript: Fortunes Untold Vol. III (Cait Sith) 5 6 1
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