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Friends Like These - How to Gain All Three Factions Approval in Starfield

Jessica Dillon

After you gain the permission of the UC Vanguard to look into the restricted archives on Terrormorphs, you still have to convince two other groups, the Freestar Collective and House Va’ruun. Both of these will take you down their own side mission in order to gain each faction’s trust. The guide below goes over how to gain the trust of both the Freestar Collective and House Va’ruun.

You will need to convince both the Freestar Collective and House Va’ruun Embassies to work with you.

How to Start Friends Like These in Starfield

Friends Like These is a sought-after quest as it’s needed to gain UC citizenship. The quest picks up where Eyewitness left off. You have gained the Vanguard Council’s permission to use the archives, but two more groups have to agree for you to access the information. These are both the Freestar Collective and House Va’ruun. You will be visiting both faction’s embassies and convincing them that they should grant you access to the Terrormorph data.

How to Earn Freestar Collective’s Permission to Use The Archives

Once you are ready to start Friends Like These, speak with Deputy Macintyre at MAST. She will give you the rundown on the other two factions and warn you that they aren’t likely to cooperate. Your first destination is the "Freestar Collective Embassy" iconFreestar Collective Embassy located in the same area of "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis, the "MAST District" iconMAST District. Head inside the embassy, and up to the office of Cameron. After trying to speak with her, you will quickly learn that she isn’t interested in cooperating with you and will need to be persuaded by other means. If you have high persuasion then you can talk her into it, but it’s rather difficult as you must fill eight bars.

Head across the hall to the room with Radcliff inside. He will tell you that you helped save him at the Terrormorph attack earlier. From here you can persuade him to help you. After a quick chat, follow him down to his room. You will now negotiate with him about the cost of his help. You can either pay him 1,000 Credits outright or if you have the Diplomat skill unlocked, you can place the tab on the Vanguard themselves for his help. He will tell you to head to nearby vents to gain access to Radcliff’s room. Alternatively, you can also break in if your lockpick skill is high enough, but the vent method is easy and only takes a few seconds to complete.

(1 of 9) You can find the Freestar Collective Embassy in the MAST District.

Once inside, look into the plant in the corner of her room marked with the blue dot. Interacting with it will cause an audio log to play, detailing her plan to kill a higher-up. Wait until it finishes and then use the vent to exit the room and confront Radcliff. Upon presenting her with this evidence she will agree to help you. Follow her down to the server room and take the archive code from her, you have now gained the Freestar Collective’s permission to look further into the Terrormorph data.

How to Earn House Va’ruun’s Permission to Use The Archives

You will now need to head to the embassy of House Va’ruun. It is nearby so just follow the marker into the unmarked door and then take a right. You can’t miss it since you will see carvings as soon as you enter the embassy. Proceed into the elevator and head to the marked location. Once you are there, you will notice strange smoke and that the area is overrun with a plant. Navigate your way to the blue dot, and use the intercom to speak with Bal’mor, he will tell you to flip on the power switch located directly beside the intercom. This will be the case for each intercom you find.

After this, several robots and turrets in the main room will activate. Take them out and push through to the second intercom and power switch set. Once this is active, head upstairs and find the third set, you will be facing several robots in close quarters so be careful. Once you activate the third set, you will need to head back downstairs and into the embassy’s basement. Inside you will find two rogue robots. Take them out and Bal’mor will appear from the locked room.

(1 of 9) House Va’ruun can also be found in the MAST District.

Speak with him and then follow him back into the room to gain access to the third code. It’s an option to use "Serpent's Embrace" iconSerpent’s Embrace for unique dialogue options during this conversation, but either way, Bal’mor is happy to help. In fact, he just wants to prove to the world that House Va’ruun is an honest faction. After gaining his code, head back to MAST and speak with Deputy Macintyre, she will send you to the Armistice Archive located across the street.

How to Access The Terrormorph Archives

Once you enter the Armistice Archive you will need to make your way to the vaulted area and speak with the Monitor behind the glass. She will instruct you to place the codes into the doors at the three different locations around the room. Once this is done, the large vault will open. Head inside and check box 18 for the data on the Terrormorphs. You will now need to head back to MAST and hand the data over to Hadrian to be studied.

(1 of 8) The Armistice Archive is located in the MASt District.

For the final part of the mission, Macintyre will ask you to follow her. Go outside the door to the MAST building New Atlantis overlook and speak with her. She will ask you to swear an oath granting you United Colonies citizenship. She will also tell you to stop by "Aphelion Realty" iconAphelion Realty across the street if you want to buy a place to stay. After this, she will brief you on the next faction mission, The Devils You Know.

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