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Where Hope is Built Walkthrough: How to Defeat the Outlaw Ships in Starfield

Shane Williams

You’re now a fully fledged member of the "Freestar Collective" iconFreestar Collective Faction and everyone wants to continue investigating the issues that occurred on Montara Farm, so return to the mayor who can be found in "Akila City" iconAkila City to find out what your next task is. This page will navigate you through the necessary steps to defeating the Outlaw Ships.

Speak with the mayor to get your next assignment.

How to Start The Where Hope is Built Faction Quest in Starfield

Before you can start the "Where Hope is Built" iconWhere Hope is Built Faction Quest you’ll need to complete the previous quest, "Deputized" iconDeputized and you can do that by following the steps on our Deputized Walkthrough: How to Kill the Ruffians in Starfield page. Upon completing the mission, return to the mayor and inform him of your discoveries on the Montara Farm, then he’ll send you out to work alongside "Nia Kalu" iconNia Kalu who is another ranger and they can put you in contact with the president of HopeTech who can potentially help you track down the thief.

How to Fix Nia Kalu’s Ship

(1 of 2) Speak with Nia Kalu

Speak with Nia Kalu (left), and repair her ship. (right)

Once you’re done talking to the mayor, hop back into your ship and travel on over to the "Valo System" iconValo System and fly towards Nia Kalu’s Ship. Here you’ll want to hover over the ship and hold in the Joy-Con-ButtonX to dock it, then climb down the ladder and speak with Nia who can be found sitting on the floor of the cockpit. She’ll request that you help her fix up the ship, so simply head over to the blue markers and interact with the item to repair it, then once the ship is back up and running, return to Nia.

How to Take Down the Outlaw Ships

Your next task before going to HopeTown is to deal with the outlaws that caused Nia some issues, so go back to your ship and travel to the Miatha Moon. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by three ships, so you’ll want to focus on the lower level ones first, then you’ll want to strip their shields by using the laser weapon and deplete their health with your missiles. Alternatively, you can use ships that have particle weapons, as this combines the effects of both missiles and lasers, so you can take down the enemies quicker.

(1 of 2) Head to the Miatha Moon

Head to the Miatha Moon (left), and take down the Outlaw Ships. (right)

If you don’t have a ship with particle weapons yet, then you can easily get the "Mantis" iconMantis Ship by following the steps on our How to Complete the Lair of Mantis and Obtain The Legendary Razorleaf Ship page. Once you’ve dealt with the outlaws, travel to "Hopetown" iconHopetown which is located on the planet "Polvo" iconPolvo, then speak with Nia who can be found standing in the entrance of the HopeTech Building. Follow her upstairs and speak with Ron and he’ll point you in the direction of "Neon" iconNeon as that’s where the stolen ship was last seen.

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