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Difficulty Differences in Starfield

Shane Williams

If you’ve just started Starfield, then you may be wondering what difficulty to go with, as the game presents you with five options Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard. This page will detail everything you need to know about difficulties in Starfield.

There's several difficulty options, so the game should be accessible to everyone.

Difficulty Changes in Starfield

As mentioned above there are five difficulties and changing them will bring two key changes to your adventure and that’s HP and Damage Output. Increasing the difficulty will cause enemies to have a lot more health and they can deal a lot more damage towards you, so if you’re a player that’s experienced with WRPGs and prefer to play games more strategically, then the harder difficulty is for you. Alternatively, if you primarily care about the story and exploring, then you’ll want to stick with a lower difficulty.

However, if you don’t particularly enjoy difficult encounters then BGS have thrown a little bonus towards those that do give it a go, as enemies will have a higher chance to drop better loot, such as epic and legendary weapons. There are no achievement’s related to completing the game on a certain difficulty and the game doesn’t penalize you for changing your difficulty throughout the story, so feel free to give the harder difficulties a try and if it’s not for you, then switch back. Below you’ll find a list of the things you should consider when choosing a difficulty.

Very Easy/Easy Difficulty Changes

If you’re new to WRPG’s or you just care about the story element of the games, then Very Easy or Easy Mode is designed for you, as enemies won’t have much health and they won’t be able to deal enough damage towards you to put you at risk of dying, so you will be able to just run and gun and not worry about playing defensively.

Normal Difficulty Changes

Normal Difficulty is designed for your average gamer and those who want a good challenge alongside the interesting story, as the enemies health and damage output is balanced, so you’ll need to make sure you regularly upgrade your equipment and stay in cover to avoid taking too much damage, because on this difficulty enemies can and will easily kill you.

Hard/Very Difficulty Changes

Hard or Very Difficulty is designed for the most experienced WRPG players and those who seek an extremely difficulty challenge throughout Starfied, as you’ll have to pay close attention to your equipment to make sure its up to scratch for the encounter you’re facing, because enemies can do a lot of damage very quickly and they have a lot of health. Additionally, you’ll need to carefully plan every move to avoid being killed. However, your loot drops will be massively improved, so you have the right equipment for the job.

How to Change Your Difficulty in Starfield

If you want to change your difficulty, then you can simply do so by navigating over to the settings menu and selecting the gameplay tab, then you’ll find the difficulties option at the top of your screen.

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