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Surgical Strike Walkthrough: Where to Find Maya Cruz in Starfield

Shane Williams

After some thorough investigating around "Neon" iconNeon City in the previous quest, Shadows in Neon, you’ll have some leads on where to find the two higher ups of the First, so you’ll have a choice who to go after first. This page will navigate you through the necessary steps finding Maya Cruz.

Speak with Ben Armistead to get the investigation started.

How to Start The Surgical Strike Faction Quest in Starfield

Before you can start the Surgical Strike Faction Quest you’ll need to complete the previous quest, Shadows in Neon and you can do that by following the steps on our Shadows in Neon Walkthrough: Should You Attack or Persuade Emmet Goodman in Starfield. Upon completing the mission, travel over to the "Narion System" iconNarion System and fly towards The Clinic Ship and hold Joy-Con-ButtonX to dock. Once you’ve successfully docked, enter the "Ranger" iconRanger Office on the right and speak with Ben Armistead to get the investigation on Maya Cruz underway. Follow Ben to the front desk and speak with Ari, then after you’ve given up the necessary information he’ll point you in the direction of two patients Candace Doolin and Jane Nakamori.

How to Gain Entry to the VIP Wing in Starfield

(1 of 2) Persuade the doctor to give you the keycard

Persuade the doctor to give you the keycard (left), then read the note beside Maya’s bed. (right)

Follow the waypoints to their rooms and ask them any questions you may have, then return to Ari and he’ll point you in the direction of one more patient. However, you’ll need to find a way into the VIP Wing, so enter the Staff Area Kitchen and create an auto-save before speaking with Titus Cassidy. Here you’ll want to successfully persuade him and he’ll give you the keycard. Enter the VIP Wing and shoot down the rogue turret, then enter the room behind and read the Urgent - Read Immediately Note which can be found on the table next to the bed.

How to Find Maya in the Abandoned Mine in Starfield

Unfortunately, Maya found out that the Freestar Rangers were coming so she decided to flee, so return to your ship and travel to the "Sakharov System" iconSakharov System, then fly towards the Eklund Site CL25 and dock. Proceed through the double doors on the left and head down the stairs, then equip your "Cutter" iconCutter and slice the four corner pins. Go down the stairs on the right and take the elevator down, then take down the Shardhopper’s before going up the ramp in the back right of the room.

(1 of 2) Work your way up to the top floor whilst dealing with the bots

Work your way up to the top floor whilst dealing with the bots (left), then you can either talk or kill Maya for the Encrypted Slate. (right)

Lockpick the computer and select the “open door” option, then head through the now unlocked door and follow the path along to reach a large open room. You’ll want to drop down to the area below and walk up along the crystal, then go through the next set of double doors and follow the path around until you reach another large open room. Here you’ll want to work your way up to the room at the top via the ramps, but you’ll want to stay in cover cause there will be multiple turrets trying to shoot you on the way up.

Should You Kill or Leave Maya in Starfield?

When you arrive at the top, use the cutter on the hatch again to open it, then you’ll be greeted by Maya from the room inside and you’ll be presented with a choice to kill or leave Maya be. There is no negative impact to killing her and regardless of your choice you’ll still be given the Encrypted Slate, so do what you think is right, then return to "Akila City" iconAkila City and give Alex the slate to bring the quest to a close.

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