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War Relics - How to Get a Microcell

Jessica Dillon

War Relics sends you back into a lengthy faction quest where you must find, restore power to, and help an old war robot named Kaiser. On top of this, you also have to deal with a planet that has toxic water and rain, making this mission much tougher than the last few. The guide below goes over where to find Kaiser, how to make a Microcell, and how to deal with Unit 99.

During War Relics you will be spending time exploring 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage.

How to Start War Relics

You will be able to start "War Relics" iconWar Relics after you have joined the "Vanguard" iconVanguard faction and completed The Devils You Know quest. This particular quest takes you to a new location, with a challenging environment that you need to learn how to navigate. It’s also one of the longer missions you can take on in the quest line.

Where to Find Kaiser in The Junkyard

You will need to head back to "Mars" iconMars in the "Sol System" iconSol System and stop by the Red Devils HQ. Once there, speak with Hadrian. After a short conversation and following her, she will send you to a new location in the "Narion System" iconNarion System. This is called the 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage on planet "Niira" iconNiira, a giant junkyard full of old tech. Be warned though as this is a toxic planet, both the rain and the water are hazardous. You will want to head inside the salvage shop when you land and speak with Gel.

Upon asking him about where Kaiser might be located, he asks for 1,000 Credits. You can persuade him down to 675 Credits if you have good enough social talents. After paying off Gel, a blue marker will appear where Kaiser is located. Head out the backside of the shop and down the stairs into the junkyard, make sure to avoid any water to keep from taking environmental damage, if it’s raining then you will need to go from shelter to shelter. If at any time your suit stops protecting you, return to your ship. If you don’t then you will begin to take damage to your health. This isn’t normal damage, however, as you want to be able to just heal it away with a med pack.

(1 of 9) Head to Niira on the Narion System

You will also need to look out for some rather strong enemies that roam the junkyard named, Siren. They often come in pairs when you encounter them and some are around level 30 so exercise caution. Head towards the downed ship in the junkyard, and go around back to head inside. You will find a downed Kaiser with three Heat Leeches latched on to him. Shoot them off, and then try to activate him. He will tell you that he needs more power, meaning that you need to get your hands on a Microcell.

How to Get a Microcell - How to Craft a Microcell

Head back to the shop and speak with Gel. He will tell you that he has a Microcell for sale or that he can teach you how to make one. To buy the Microcell you will need 11,704 Credits. If you want to save some money, then you can head back out into the junkyard, there will now be several marked locations. You need to find one of each of the following items to craft a Microcell.

  • Microcell Shielding
  • Microcell Power Source
  • Microcell Conductor

These items are randomly placed at the marked spot around the map, so it can vary with how quickly you find them. Once you do, head back to the shop and use the crafting table to make the Microcell. From here, you just need to take it back to Kaiser and use it. Once you do, give him the activation command and then he will agree to come back to Mars with you if you help him complete his mission.

From this point onwards you will follow Kaiser, his AI can be a bit wonky, just keep near him and he will eventually find his way around. Be aware that if you can see enemies from a distance there is a high chance that he will engage him, so you likely will end up fighting a few more Sirens with his help. Once you get to a hill on the edge of the junkyard, he will stop and tell you that Unit 99 is over the hill. Unit 99 is located at an Ecliptic Base and you will need to fight them both. Unit 99 is a stronger Siren, so take the high ground around the base to keep from fighting it head-on.

(1 of 9) Head back to the salvage shop to speak with Gel.

You will also have Kaiser’s help during the fight. It’s best to let him deal with the ground forces and focus on wiping out the Ecliptics as they have ranged weapons. There will likely be one high-level enemy among them to give you a bit of trouble. Once you’re done with that, finish off Unit 99 and then speak with Kaiser. He will now be ready to head to the Red Devil HQ with you. Hop on your ship and head back to Hadrian. Once you are both inside the base, they will have a conversation before directly sending you into the next quest in the Vanguard faction line, "Hostile Intelligence" iconHostile Intelligence.


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