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Maintaining the Edge Walkthrough: How to Obtain the Schematic Undetected in Starfield

Shane Williams

Maintaining the Edge is the seventh mission in the "Ryujin Industries" iconRyujin Industries faction quest line in Starfield. This assignment leads you to the Trident Luxury Lines Ship to obtain a schematic for a new engine, so they can keep ahead of the competition. Read below to find out the best way to obtain the schematic undetected.

Imogen will now task you with obtaining a schematic.

How to Start The Maintaining The Edge Faction Quest in Starfield

Before you can start the Maintaining The Edge Faction Quest you’ll need to complete the previous quest, "Accidents Happen" iconAccidents Happen and you can do that by following the steps on our Accidents Happen Walkthrough: Where To Plant the ARC Device in Starfield. Upon completing the mission, Imogen will give you your next assignment and thats to obtain a schematic so they can learn about what their competitors are working on, so you’ll want to head over to the Trident Luxury Lines Ship which is located in the "Cheyenne System" iconCheyenne System. However, before you set course you’ll want to stock up on Digipicks by purchasing them from the "Jemison Mercantile" iconJemison Mercantile store back on "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis.

How To Get The Schematic Undetected in Starfield

Once you’ve arrived in the Cheyenne System fly towards the ship and press Joy-Con-ButtonX to dock, then you’ll want to head down the stairs and you’ll find a locked door in the back of the area. You’ll want to crouch to make it harder for someone to detect you, then you’ll want to wait for the soldier patrolling the area to stand still and look away before approaching the door and attempting to lock pick it otherwise he’ll arrest you as soon as the door is opened. If you haven’t had much practice with lockpicking in this game, then check out our How to Pick Locks with the Digipick in Starfield page for tips on how to easily open the door.

(1 of 2) Dock the Trident Luxury Lines Ship

Dock the Trident Luxury Lines Ship (left), and lock pick this door which can be found on the lower floor. (right)

Upon successfully opening the door head inside and shut the door behind you and close the shutters, then create a quick-save so if you get caught now you can easily reload instead of lockpicking the door again. Inside this room you’ll want to open the chest by bypassing another Novice lock and pickup the Prototype Schematic, then return to Imogen and give her the item to bring the quest to a close. You’ll be rewarded with some EXP and Credits for your hard work.

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