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How to Find Your Parents in Starfield - Kid Stuff Trait Rewards and Encounters

Nathan Garvin

The role of parents in games developed by Bethesda Games Studios has been… checkered. In Fallout 3 your dad was an enigmatic runaway who ultimately put his research above everything else, and in Fallout 4… well, your protagonist was the parent figure, so player choice. In Starfield, however, you can pick the trait “"Kid Stuff" iconKid Stuff” at character creation, which establishes a bit of backstory for your protagonist inasmuch as your parents are still alive and well. Naturally, players who select this trait are going to want to find their folks, especially since they’re shipping off 2% of their wealth every week to sustain those moochers. This page will help you find your parents in Starfield, and will provide details about some of the gifts you get from them, and information about how to stop paying for your parents.

(1 of 2) Find your parents’ apartment in the Pioneer Tower in New Atlantis.

Find your parents’ apartment in the Pioneer Tower in New Atlantis. (left), You can meet with them shortly after joining Constellation, at the end of the game’s first main quest. (right)

How to Find Your Parents in Starfield

You won’t be able to go searching for your parents at the start of the game. In fact, you won’t be able to explore freely until you finish your business on Kreet, then head to "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis. Once at New Atlantis you’ll need to travel to "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge, where you’ll join Constellation. This opens up the galaxy, giving you freedom to explore at your discretion… or however far your ship can take you, as the case may be.

Once you make it to The Lodge during the main quest "One Small Step" iconOne Small Step you’ll meet Noel, whom you’ll talk to during the main quest. Assuming you have the “Kid Stuff” trait she should hand you a Note from Dad, and quite possibly a Note from Mom shortly thereafter. Neither make for compelling reading, and just invite you to come visit them in their apartment in the "Residential District" iconResidential District of New Atlantis. At least it’s close by?

From the Lodge, head south until you reach “"Pioneer Tower" iconPioneer Tower” - the first time you do this, you can track the activity to help guide you, but if you want to visit your parents later you’ll just need to remember where they live. For your first meeting you’ll get… well, some fairly basic parental banter and little else. Not exactly riveting stuff, especially not for 2% of your money every week. Don’t worry, however, things pick up and you can end up with some fairly interesting - and lucrative - encounters if you keep visiting your parents periodically.

(1 of 5) Keep visiting your parents and you’ll get gifts like Sir Livingstone’s Pistol,

What Do Your Parents Give You in Starfield

While having some lore is nice and all, the downside of this particular trait can be a bit of a money sink, one that’s hard to justify for some familial banter and the option to crash on your old bed. Fortunately, there’s a bit more to having parents than financial burden, and we’ll list some encounters below so you have a general idea of what you can expect to get from this trait:

  • After your first meeting with your parents, look for them at The Lodge. Your dad will give you "Sir Livingstone's Pistol" iconSir Livingstone’s Pistol, a common pistol with a few mods - the version we got had a value of over 9,000 credits.

  • Check your room for a Backpack Note from Mom, then search the floor to find your old "High School Backpack" iconHigh School Backpack, which gives you extra carrying capacity, but is otherwise unremarkable.

  • Your dad will win big at Poker. Finding himself the owner of a new starship, something he has no use for, he’ll give it to you. We got the "Wanderwell" iconWanderwell ship, which had a value of 85,000 credits, and wasn’t too shabby stat-wise, for an early-game ship.

  • Your mom will tell you about gran-gran, who apparently had a militaristic past. After some chatter she’ll give you "Gran-Gran's Spacesuit" iconGran-Gran’s Spacesuit (valued at just shy of 10,000 credits in our game) and "Gran-Gran's Space Helmet" iconGran-Gran’s Space Helmet (2,400 credits).

  • Your dad will teach you the Grandpa’s "Meatloaf" iconMeatloaf recipe (Restores 25 Health, +125 Damage Resistance for 10m, +2% XP gain for 120m).

While supporting your parents can be a burden, the rewards are well worth the price, at least in the early game. If you ever get sick of taking care of your folks (once you end up with hundreds of thousands of credits, that 2% stings a bit more), good news! You have a way out of that obligation.

Should you ever feel the financial burden to be too great, you can always cut your parents off, permanently removing the Kid Stuff trait in the process.

How to Avoid Paying Your Parents - Removing the Kid Stuff Trait in Starfield

If at some point you decide that the novelty of having some gift-giving parental stereotypes living within easy reach of The Lodge isn’t worth the price of admission, you can remove the “Kid Stuff” trait by talking to your dad and picking the appropriate dialog choices. Your parents will be removed from the game under the guise of “moving to a new, more affordable apartment” and you won’t be paying 2% of your money to them every week. Sure, it functionally becomes a dead trait, but if you’re being a ruthless mercenary there’s nothing to stop you from getting whatever gifts you care to get out of them, then cutting them off.

For more information about traits, check out the page Best Starfield Traits For All Playthrough Types.

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