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Barrett Romance Guide in Starfield

Jessica Dillon

Romancing your allies is a staple in Bethesda games and Starfield gives you four characters to fall in love with. All of them are members of "Constellation" iconConstellation that you will meet early on in the game’s main story. "Barrett" iconBarrett is actually one of the first characters you meet, as he helps to get you started on your path to unlocking the universe in the game’s opening. The guide below goes over how to recruit Barrett and get him to fall in love with you.

Be sure to flirt with Barrett whenever the option pops up and avoid violent anwsers in missions..

How to Romance Barrett in Starfield

Barrett joins your crew in the main story mission Back to Vectera. After this, you can ask him to join you on your missions to start gaining affinity. Like other companions, Barrett will get a boost from spending time with you and from when you choose the choices he likes when speaking with other NPCs. It can take quite a few hours to win Barrett over even if you have the 25% affinity bump from the "Leadership" iconLeadership skill.

Barrett, like the other characters in Starfield, is good, meaning that evil actions will lose you points. He also seems to enjoy it when you joke around with other characters. For the most part, you can just keep him with you while you explore the galaxy and he will gain affinity on his own. Once in a while, he will ask to speak with you. All of Barrett’s interactions revolve around his former husband and the fact that he was framed for a mining incident.

As you speak with Barrett, you will help him work through the case and in many instances, the game will want you to pay credits to help him out. You will also always want to choose to flirt with him when the option pops up. Just make sure to always support him and not to shoot any innocent civilians to keep from upsetting him when you’re venturing around the world.

Sadly, Barrett does have a major caveat if you don’t finish romancing him before the mission High Price to Pay starts. Depending on your choices in this mission, you can actually lose the chance to romance Barrett. Due to this we highly recommend taking the needed choice to stay with him or finish his route before this mission starts as you won’t be able to come back from it. To stay with Barrett when this choice pops up, make sure to stay at "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge.

(1 of 3) Barrett is one of the four romance options in Starfield.

After you have spent a good amount of time with Barrett, and helped him gather evidence to prove Ervin’s innocence, he will give you the mission Breach of Contract. After this is completed you can proceed into a relationship with Barrett. If your affinity is high enough after completing the mission then you can even marry him. To do this choose the commitment option when it appears and then have your wedding with "Vasco" iconVasco. After this, you will get a 15% experience buff whenever Barrett sleeps with you. Keep in mind that you can also break up at any time by simply talking to Barrett and saying you no longer want to be in a relationship.


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