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Starfield Lung Damage Explained: How to Cure Lung Damage

Matt Chard

Traversing the numerous planets in Starfield can be taxing on the body. At times, you’ll pick up various injuries and diseases, and one of the more common injuries in the game is lung damage. You can get this injury relatively early on in the game which may leave you wondering what it is, and how you can treat it. Read below to find out all the possible cures and treatments you can use for lung damage in Starfield.

At times, enemies can throw grenades that contain harmful substances which may lead to lung damage.

Starfield Lung Damage Explained?

Lung damage occurs when you inhale dangerous toxins from various sources such as gas vents, toxic atmospheres, and even toxic grenades that a cheeky space pirate may throw at you. The point is, that you’ll be getting lung damage among other afflictions a lot throughout your travels, especially lung damage mostly due to there being a lack of equipment to protect you from it.

So, what does lung damage do? Well, it’ll make you take O2 damage at irregular intervals as well as detection event. This will basically make you cough at times which could lead to you getting caught if you’re sneaking into places you shouldn’t be. Fortunately, lung damage isn’t a severe ailment to have, and you can ignore it until you can find the right treatment for it. Just make sure, you’re not sneaking anytime soon!

If you have a sickness or injury you can check out the Status Effects under the Health section.

How to Fix Lung Damage in Starfield

At first, you won’t have too many options to cure yourself of this ailment, so your best bet would be to use an "Injector" iconInjector. These wonderful medical tools can treat a wide variety of afflictions such as common poisoning, radiation poisoning, lung damage, and even numerous brain injuries. You can find these in loot containers like the Medical Kit bags that hang on the walls as well as scattered on various floors and furniture. Next up is "Snake Oil" iconSnake Oil which covers almost all the same afflictions that the Injector does, and then some, and you can acquire it the same way as the Injector.

Another method is to visit a doctor in one of the many "Reliant Medical" iconReliant Medical facilities you can find throughout the galaxy. These will cure you of all status afflictions as well as heal you to full, but it will cost you some credits for their service. Sometimes, you may be able to purchase different treatments from them directly. Finally, the last way to cure lung damage is to just leave it. That’s right, it can disappear after an extended period of time, although this does require you to put up with it for a while.

(1 of 2) You can find Pharmaceutical Labs in numerous places.

You can find Pharmaceutical Labs in numerous places. (left), Interacting with them allows you to craft various healing remedies. (right)

You can find a few if the hospitals to cure Lung Damage in Starfield at the following locations:

How to Craft Cures For Lung Damage in Starfield

Other than finding or purchasing these treatments, you can craft them. This requires you to have the correct components as well as access to a "Pharmaceutical Lab" iconPharmaceutical Lab. Don’t worry, this isn’t a huge lab or anything, it’s just the name of a 3D printer-like machine. Once you have the required components, simply click on the item you want to craft, and it’ll get sent straight to your inventory. Here are the materials you’ll need to craft the treatment to cure lung damage.


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