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Breaking the Bank: Larry Dumbrosky and Earth Savior Award

Seren Morgan-Roberts

Next up on your to do list with the "Crimson Fleet" iconCrimson Fleet is to board the Siren of the Stars cruise ship and grab yourself some GalBank Credentials. This page will detail all you need to know about the "Breaking the Bank" iconBreaking the Bank Crimson Fleet faction quest, including whether you should kill or save Larry Dumbrosky and how to get the "Earth" iconEarth Savior Award.

How to Start Breaking the Bank

You’ll be given the Breaking the Bank mission immediately after completing Echoes of the Past. After speaking with Delgado and then snitching on him to the Commander Ikande at the UC SysDef station.

Once you’ve done all that, you’ll need to dock and board the Siren of the Stars to begin the mission! The Siren of the Stars is a huge cruise ship that can be found orbiting in the "Aranae IV" iconAranae IV planet in the Aranae system.

Head to the Siren of the Stars to begin your mission.

Once aboard, proceed through and speak with Evgeny Rokov, an ex fleet member. He’s gonna be your eyes and ears on this operation, and he’ll help you track down Dumbrosky - the man with the GalBank credentials. That being said, you can choose to not tell him anything about the mission if you wish. He’ll also ask if you’re doing anything else on the ship, to which you can tell him about the Trophy that Naeva wants you to steal but he will want a cut of the cash when she sells it. It’s up to you whether you want to get him in on it or you want more credits for yourself.

Breaking the Banks: Should You Kill Larry Dumbrosky?

Rokov gives you two options for dealing with Dumbrosky, you can either locate Larry Dumbrosky immediately and kill him or you can gather intel on him by gossiping with the patrons and doing a bit of blackmail to get the GalBank credentials. If you choose the first option, you’re going to be setting yourself up for a major combat challenge because as soon as you kill him, no matter how stealthy you are, it’ll trigger alarms and you’ll have to battle your way through UC security guards to escape. This makes getting the ES Award harder if you want to do that after dealing with Larry. Furthermore, the UC SysDef will not be pleased if you kill a bunch of UC guards.

Will you choose to fight your way to Larry Dumbrosky or use negotiation and blackmail?

The second choice seems to be the easier option, but there’s still a lot of persuading and blackmailing to be done, so it’s still somewhat challenging to succeed! If you take the latter option, your first tasks are to find out information about Dumbrosky and the ES Award, which you can do by speaking to the Society Patrons in the ballroom. Continue asking about both the award and Dumbrosky and you’ll eventually get some leads. First, let’s deal with the trophy.

How to Get the Earth Savior Award

After speaking with enough patrons, one of them will mention that Sheila Holbrooke is the chair of the award committee. Once you have this tidbit of information, you can head upstairs to the bar where you’ll find Sheila. Speak with her and she’ll confirm that she is responsible for the trophy. You can pry a bit more and find out that she keeps the ES Award trophy locked safely in the Purser’s master’s safe.

(1 of 2) Speak with the patrons until they give you some information on Sheila Holbrooke

Speak with the patrons until they give you some information on Sheila Holbrooke (left), then speak with her at the bar to discover the ES Award's location. (right)

To get to the Purser’s office, you’ll need to head through the door to the north that goes to the Guest Suites. Head east to find the Purser’s office and speak with Chief Purser Murata. You can ask to “take a peek at the award” and naturally she’ll decline and say you can only open the safe with the appropriate Claim ID. Time to head back and speak with Sheila again!

Speak with Sheila and tell her you need her Claim ID and you’ll need to succeed on a "Persuasion" iconPersuasion check. It’s a pretty high check with six bars to clear so you’ll need to be a little bit more risky with your persuasion choices (go for the +2s and even the +4 if you have to). If you’ve got skills in persuasion then you should have no issues. Once you succeed on the check you can return to the Purser’s office and use the computer near the door to access the room. Head to the back of this room and use the Claim ID to open up the safe. Inside the safe you’ll find the ES Award and some credits (that you can take freely!).

Now that you have the ES Award, you can get down to business with Larry Dumbrosky!

(1 of 2) You'll need to grab the Claim ID from Sheila and succeed on a Persuasion check

You'll need to grab the Claim ID from Sheila and succeed on a Persuasion check (left), then you can use it to grab the ES Award. (right)

How to Get Information on Larry Dumbrosky

As with the ES Award, you’ll get information from speaking with the patrons in the ballroom. Eventually, after speaking with a few of them, one will mention that he’s been seen with a woman named Klaudia Swist. Head back into the Guest Suite and follow the stairs up to meet with Klaudia. Upon confronting her, you can either persuade her to hand over incriminating information on Dumbrosky, or you can bribe her 2,500 Credits. The Persuasion check is six bars (like Sheila) so you’ll need to get lucky once again, but if you fail you can just bribe her.

(1 of 2) Speak with patrons until someone mentions Klaudia Swist

Speak with patrons until someone mentions Klaudia Swist (left), if you're not confident in your persuasion skills you can just bribe her for information. (right)

Once you’ve successfully bargained with her (via credits or persuasion), she’ll tell you that her, Klaudia and a dirty UC cop called Gabriel Vera have all been scamming GalBank for months. Your next lead is Gabriel Vera.

Head back to the ballroom and speak with Gabriel Vera, who can be found near the buffet tables. He is reluctant to share information and is way more tight-lipped than Klaudia. After getting no where with him, you’ll need to find Rokov (the ex fleet member) and talk to him about what to do next

Rokov is just nearby so you can speak to him about all you’ve found. He suggests you manipulate the life-support to cause a ship lockdown. We agreed to tamper with the life-support but our companion "Sam Coe" iconSam Coe didn’t like that!

To get to the life-support machinery, you’ll need to head down to the engineering deck via a door near the main ballroom area. Proceed through the engineering area till you find a man called Chief Sandin. Unfortunately, he won’t let you get through to the life-support stuff whilst he’s about so you’re either gonna need to bribe him with 1000 credits or use the knowledge Rokov gave you about cancelling his gambling debt. We actually had a third option which was to choose an [EMPATH] dialogue choice, but that’s because we have the empath trait.

(1 of 3) Rokov devises a plan to trigger an emergency lockdown.

Whatever option you choose, you’ll need to wait until Chief Sandin is out of the room before you access his computer and grant yourself access to the life-support machinery. Proceed into the room in front of the office and switch the three levers to trigger the emergency lockdown.

Now that the lockdown is in place, proceed back into the ballroom and over to the Guest Suite. Locate Gabriel Vera in his room to the northeast. For whatever reason, he takes ages to get out from his seat and speak with you. When he doesn’t immediately reply to you, don’t panic it isn’t a quest-breaking bug he just has to get up and walk a bit first!

When you do talk to him, you can choose to coax info out of him by mentioning you’re undercover or with the Crimson Fleet (or you can keep both factions out of the equation for now). Unfortunately, the only way he’s gonna give you incriminating information is if you attack him or give him 2,500 Credits! Since we didn’t want to alert the guards, we payed up the credits and received the damning transaction log.

Now it’s time to confront Dumbrosky, who can be found on the upper floor of the Guest Suite area. Speak with him and he’s more than willing to turn over his GalBank credentials in exchange for the incriminating evidence. You can, of course, choose to attack him here but you’ll still need to fight your way out of the ship.

If you're a Professor you'll get a fun interaction with Dumbrosky. I can use bigger words than you!

Once you’ve got the credentials, speak with Rokov near the exit to the Guest Suite and then return to your ship and make your way over to Galbank in "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis. It’s worth mentioning that whilst we appreciated Evgeny Rokov’s help and we got him reinstated on the fleet, we didn’t tell him about the Kryx’s Legacy! Can’t play all your cards at once, ey?

Accessing the GalBank Archives in New Atlantis

Head to the GalBank in the commercial district of New Atlantis and use the elevator to head up to the archives. Speak with the security officer and you’ll probably find that he’s acting a bit weird. Pry into this and you’ll discover he’s being held hostage by Ecliptic officers that are waiting inside the bank to ambush you!

Now that you know this, before you head into the archive vaults, you can reload all your ammo and pop a med pack if needed. Most of the enemies will be easy to deal with but there’s a Level 18 Ecliptic Contractor on the upper floor that hits pretty hard. We recommend dealing with the minor enemies first, then turning your attention to the Contractor. Since this place is split up by tons of shelves and is across multiple levels, you should find it pretty easy to deal with the enemies one at a time.

The Ecliptic Contractor is the strongest enemy to contend with in the archive vaults.

After finishing off all the enemies, locate the archives computer and open up the Lost Ship Registry. Here, you’ll get a bunch of files on lost ships including the Legacy ship. In addition to info on where the Legacy ship is, you’ll also get last known locations for the “Supremacy” ship which supposedly carries 1.16mc (million credits?). Stay tuned for information on this ship as we’ll definitely head out and try to find it!

Once you’ve got the info on the Legacy ship, return to the Key to speak with Delgado and Naeva. If you vouch for Rokov he’ll get reinstated to the Fleet. When you speak with Delgado you’ll also find that the Legacy ship is orbiting Bannoc IV, a gas giant planet. Their next plan is to figure out how to deck out a ship to reach the Legacy but they also need to grab something to track the ship’s transponder, and Naeva mentions something called “ComSpike”. After the chat is concluded, follow Naeva and speak with her about the ES Award. If you shared info about the ES Award with Rokov, you’ll get 3000 Credits cut.

And finally, you’ll need to return to Commander Ikande to report back about the mission. This time, we found the UC Vigilance orbiting Aranae IV rather than near "Mars" iconMars, so head to the Aranae system to find them. Once at the UC SysDef headquarters, fill Commander Ikande in on all the info.

Trapsing back and forth to Commander Ikande sure is getting tiring!

After the debrief you’ll get 350 XP but this time no credit reward…these cheapskates!


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