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What is the Best Planet for your First Outpost in Starfield

Matt Chard

When looking to build your first Outpost in Starfield, you have to ask yourself what the purpose of it is going to be. Do you want to create a place for you and your Crew? Are you looking for a place to build a farm, so you can get resources? Maybe you just want a place to store all of your goods? Whatever the reason you want an Outpost, you will need to get resources first as it can be difficult to build anything adequately until you have some. Read below to find out what the best-starting planet is to build your first Outpost.

Nesoi has similar characteristics to Earth.

Best Outpost Location

As the best planet is subjective because everyone has different needs, we’ll choose the best planet based on accessibility, access to starting resources, and the viability of surviving on it. So with those prerequisites, we ended up with "Nesoi" iconNesoi in the Olympus system which is situated to the east of Alpha Centauri.

This place has an abundance of resources with the only things missing being "Aluminum" iconAluminum, and "Tungsten" iconTungsten which is a shame, but you’ll get lots of "Iron" iconIron, "Water" iconWater, "Uranium" iconUranium, "Argon" iconArgon, "Benzene" iconBenzene, "Iridium" iconIridium, "Tantalum" iconTantalum, and "Carboxylic Acids" iconCarboxylic Acids in exchange. Not a bad trade if I do say so myself, and if you need Aluminum (which you will), you can find it on Aranae which is right next to Olympus.

(1 of 2) Nesoi can be found in the Olympus system, to the east of Alpha Centauri.

Nesoi can be found in the Olympus system, to the east of Alpha Centauri. (left), You can find Nesoi just to the west of the center. (right)

The planet itself has plenty of flora where you can find useful "Sealant" iconSealant material which is needed for a lot of building pieces among other useful materials. It also has some fauna from which you can get fibers and all the other good stuff. Then you have three places to visit a Civilian Outpost, an Industrial Outpost, and a Deserted Biotics Lab where you can gather even more resources.

About the planet itself, Nesoi has a Temperate temperature, so you won’t have to worry about any extreme weather nor will you need any of the required skills to build on it. It is spacious with not many hostiles, not including the places you can visit, and finally, Nesoi has a lot of flat ground which is perfect for building on.

(1 of 2) Nesoi has a strange beauty to it.

Nesoi has a strange beauty to it. (left), It helps that it has a large variety of resources for you to gather. (right)

What Should Your First Outpost Have?

When looking for a planet for the first Outpost, you’ll need to find a place that has most of the resources you need to get the basics built. The first things you should build is a power source like the Solar Array, and a place to build into such as an Outpost Airlock with a Prefab like the Four-Wall Hab, or the Small-Hex Hab connected to it. Once you’ve built them, you can add some Mining Extractors like the Iron or Aluminum Extractors (you’ll need these first), so you can begin getting resources while you’re doing other things, and a Storage Container to link up to the Extractor.

(1 of 2) You don't need a lot to start your first Outpost.

You don't need a lot to start your first Outpost. (left), As long as you have power, and a place to store all your stuff, the rest can wait. (right)

This will get you on your way, and when you get some more resources, we recommend getting a Crew Station, so you can begin to send Crew Members to your Outpost which will help it grow exponentially. Another thing you’ll want to build ASAP is an "Industrial Workbench" iconIndustrial Workbench as this allows you to craft parts that you need for specific buildings.

Finally, when you have all the basics set up, and all the Extractors running, you’ll want to build defenses around it as your Outpost can get attacked. Depending on the size of it, you’ll want at least one turret covering each side of the Outpost, ideally two. Once you’re happy with the Outpost, you can begin expanding it, linking it up to other Outposts on different planets, and adding a Transfer Container.


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