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Akila City Map & City Guide in Starfield

Craig Robinson

"Akila City" iconAkila City is the home to the Freestar Collective political faction on the "Cheyenne System" iconCheyenne System. If you are traveling to the region as part of the main story, or looking for another big system to get quests, join the Freestar "Ranger" iconRangers faction, or for anything else, then you need to visit Akila City. However, Akila City is a maze, with its winding streets, verticality, and hidden stores around every corner. We decided to assist you with an Akila City Map, featuring the main hotspots, vendors, housing location, and other POIs and collectibles you can find in the city on your travels.

Akila City Map and Locations Guide in Starfield

Here is a custom drawn map, granting you a rough idea of the layout of Akila City. You can find a key with areas and sub region names that are important to the city, and any other major POI you can find. Check the key for any important locations like religion houses, stores, faction locations, housing areas, bars and more for your general exploration of the city. Also, the white path indicated the general pathways to can navigate, while the black lines indicate the town’s walls and elevation points that take you to walls along the city.

A rough outline of the major points of interest and routes you can follow using a drawn Akila City Map to Starfield.

If you need any more context to the map, we have locations and collectible information further down in appropriate lists and tables, featuring:

  • Vendors
  • Freestar Collective POIs
  • Collectables

If you’re looking for quests, make sure to visit the Rock, as there’s plenty of faction content in there. You can start the process to join Freestar Collective by doing the quest in front of the bank. There’s plenty more side quests for the town by visiting the store traders and speaking to citizens and guards that you overhear talking about less generic things.

Akila City Vendor Locations

The vast majority of stores are in the Coe Plaza, in front of Akila City in Starfield.

Vendor Type Sub Area
Chunks Food Coe Plaza
"Terrabrew" iconTerrabrew Coffee Drinks Coe Plaza
Rowlands Arms Guns Coe Plaza
Shepheards General Store General Coe Plaza
Laredo Firearms Guns Residential
Tradue Authority General & Contraband Coe Plaza
Midtown Minerals Resources Coe Plaza
Sinclaire’s Books Misc Midtown
The Workshop Resources & Crafting Midtown

There are plenty of stores to stock up on your needs, whether it be minerals for Outpost or space ship customization, guns tores, which feature some of the best early game Starfield weapons available, such as the "Elegance" iconElegance, "Head Ranger" iconHead Ranger, and "The Prime" iconThe Prime for either Laredo Firearms or Rowland Arms. You can Find Rowlands Arms in the Plaza to the left side of the rock, and Loredo directly to the right as you cross the bridge and enter the city, near the Shooting range in the Residential area.

The vast majority of the stores you can find around the Plaza, with a few more on the Midtown area, particularly the northern side of town. Loredo and the "Trade Authority" iconTrade Authority are between the Residential and the Plaza, easy found the to the rear of the bank.

Freestar Collective POIs

POI Location
The Rock Coe Plaza
Prison Between Plaza and The Stretch
Coe Heritage Center Midtown
Freestar Consulate Midtown
The Rock Resideince Mid Town

Collectibles in Akila City

You should visit Sinclaire’s Books if you want a few collectibles and other interesting books in Starfield.

There are two player houses in Akila City, with The Stretch Apartment available for 45,000 Credits, and The Core residence for 78,000 credits. The Stretch can be found just above the midtown store where you can find Sinclaire’s Books, and The Core can be found along the stairways to the back end of the Rock which touches towards the Stretch.

If you’re after collectibles, then you can find skill magazines all around the city. There are four in total, with them in the following locations:

Speaking of Sinclaire’s books, you can also purchase several books based on earth. The two you may want to buy are "Oliver Twist" iconOliver Twist, and the Ancient Egyptian book. These two books will unlock special landing spots on Earth for you to visit "London" iconLondon and "Cairo" iconCairo.

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