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The Security Skill in Starfield: Unlocking Master Level Locks

Shane Williams

Once you’ve created your character and have begun your Starfield Adventure, you’ll notice that you can unlock a variety of skills which will improve your combat and exploration experience. However, a lot of these skills won’t become useful until you start increasing their level and to do that you’ll need to complete certain challenges. This page will provide you with the necessary tips to level up your "Security" iconSecurity Skill.

Lockpicking will become a lot easier if you fully rank up the Security Skill.

What Does The Security Skill Do in Starfield?

There are four types of locks in Starfield, such as Novice, Advanced, Expert and Master and the Security Skill allows you to break through them all, because any code can be broken with the proper training. Until you start leveling up this skill, lock picking will be pretty tricky for most players as you have limited attempts and zero clues if you’re using the correct rings.

Once you reach around rank 2, rings will turn blue when you’re using the right one, so you’ll want to level this skill up quickly if you don’t want to waste your digipicks. Additionally, this skill will become extremely useful for players who like to explore all the possible locations, as you’ll be able to find a lot of good loot which will improve your adventure, such as legendary weapons and healing items that will make combat encounters easier. Alternatively, you can find valuable items which you can sell for a lot of credits which you then use to upgrade your ship.

Level Stat
1 You can attempt to hack Advanced locks, and two auto attempts can be banked.
2 You can attempt to hack Expert locks, and three auto attempts can be banked. Rings now turn blue when the pick can be slotted.
3 You can attempt to hack Master-level locks, and four auto attempts can be banked.
4 Expend a digipick to eliminate keys that aren’t required to solve the puzzle. 5 auto attempts can be banked.

How to Level The Security Skill in Starfield?

Before you can start leveling up the Security Skill you’ll need to unlock it and that can be done by heading on over to the technology category and using up one of your skill points. Alternatively, you can choose a background at the start of the game that comes with it already unlocked, such as Bouncer, Cyber Runner, Cyberneticist or Industrialist. In order to level up this skill and reach rank 4 you’ll need to pick a total of 30 locks.

If you’re trying to level up this skill as quickly as possible, you’ll want to approach every door, safes and chests and attempt to lockpick them. However, until you get to rank 2 and unlock the ability to see which ring is the right one, you’ll want to create a quick-save before you attempt to break the lock, so you can reload and try again if you fail. If you’re struggling to lockpick the basic locks like me, then check out our How to Pick Locks with the Digipick in Starfield page.

Where to Find Digipicks in Starfield?

Digipicks aren’t a common item to find when exploring the various planets in Starfield, so you don’t want to waste them, but there are ways you can stock up on them, such as purchasing them from the misc section of certain vendors. The first vendor you’ll come across that has them available is the Jemison Mercantile which is located in the "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis City. If you don’t want to purchase them, then be sure to search lockers and corpses for a chance to find them as a drop.

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