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Sarah Morgan Romance Guide in Starfield

Craig Robinson

If you intend to romance "Sarah Morgan" iconSarah Morgan in Starfield, then you are going to have to use her as your active companion throughout the game. This is because the game requires you to get affinity with characters so you can then proceed with flirt options and then the personal storyline. If romancing Sarah Morgan is your plan in Starfield, here’s a guide on how to do it.

How to Romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield

If you’re being a goodie, then it’s easy enough to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield and build your affinity with her.

Sarah Morgan is the first active companion you can get from the main storyline in Starfield. The dapper English sounding lady is your leader of Constellation, and one who is very much interested in finding artifacts with you. So, doing all the sciency stuff with her is a good way to get in her good books.

Moreso, the personality of Sarah Morgan is of your vanilla good character. So, make sure to do as many nice things with characters as you can. If you take her along to side missions with you, then, be mindful that if you take hostile options, or ones that go in with force, then she doesn’t really like them too much.

As you build your affinity with Sarah Morgan, you’ll eventually get to the point where you begin to Flirt with her, alongside get to know her backstory some more. Like all romances in Starfield, you tend to get the personal quest for your companions after spending time with them, and getting more of their activity chat opportunities. Sarah is no different especially when you get in her good books with the goody dialogue options.

Also, there’s one more absolutely important point you need to know about Sarah’s romance options. If you are doing the main storyline, there’s two very important quests for her romance. The mission "No Sudden Moves" iconNo Sudden Moves places the three main companions on "The Eye" iconThe Eye, so, you will lose Sarah Morgan as a companion. Moreover, the mission after, High Price To Pay, is a heavy choice mission. If you intend to romance Sarah Morgan, or do her personal quest, then, you will find that you will need to go to the Eye. Not taking that decision has some heavy consequences on your ability to progress further with Sarah, so, go to the Eye. Not to mention going to the Eye gives you a Sarah Morgan Loves that approval too, so, it’s a double or nothing situation to be in.

Go to Sarah on the Eye during the mission, High Price To Pay if you intend on romancing Sarah for several reasons.

Once you have gained enough respect from her, and spoken to her flirtatiously a few times, you’ll eventually get your way into her personal story. Follow the personal story, select the romance option, then later on, do her commitment option in future dialogues. From there, you’ll begin to get the ball rolling for the romance and tying the knot with her. Note that the dialogues are activities that pop up everyone now and then. So, make sure to monitor your activities and speak to her every now and then to make sure you’re on track with her commentary, flirting and personal quest options.

This concludes how to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield. Hopefully you now know what main story missions to avoid doing until you’re happy with where you are going, and also the general theme of being able to romance her moving forward.

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