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All Perks Console Item IDs for Starfield

Scott Peers

There are five main perk trees for different skills in Starfield, including Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech skills. Each of these have unique item IDs / codes in the console, which you can use to increase the level of each perk manually. There are also perk IDs for things like Traits and Backgrounds, which we’ll cover on this page. We’ll explain how to use the console in Starfield, and how to add each perk console command so that you can max out your character without having to go through the grind.

Perk Item IDs for Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech in Starfield.

List of Perk Item IDs and Codes for Starfield

As mentioned above, there are different categories for each perk tree that you can put points into in Starfield. We’ll go through each of the main five perk trees first, then list the item IDs / codes for traits and backgrounds. If you want to skip to a specific category, use the links below:

All Physical Skills Perk IDs

Perk Code
"Boxing" iconBoxing player.addperk 002C59DF
"Fitness" iconFitness player.addperk 002CE2DD
"Stealth" iconStealth player.addperk 002CFCB2
"Weight Lifting" iconWeight Lifting player.addperk 002C59D9
"Wellness" iconWellness player.addperk 002CE2E1
"Energy Weapon Dissipation" iconEnergy Weapon Dissipation player.addperk 002C59E2
"Environmental Conditioning" iconEnvironmental Conditioning player.addperk 0028AE17
"Gymnastics" iconGymnastics player.addperk 0028AE29
"Nutrition" iconNutrition player.addperk 002CFCAD
"Pain Tolerance" iconPain Tolerance player.addperk 002CFCAE
"Cellular Regeneration" iconCellular Regeneration player.addperk 0028AE14
"Decontamination" iconDecontamination player.addperk 002CE2A0
"Martial Arts" iconMartial Arts player.addperk 002C5554
"Concealment" iconConcealment player.addperk 002C555E
"Neurostrikes" iconNeurostrikes player.addperk 002C53B4
"Rejuvenation" iconRejuvenation player.addperk 0028AE13

All Social Skills Perk IDs

Perk Code
"Commerce" iconCommerce player.addperk 002C5A8E
"Gastronomy" iconGastronomy player.addperk 002C5A94
"Persuasion" iconPersuasion player.addperk 0022EC82
"Scavenging" iconScavenging player.addperk 0028B853
"Theft" iconTheft player.addperk 002C555B
"Deception" iconDeception player.addperk 002CFCAF
"Diplomacy" iconDiplomacy player.addperk 002C59E1
"Intimidation" iconIntimidation player.addperk 002C59DE
"Isolation" iconIsolation player.addperk 002C53AE
"Negotiation" iconNegotiation player.addperk 002C555F
"Instigation" iconInstigation player.addperk 002C555D
"Leadership" iconLeadership player.addperk 002C890D
"Outpost Management" iconOutpost Management player.addperk 0023826F
"Manipulation" iconManipulation player.addperk 002C5555
"Ship Command" iconShip Command player.addperk 002C53B3
Xenosociology player.addperk 002C53B0

All Combat Skills Perk IDs

Perk Code
"Ballistics" iconBallistics player.addperk 002CFCAB
"Dueling" iconDueling player.addperk 002CFCB0
"Lasers" iconLasers player.addperk 002C59DD
"Pistol Certification" iconPistol Certification player.addperk 002080FF
"Shotgun Certification" iconShotgun Certification player.addperk 0027DF97
"Demolitions" iconDemolitions player.addperk 002C5556
Heavy Weapons Certification player.addperk 00147E38
"Incapacitation" iconIncapacitation player.addperk 0027DF96
"Particle Beams" iconParticle Beams player.addperk 0027BAFD
"Rifle Certification" iconRifle Certification player.addperk 002CE2E0
"Marksmanship" iconMarksmanship player.addperk 002C890B
"Rapid Reloading" iconRapid Reloading player.addperk 002C555A
"Sniper Certification" iconSniper Certification player.addperk 002C53B1
"Targeting" iconTargeting player.addperk 002C59DA
"Armor Penetration" iconArmor Penetration player.addperk 0027DF94
"Crippling" iconCrippling player.addperk 0027CBBA
"Sharpshooting" iconSharpshooting player.addperk 002C53AF

All Science Skills Perk IDs

Perk Code
"Astrodynamics" iconAstrodynamics player.addperk 002C5560
"Geology" iconGeology player.addperk 002CE29F
"Medicine" iconMedicine player.addperk 002CE2DF
"Research Methods" iconResearch Methods player.addperk 002C555C
"Surveying" iconSurveying player.addperk 0027CBC1
"Botany" iconBotany player.addperk 002C5557
"Scanning" iconScanning player.addperk 002CFCB1
"Spacesuit Design" iconSpacesuit Design player.addperk 0027CBC3
"Weapon Engineering" iconWeapon Engineering player.addperk 002C890C
"Zoology" iconZoology player.addperk 002C5552
"Astrophysics" iconAstrophysics player.addperk 0027CBBB
"Chemistry" iconChemistry player.addperk 002CE2C0
"Outpost Engineering" iconOutpost Engineering player.addperk 002C59E0
"Aneutronic Fusion" iconAneutronic Fusion player.addperk 002C2C5A
"Planetary Habitation" iconPlanetary Habitation player.addperk 0027CBC2
"Special Projects" iconSpecial Projects player.addperk 0004CE2D

All Tech Skills Perk IDs

Perk Code
"Ballistic Weapon Systems" iconBallistic Weapon Systems player.addperk 002CE2C2
"Boost Pack Training" iconBoost Pack Training player.addperk 00146C2C
"Piloting" iconPiloting player.addperk 002CFCAC
"Security" iconSecurity player.addperk 002CE2E2
"Targeting Control Systems" iconTargeting Control Systems player.addperk 002C5559
"Energy Weapon Systems" iconEnergy Weapon Systems player.addperk 002C59DB
"Engine Systems" iconEngine Systems player.addperk 002CE2DE
"Payloads" iconPayloads player.addperk 00143B6B
"Shield Systems" iconShield Systems player.addperk 002C2C59
"Missile Weapon Systems" iconMissile Weapon Systems player.addperk 002C5558
"Particle Beam" iconParticle Beam Weapon Systems player.addperk 002C2C5B
"Robotics" iconRobotics player.addperk 002C5553
"Starship Design" iconStarship Design player.addperk 002C59DC
"Starship Engineering" iconStarship Engineering player.addperk 002AC953
"Automated Weapon Systems" iconAutomated Weapon Systems player.addperk 0027B9ED
"Boost Assault Training" iconBoost Assault Training player.addperk 0008C3EE
"EM Weapon Systems" iconEM Weapon Systems player.addperk 002C53B2

Traits and Backgrounds Console IDs

In Starfield, you’re forced to choose some traits and backgrounds during character creation. These often come with benefits and consequences, and you may not want to keep them for the duration of your playthrough. Thankfully, there’s a console command which can be used to remove specific perks, which we’ve listed below.

How to Remove Traits and Backgrounds in Starfield

To remove any perk associated with your character, use the following command:

player.removeperk [perk id]

All you need to do is replace the [perk id] with a specific ID. For example, if you want to remove the "Hero Worshipped" iconHero Worshipped trait, you’d enter the following in the console:

player.removeperk 00227FD9

All Trait Perk IDs in Starfield

Trait Code
"Alien DNA" iconAlien DNA player.addperk 00227FDA
"Dream Home" iconDream Home player.addperk 00227FDF
"Empath" iconEmpath player.addperk 00227FD6
"Extrovert" iconExtrovert player.addperk 00227FD7
"Freestar Collective Settler" iconFreestar Collective Settler player.addperk 00227FD5
"Hero Worshipped" iconHero Worshipped player.addperk 00227FD9
"Introvert" iconIntrovert player.addperk 00227FD8
"Kid Stuff" iconKid Stuff player.addperk 00227FDE
"Neon Street Rat" iconNeon Street Rat player.addperk 00227FD3
"Raised Enlightened" iconRaised Enlightened player.addperk 00227FD2
"Raised Universal" iconRaised Universal player.addperk 00227FD1
"Serpent's Embrace" iconSerpent’s Embrace player.addperk 00227FD0
"Spaced" iconSpaced player.addperk 00227FE2
"Taskmaster" iconTaskmaster player.addperk 00227FE0
"Terra Firma" iconTerra Firma player.addperk 00227FE1
"United Colonies Native" iconUnited Colonies Native player.addperk 00227FD4
"Wanted" iconWanted player.addperk 00227FDD

All Background Perk IDs in Starfield

Background Code
Beast Hunter player.addperk 0022EC76
Bouncer player.addperk 0022EC81
Bounty Hunter player.addperk 0022EC80
Chef player.addperk 0022EC7F
Combat Medic player.addperk 0022EC7E
Cyber Runner player.addperk 0022EC7D
Cyberneticist player.addperk 0022EC7C
Diplomat player.addperk 0022EC7B
Explorer player.addperk 0022EC79
Gangster player.addperk 0022EC78
Homesteader player.addperk 0022EC77
Industrialist player.addperk 0022EC7A
Long Hauler player.addperk 0022EC75
Pilgrim player.addperk 0022EC73
Professor player.addperk 0022EC72
Ronin player.addperk 0022EC74
Sculptor player.addperk 0022EC71
Soldier player.addperk 0022EC70
Space Scoundrel player.addperk 0022EC6F
Xenobiologist player.addperk 0022EC6E
File Not Found player.addperk 002DFD1A

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That covers all console command item IDs for perks in Starfield. If you’re looking for more guides, including a list of the most useful console commands for gameplay, be sure to check the links below.


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