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Where to Find Tungsten in Starfield

Craig Robinson
Seren Morgan-Roberts

"Tungsten" iconTungsten is a resource players will need in Starfield for a variety of crafting purposes. If you intend to make certain building materials, or perhaps weapon and armor crafting mods, then you’ll likely need this at some point. To assist you with finding Tungsten in Starfield, we will help you with some locations on where to find this resource.

Tungsten Farming Locations in Starfield

(1 of 2) You can also buy Tungsten by visitng mining node traders, and other general stores across the galaxy and

You can also buy Tungsten by visitng mining node traders, and other general stores across the galaxy and (left), The earliest point you get Tungsten is by visiting the moon in the Alpha Centauri system, which all players can do at any level. (right)

If you intend to get Tungsten then here are some locations that are worth visiting:

  • Miner’s League: A store in "Neon" iconNeon, Volii system
  • Voss, a moon of Olivas in Alpha Centauri
  • Shozza VII-a: A moon orbiting Shaza VII in the Shozza system, found in the mid cluster of stars right of Cheyenne.
  • Muphrid V-b: A moon orbiting Muphrid V, another planet in the mid cluster of stars right of the settled systems.
  • Muphrid VIII-c: Like above, albeit another moon orbiting another gas giant in the same solar system

There’s plenty of moons and other planets around the level 30-50 star systems that has the resource available to find on planetary surface. If you have the "Scanning" iconScanning Skill, then you can find more ideal places to farm and setup outposts to get constant supply of the resource. However, you can land on any area on the planet, and the mining resources on the surface have a chance to be Tungsten, since its a slightly rare resource with its blue dot level rarity, out of the three dot rarity from the more common materials. Once you’ve found a planet you’re happy with, you can set up an extractor to begin producing your own supply of Tungsten. Head over to our guide on ore extractors for more information!

If you would prefer to visit potential Trade Authorities, Mining stations, Mining Traders, or any other form of bartering, then you can expect to buy Tungsten for around 16 credits per Tungsten. The Mining League on Neon sells 25 of them at his store, which is a decent bulk purchase of the rarer mineral that can sort out a fair amount of crafting and outposts constructions for all your crafting needs.

What is Tungsten Used For?

Tungsten’s primary use is in Weapon Modification, Outpost building and Research Projects relating to weapons, spacesuit mods and outpost development. Below, we’ll run you through all uses of Tungsten so you can decide if you’d like to set up a Tungsten mining outpost!

Outpost Buildng Uses

Tungsten is very common in the building of outpost modules, from extractors to storage to fabricators. If you’re gonna build a fancy outpost, you’re gonna need tungsten! Below, we’ve listed all outpost structures that use Tungsten.

Outpost Building/Structure Build Cost
Simple Fabricator x8 "Aluminum" iconAluminum, x2 "Sealant" iconSealant, x4 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x3 "Zero Wire" iconZero Wire
Compound Fabricator 4x "Adhesive" iconAdhesive, x2 "Isotopic Coolant" iconIsotopic Coolant, x5 "Zero Wire" iconZero Wire
Storage - Gas x3 "Adaptive Frame" iconAdaptive Frame, x6 "Copper" iconCopper, x5 "Tungsten" iconTungsten
Storage - Gas (Medium) x5 "Adaptive Frame" iconAdaptive Frame, x10 "Copper" iconCopper, x8 "Tungsten" iconTungsten
Storage - Gas (Large) x10 "Adaptive Frame" iconAdaptive Frame, x20 "Copper" iconCopper, x16 "Tungsten" iconTungsten
Transfer Container x8 "Iron" iconIron, x4 "Lubricant" iconLubricant, x5 "Tungsten" iconTungsten
Fueled Generator x1 "Austenitic Manifold" iconAustenitic Manifold, x1 "Isocentered Magnet" iconIsocentered Magnet, x1 "Tau Grade Rheostat" iconTau Grade Rheostat, x4 "Tungsten" iconTungsten
Extractor - Solid x4 "Aluminum" iconAluminum ,x5 "Iron" iconIron, x2 "Tungsten" iconTungsten
Extractor - Solid (Commercial) x3 "Adaptive Frame" iconAdaptive Frame, x1 "Drilling Rig" iconDrilling Rig, x2 "Isotopic Coolant" iconIsotopic Coolant, x4 "Tungsten" iconTungsten
Extractor - Solid (Industrial) x5 "Adaptive Frame" iconAdaptive Frame, x1 "Aldumite Drilling Rig" iconAldumite Drilling Rig, x4 "Isotopic Coolant" iconIsotopic Coolant, x6 Tungsten
Ballistic Turret Mk II x2 "Adhesive" iconAdhesive, x4 "Titanium" iconTitanium, x3 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x2 "Zero Wire" iconZero Wire
Ballistic Turret Mk III x2 "Lubricant" iconLubricant, x1 "Microsecond Regulator" iconMicrosecond Regulator, x6 "Titanium" iconTitanium, x5 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x4 "Zero Wire" iconZero Wire

The Simple Fabricator can be built once you’ve researched Manufacturing at the Research Lab.

Research Project Uses

Tungsten is used in most weapon modification and outpost development research projects, so if you’re looking to up your weapon/outpost game, a good supply of tungsten is necessary.

Research Project Material Requirements Skill Requirement
Helmet Mods 1 x3 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x2 "Cosmetic" iconCosmetic, x3 "Polymer" iconPolymer None
Helmet Mods 3 x12 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x4 "Caelumite" iconCaelumite, x3 High-Tensile Spidroin, x2 Indicite Wafer, x3 "Microsecond Regulator" iconMicrosecond Regulator "Spacesuit Design" iconSpacesuit Design 2★
Spacesuit Mods 3 x12 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x4 "Caelumite" iconCaelumite, x2 Indicite Wafer, x8 "Lubricant" iconLubricant, x3 "Microsecond Regulator" iconMicrosecond Regulator, x3 "Positron Battery" iconPositron Battery "Spacesuit Design" iconSpacesuit Design 3★
Muzzle Mods 1 x1 "Sealant" iconSealant, x5 "Titanium" iconTitanium, x10 "Tungsten" iconTungsten "Weapon Engineering" iconWeapon Engineering 1★
Internal Mods 1 x10 "Sealant" iconSealant, x10 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x8 "Iridium" iconIridium, x5 "Zero Wire" iconZero Wire "Weapon Engineering" iconWeapon Engineering 2★
Barrel Mods 2 x2 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x4 "Nickel" iconNickel, x2 "Lubricant" iconLubricant "Weapon Engineering" iconWeapon Engineering 1★
Grips and Stocks Mods 2 x4 "Adhesive" iconAdhesive, x3 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x2 "Polymer" iconPolymer "Weapon Engineering" iconWeapon Engineering 1★
Horticulture 1 x10 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x10 "Adaptive Frame" iconAdaptive Frame, x8 "Mag Pressure Tank" iconMag Pressure Tank, x10 "Metabolic Agent" iconMetabolic Agent, x10 "Nutrient" iconNutrient "Botany" iconBotany 1★, "Outpost Engineering" iconOutpost Engineering 1★
Horticulture 2 x8 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x8 "Adaptive Frame" iconAdaptive Frame, x4 "Amino Acids" iconAmino Acids, x4 "Mag Pressure Tank" iconMag Pressure Tank, x12 "Metabolic Agent" iconMetabolic Agent, x12 "Nutrient" iconNutrient "Botany" iconBotany 1★, "Outpost Engineering" iconOutpost Engineering 2★
Manufacturing 2 x8 "Sealant" iconSealant, x8 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x12 "Iron" iconIron, x4 "Adaptive Frame" iconAdaptive Frame, x4 "Lubricant" iconLubricant, x2 "Reactive Gauge" iconReactive Gauge, x4 "Zero Wire" iconZero Wire "Outpost Engineering" iconOutpost Engineering 1★
Manufacturing 3 x12 "Sealant" iconSealant, x12 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x16 "Iron" iconIron, x12 "Adaptive Frame" iconAdaptive Frame, x4 "Lubricant" iconLubricant, x2 "Positron Battery" iconPositron Battery, x4 "Reactive Gauge" iconReactive Gauge, x8 "Zero Wire" iconZero Wire "Outpost Engineering" iconOutpost Engineering 2★
Power Generation 3 x12 "Lead" iconLead, x12 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x4 "Isotopic Coolant" iconIsotopic Coolant, x2 Power Circuit, x2 "Supercooled Magnet" iconSupercooled Magnet, x4 "Tau Grade Rheostat" iconTau Grade Rheostat, x4 "Paramagnon Conductor" iconParamagnon Conductor, x4 "Nuclear Fuel Rod" iconNuclear Fuel Rod, x3 "Control Rod" iconControl Rod "Outpost Engineering" iconOutpost Engineering 3★
Power Generation 4 x20 "Lead" iconLead, x16 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x8 "Isotopic Coolant" iconIsotopic Coolant, x4 Power Circuit, x12 "Tau Grade Rheostat" iconTau Grade Rheostat, x4 "Control Rod" iconControl Rod, x3 "Tasine" iconTasine Superconductor, x2 Rothicite Magnet, x4 Vytinium Fuel Rod "Outpost Engineering" iconOutpost Engineering 3★, "Special Projects" iconSpecial Projects 1★

If you want to set up a greenhouse, you’ll need to unlock the Horticulture 1 research project first.

Weapon Modification Uses

Tungsten is a huge component of weapon modification, particularly in the Magazine and Battery modifications. Below, we’ve listed all mods that require Tungsten, as well as the research required to craft them.

One of the most common uses of Tungsten is in weapon modifying.

Spacesuit Modification Uses

Though not as commonly used in spacesuit mods as weapon mods, Tungsten still has some use in various shielding modifications, especially Helmet mods. Take a look at the list below:

Mod Description Materials Required Research Required
EM Shielding (Helmet) Helmet Slot 1 - Increases Electromagnetic Resistance x2 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x1 "Copper" iconCopper, x1 "Cosmetic" iconCosmetic Helmet Mods 1
Energy Shielding (Helmet) Helmet Slot 1 - Increases Energy Resistance x2 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x1 "Cosmetic" iconCosmetic, x1 "Polymer" iconPolymer Helmet Mods 1
Heavy Shielding (Helmet) Helmet Slot 3 - Increases all Damage Resistance x1 "Adhesive" iconAdhesive, x1 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x1 High-Tensile Spidroin, x1 "Polymer" iconPolymer Helmet Mods 3
Heavy Shielding (Spacesuit) Spacesuit Slot 3 - Increases all Damage Resistance x2 "Adhesive" iconAdhesive, x2 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x2 High-Tensile Spidroin, x1 "Polymer" iconPolymer Spacesuit Mods 3

Looking For More Outpost Guides?

Now that you know all there is about Tungsten, you might wanna check out our other resource gathering pages!

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