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First to Fight, First to Die Walkthrough: Where to Find Paxton Hull in Starfield

Shane Williams

Once you’ve returned after hunting down both Maya Cruz and Marco in the previous two quests, you’ll now have enough slates to give to Alex for him to successfully pinpoint where the First is located, so it’s time to travel to "Arcturus System" iconArcturus System and put an end to this investigation for good. This page will navigate you through the necessary steps to finding Paxton Hull.

Emma praises you on your hard work for the Freestar Rangers.

How to Start The First to Fight, First to Die Faction Quest in Starfield

Before you can start the "First to Fight, First to Die" iconFirst to Fight, First to Die Faction Quest you’ll need to complete the previous quest, "Surgical Strike" iconSurgical Strike and you can do that by following the steps on our Surgical Strike Walkthrough: Where to Find Maya Cruz in Starfield. Upon completing the mission, return to "Akila City" iconAkila City and speak with the mayor and Emma in the meeting room, then after the debriefing Alex will inform you all that he cracked the slates and has located their base.

(1 of 2) Use particle weapons to destroy the ships.

Use particle weapons to destroy the ships. (left), Use boost to avoid lock-on. (right)

You’ll now want to fly to Arcturus System, but before you do, be sure to stock up on healing items and ammo for your strongest weapon as you’re going to face a lot of enemies along the way to finding Paxton. When you arrive in Arcturus you’ll be attacked by multiple ships belonging to the First, so you’ll want to tackle one at a time until they’re destroyed otherwise you’ll find yourself getting shot by multiple sources if you try and weaken them first. The best way to take them down is to strip their shields by using the laser weapon and deplete their health with your missiles.

Where to Find Paxton Hull in Starfield?

Once you’ve dealt with all the ships, land on the planet Arcturus II, then activate your scanner by pressing Xbox-BumperLeft and follow the way point to the factory entrance. Upon entering the building, you’ll want to keep following the way point until you reach the Mech Factory - Command Center Room. However, along the way you’ll have to fight a lot of enemies, so the best way to overcome this situation is by taking the high-ground so you can see everyone and stay in cover to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

(1 of 2) Land on the Arcturus II Planet

Land on the Arcturus II Planet (left), and take down all of the mercenaries. (right)

After you’ve successfully cleared out all of the First Mercenaries, approach Paxton Hull and you’ll learn that "Ron Hope" iconRon Hope was the man that hired the First to try and steal the farmland. Here you’ll be presented with the Details of the Arrangement that you can use to expose him and then he’ll try and kill you, so quickly deal with him and then the quest will come to a close.

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