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Best Companion Weapons in Starfield

Craig Robinson

Starfield has plenty of companions to choose from, ranging from characters with backstories and personal quests to the random mercenary you can find in bars all over the settled systems. Each one has around 2-4, with the vast majority with 3-4 skills, offering them a reason to join your crew. You can also kindly donate weapons to them so they get better weapons as you level up so they can deal even more damage with their skillset. Here’s a closer look at the best companion weapons in Starfield, featuring their skills and suggestions.

Best Companion Weapons in Starfield

Both story and random companions you find in bars offer great weapon starts to make them worthy active companions,. Here’s a closer look at the best companion weapons in Starfield for those with combat skills.

Before we go into any more detail, the table bow contains a list of companions with notable weapon skills. Considering these are likely the companions you want as active companions to give weapons too, then we’ll feature them. If you happen to use any other companion as an active companion, then you can freely give them whatever really good weapon you don’t want to use that is spare. The other companions you can hire are also typically related to Outpost or ship

Companion Weapon Skill Suggested Weapon(s)
"Andreja" iconAndreja "Particle Beams" iconParticle Beams (3) "Eternity's Gate" iconEternity’s Gate, "Big Bang" iconBig Bang, Va’ruun Inflictor
Lin "Demolitions" iconDemolitions (1) Any spare grenade or throwable mine you can find, perhaps even an Ashta Tamer from The Nest mission with "Sam Coe" iconSam Coe.
Lyle Brewer "Particle Beams" iconParticle Beams (1), "Shotgun Certification" iconShotgun Certification (2) "Big Bang" iconBig Bang (both a particle weapon and a shotgun)
Marika Boros "Ballistics" iconBallistics (2), "Shotgun Certification" iconShotgun Certification (1) Rapidfire, "Coachman" iconCoachman, Brute Force (Red Mile)
"Moara Otero" iconMoara Otero "Marksmanship" iconMarksmanship (2) Sniper rifles, or non-auto shotguns
"Sam Coe" iconSam Coe "Rifle Certification" iconRifle Certification (3) "Marksman's AA-99" iconMarksman’s AA-99, "Despondent Assassin" iconDespondent Assassin, "Old Earth Hunting Rifle" iconOld Earth Hunting Rifle, "Head Ranger" iconHead Ranger, "Revenant" iconRevenant
"Sarah Morgan" iconSarah Morgan "Lasers" iconLasers (3) "Equinox" iconEquinox, "Unmitigated Violence" iconUnmitigated Violence, "Unrestrained Vengeance" iconUnrestrained Vengeance
Simon Bankowski "Sharpshooting" iconSharpshooting (1), "Sniper Certification" iconSniper Certification (2), "Marksmanship" iconMarksmanship(1) "Marksman's AA-99" iconMarksman’s AA-99, "Despondent Assassin" iconDespondent Assassin, "Old Earth Hunting Rifle" iconOld Earth Hunting Rifle, "Head Ranger" iconHead Ranger

You can unlock all of these companions by doing the following:

  • Andredja: Unlocked around 25% of the way through the main story when you’re hunting for artifact leads from "The Eye" iconThe Eye
  • Lin: Unlocked after you return to the mining rock you started the game on as part of the early main storyline.
  • Lyle Brewer: Located outside of "Aggie" iconAggie’s Bar in "Akila City" iconAkila City’s The Stretch, which you can find if you keep going left from the Rock’s entrance. He costs 12,000 credits.
  • Marika Boros: Unlocked via the Viewport in "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis for 13,500 credits
  • "Moara Otero" iconMoara Otero: Free minor companion you can get from Broken Spear Pub in "Cydonia" iconCydonia.
  • "Sam Coe" iconSam Coe: Constellation Main Story after "Sarah Morgan" iconSarah Morgan’s missions
  • Sarah Morgan: The first active companion you can get from Constellation main story missions
  • Simeon Bankowski: Pick up at the Viewport in New Atlantis, (next to the shit landing spot) for 15,000 credits.

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