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How to Join the UC Vanguard in Starfield

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a quick guide on how to join the United Colonies (UC) Vanguard Faction in Starfield. UC Vanguard is one of the first factions you’ll be able to join and you can find their headquarters in "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis.

To join the UC Vanguard, you’ll first need to speak with Commander Tuala, and then complete their initiation test.

When Can You Join the UC Vanguard Faction?

You can join the UC Vanguard almost immediately after setting foot in New Atlantis, which is the first major city you’ll visit during the Main Story Quest. All you’ll need to do is first head to "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge to finish up the "One Small Step" iconOne Small Step main quest and start "The Old Neighborhood" iconThe Old Neighborhood quest by speaking with "Sarah Morgan" iconSarah Morgan.

She’ll ask you to come with her to the MAST to speak with her United Colonies contact, who as you’ll discover, also happens to be the recruitment officer for the UC Vanguard!

Sarah Morgan has a contact in the UC that has some information about artifacts that she wants you to talk to.

Where is the UC Vanguard Headquarters?

The UC Vanguard headquarters are found in the MAST building in the "MAST District" iconMAST District. When you first exited the tram from the spaceport, the station was directly beneath the MAST building.

Head back there and speak with "Commander John Tuala" iconCommander John Tuala, who’s found in the entryhall near the UC Vanguard Recruitment desk. Speaking with him is a requirement of the main quest but as soon as you do talk, he’ll offer you a role at the UC Vanguard, to which you can decline, accept or put off for now.

The Vanguard is an opportunity to earn some credits and some XP!

If you accept, you’ll be asked to do an Orientation test to see if you’re good to join the Vanguard! This will start your first UC Vanguard faction mission, Supra et Ultra, which we’ve written a complete walkthrough for as well! During this quest, you’ll be required to show off your skills in spaceship combat and you’ll also get the opportunity to learn all about Starfield‘s rich background lore by taking a stroll through the Orientation Hall. The lore part is optional but we highly recommend listening to at least some of the presentations as it’ll give you a better sense of the world and conflicting factions…it might even sway your opinion and help you choose what kind of factions you want to join! If you’ve not already got an idea about what factions you want to join head over to our guide for a quick rundown, including information on whether you can join all factions.

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