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All Armor and Weapon Item IDs in Starfield

Scott Peers

There are numerous different types of items that your character can equip in Starfield, including armor (aka space suits), helmets, and backpacks. You’ll also find plenty of ranged and melee weapons throughout your journey, but if you’re looking to acquire them quickly, you can spawn them using console commands. On this page, we’ll cover all of the items that you can spawn from the console, including their names and item IDs.

Console Commands and Item IDs for Armor, Helmets, Backpacks, Weapons, and Ammo in Starfield.

The format for most of the codes listed here will include a “1” at the end. Those who are familiar with Bethesda’s console will already know that this represents the amount of an item that you’ll be spawning. So, for example, if you want to spawn three Peacemaker Spacesuit’s for whatever reason, the command would be “player.additem 0013F97D 3” instead of “player.additem 0013F97D 1”. You’ll notice that for the ammo types listed at the bottom, the default amount spawned for each is 100. You can adjust this to whatever quantity you need.

All Armor and Space Suit Item IDs in Starfield

The list of armors here isn’t necessarily comprehensive, but they include most of the faction-based space suits that you can gain access to. We’ll include more as we find the codes for them.

Armor Code
Incendiary "Experimental Nishina Spacesuit" iconExperimental Nishina Spacesuit player.additem 00065925 1
Sentinel’s "UC Antixeno Spacesuit" iconUC Antixeno Spacesuit player.additem 0007B2B9 1
Repulsing "Explorer Spacesuit" iconExplorer Spacesuit player.additem 0022B8F6 1
Peacemaker Spacesuit player.additem 0013F97D 1
"Bounty Hunter Spacesuit" iconBounty Hunter Spacesuit player.additem 00228570 1
"Constellation Spacesuit" iconConstellation Spacesuit player.additem 001E2B18 1
"Deep Mining Spacesuit" iconDeep Mining Spacesuit player.additem 0005278E 1
"Deep Recon Spacesuit" iconDeep Recon Spacesuit player.additem 002265AE 1
"Deepcore Spacesuit" iconDeepcore Spacesuit player.additem 002265AE 1
"Deepseeker Spacesuit" iconDeepseeker Spacesuit player.additem 0016D2C4 1
"Deimos Spacesuit" iconDeimos Spacesuit player.additem 00026BF1 1
"Ecliptic Spacesuit" iconEcliptic Spacesuit player.additem 0022856F 1
"Explorer Spacesuit" iconExplorer Spacesuit player.additem 002265AF 1
"Gran-Gran's Spacesuit" iconGran-Gran’s Spacesuit player.additem 001F22BB 1
"Ground Crew Spacesuit" iconGround Crew Spacesuit player.additem 002392B5 1
"Mantis Spacesuit" iconMantis Spacesuit player.additem 00226299 1
"Mark I Spacesuit" iconMark I Spacesuit player.additem 0001754D 1
"Mercury Spacesuit" iconMercury Spacesuit player.additem 001D0F96 1
"Monster Costume" iconMonster Costume player.additem 00225FC9 1
"Navigator Spacesuit" iconNavigator Spacesuit player.additem 00067C94 1
"Old Earth Spacesuit" iconOld Earth Spacesuit player.additem 0003084E 1
"Pirate Assault Spacesuit" iconPirate Assault Spacesuit player.additem 00066821 1
"Pirate Charger Spacesuit" iconPirate Charger Spacesuit player.additem 00066826 1
Pirate Corsair Spacesuit player.additem 00066828 1
"Pirate Sniper Spacesuit" iconPirate Sniper Spacesuit player.additem 0006682A 1
"Ranger Spacesuit" iconRanger Spacesuit player.additem 00227CA0 1
"Shocktroop Spacesuit" iconShocktroop Spacesuit player.additem 002265AD 1
"Space Trucker Spacesuit" iconSpace Trucker Spacesuit player.additem 0021C780 1
"Star Roamer Spacesuit" iconStar Roamer Spacesuit player.additem 00004E78 1
"Starborn Spacesuit Astra" iconStarborn Spacesuit Astra player.additem 0012E187 1
"Starborn Spacesuit Avitus" iconStarborn Spacesuit Avitus player.additem 001CBA52 1
"Starborn Spacesuit Bellum" iconStarborn Spacesuit Bellum player.additem 001CBA4E 1
"Starborn Spacesuit Gravitas" iconStarborn Spacesuit Gravitas player.additem 0021C77E 1
"Starborn Spacesuit Locus" iconStarborn Spacesuit Locus player.additem 001CBA4A 1
"Starborn Spacesuit Locus" iconStarborn Spacesuit Locus player.additem 001CBA49 1
"Starborn Spacesuit Solis" iconStarborn Spacesuit Solis player.additem 002D7365 1
"Starborn Spacesuit Tempus" iconStarborn Spacesuit Tempus player.additem 002D7346 1
"Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris" iconStarborn Spacesuit Tenebris player.additem 001CBA4D 1
"Starborn Spacesuit Venator" iconStarborn Spacesuit Venator player.additem 0021C77F 1
SysDef Ace Spacesuit player.additem 002AAF44 1
SysDef Assault Spacesuit player.additem 00398104 1
SysDef Combat Spacesuit player.additem 0039810A 1
SysDef Sec Recon Spacesuit player.additem 00398108 1
SysDef Spacesuit player.additem 00398103 1
"Trackers Alliance Spacesuit" iconTrackers Alliance Spacesuit player.additem 00166404 1
"UC Ace Spacesuit" iconUC Ace Spacesuit player.additem 00166410 1
UC AntiXeno Spacesuit player.additem 00206130 1
"UC Combat Spacesuit" iconUC Combat Spacesuit player.additem 00257808 1
"UC Marine Spacesuit" iconUC Marine Spacesuit player.additem 00257805 1
"UC Sec Combat Spacesuit" iconUC Sec Combat Spacesuit player.additem 000EF9B0 1
"UC Sec Recon Spacesuit" iconUC Sec Recon Spacesuit player.additem 000EF9AF 1
"UC Sec Starlaw Spacesuit" iconUC Sec Starlaw Spacesuit player.additem 000EF9AE 1
"UC Security Spacesuit" iconUC Security Spacesuit player.additem 000EF9AD 1
"UC Startroop Spacesuit" iconUC Startroop Spacesuit player.additem 00257809 1
"UC Urbanwar Spacesuit" iconUC Urbanwar Spacesuit player.additem 0021A86A 1
"UC Vanguard Spacesuit" iconUC Vanguard Spacesuit player.additem 00248C0F 1
"UC Wardog Spacesuit" iconUC Wardog Spacesuit player.additem 0025780A 1
Va’Ruun Spacesuit player.additem 00227CA3 1

All Helmet Item IDs in Starfield

As with the armor, this list of helmets includes a number of those associated with specific factions.

Helmet Code
Reactive "Experimental Nishina Helmet" iconExperimental Nishina Helmet player.additem 00065926 1
Incendiary UC AntiXeno Space Helmet player.additem 0010A25E 1
"Black Graviplas Helmet" iconBlack Graviplas Helmet player.additem 001466F6 1
"Black Open Graviplas Helmet" iconBlack Open Graviplas Helmet player.additem 001466FA 1
"Bounty Hunter Space Helmet" iconBounty Hunter Space Helmet player.additem 001C0F32 1
Broken "Constellation Space Helmet" iconConstellation Space Helmet player.additem 002EDE9C 1
"Brown Graviplas Helmet" iconBrown Graviplas Helmet player.additem 001466F7 1
"Constellation Space Helmet" iconConstellation Space Helmet player.additem 001E2B17 1
"Cydonia Space Helmet" iconCydonia Space Helmet player.additem 0003B424 1
"Deep Mining Space Helmet" iconDeep Mining Space Helmet player.additem 00052792 1
Deep Recon Space Helmet player.additem 00169F54 1
"Deepcore Space Helmet" iconDeepcore Space Helmet player.additem 0006ABFF 1
Deeseeker Space Helmet player.additem 0016D15C 1
"Deimos Space Helmet" iconDeimos Space Helmet player.additem 00026BF0 1
"Ecliptic Space Helmet" iconEcliptic Space Helmet player.additem 00228829 1
"Explorer Space Helmet" iconExplorer Space Helmet player.additem 00169F50 1
First Solider Helmet player.additem 0021F3F4 1
"Generdyne Guard Helmet" iconGenerdyne Guard Helmet player.additem 003CD812 1
"Gran-Gran's Space Helmet" iconGran-Gran’s Space Helmet player.additem 001F22BC 1
Graviplas Merc Helmet player.additem 000781F7 1
Gray "Graviplas Helmet" iconGraviplas Helmet player.additem 001466F8 1
Gray "Open Graviplas Helmet" iconOpen Graviplas Helmet player.additem 001466FC 1
"Ground Crew Space Helmet" iconGround Crew Space Helmet player.additem 002392B4 1
"Mantis" iconMantis Space Helmet player.additem 0016640A 1
"Mark I Space Helmet" iconMark I Space Helmet player.additem 0001754F 1
Mercenary Space Helmet player.additem 0016E0B5 1
"Mercury Space Helmet" iconMercury Space Helmet player.additem 001D0F94 1
"Navigator Space Helmet" iconNavigator Space Helmet player.additem 00067C93 1
"Neon Security Helmet" iconNeon Security Helmet player.additem 001F73EF 1
"Old Earth Space Helmet" iconOld Earth Space Helmet player.additem 0003084D 1
"Open Graviplas Helmet" iconOpen Graviplas Helmet player.additem 000781F8 1
Operative Helmet player.additem 0016E0C3 1
Peacemaker Helmet player.additem 0013F97B 1
"Pirate Assault Space Helmet" iconPirate Assault Space Helmet player.additem 00066822 1
Pirate Charge Space Helmet player.additem 00066827 1
"Pirate Corsair Space Helmet" iconPirate Corsair Space Helmet player.additem 00066829 1
"Pirate Sniper Space Helmet" iconPirate Sniper Space Helmet player.additem 0006682B 1
"Ranger Space Helmet" iconRanger Space Helmet player.additem 001E2AC1 1
"Ryujin Guard Helmet" iconRyujin Guard Helmet player.additem 0037A34F 1
"Security Guard Helmet" iconSecurity Guard Helmet player.additem 00165718 1
Shocktrooper Space Helmet player.additem 00169F58 1
"Space Trucker Space Helmet" iconSpace Trucker Space Helmet player.additem 0016E0BD 1
"Star Roamer Space Helmet" iconStar Roamer Space Helmet player.additem 00003E8F 1
"SY-920 Space Helmet" iconSY-920 Space Helmet player.additem 002F4B39 1
SysDef Armored Space Helmet player.additem 00398107 1
SysDef Space Helmet player.additem 00398106 1
System Def Ace Space Helmet player.additem 002AAF45 1
Teal "Graviplas Helmet" iconGraviplas Helmet player.additem 001466F9 1
Teal "Open Graviplas Helmet" iconOpen Graviplas Helmet player.additem 001466FD 1
Trackers Alliance Space Helmet player.additem 00166403 1
"Trident Guard Helmet" iconTrident Guard Helmet player.additem 0014E44E 1
"UC Ace Pilot Space Helmet" iconUC Ace Pilot Space Helmet player.additem 0016640F 1
"UC Armored Space Helmet" iconUC Armored Space Helmet player.additem 0025780B 1
"UC Marine Space Helmet" iconUC Marine Space Helmet player.additem 00257806 1
"UC Sec Spaceriot Helmet" iconUC Sec Spaceriot Helmet player.additem 000EF9B2 1
"UC Security Helmet" iconUC Security Helmet player.additem 0025E8D5 1
"UC Security Space Helmet" iconUC Security Space Helmet player.additem 000EF9B1 1
"UC Urbanwar Space Helmet" iconUC Urbanwar Space Helmet player.additem 0021A86B 1
"UC Vanguard Space Helmet" iconUC Vanguard Space Helmet player.additem 00248C0E 1
"Va'ruun Space Helmet" iconVa’ruun Space Helmet player.additem 0016D3D1 1

All Backpack Item IDs in Starfield

There are plenty of different backpacks that you can acquire throughout your playthrough, many of which provide boosting capabilities.

Backpack Code
SY-920 Pilot player.additem 001773BD 1
Shocktroop player.additem 00169F59 1
"Cydonia" iconCydonia player.additem 0003B423 1
Bounty Hunter Stalk player.additem 001C0F35 1
Bounty Hunter Seek player.additem 001C0F34 1
Bounty Hunter Track player.additem 001C0F33 1
Trackers Alliance player.additem 00166402 1
"Constellation" iconConstellation player.additem 001E2B19 1
Pirate Raiding player.additem 00066824 1
Pirate Survival player.additem 00066825 1
Deepseeker player.additem 0016D15B 1
Ecliptic player.additem 00166407 1
Explorer player.additem 00169F51 1
Old "Earth" iconEarth player.additem 0003084C 1
Ground Crew player.additem 002392B3 1
Mark I player.additem 0001754E 1
Mercenary player.additem 0016E0B6 1
"Mercury" iconMercury player.additem 001D0F95 1
Deep Mining player.additem 002EDF1F 1
"Deimos" iconDeimos player.additem 00026BEF 1
Tunnel Mining player.additem 00029C7A 1
"Deimos" iconDeimos Tunnel player.additem 00026BF2 1
Deepcore player.additem 000FD333 1
"Mantis" iconMantis player.additem 0016640B 1
Navigator player.additem 00067C95 1
"Ranger" iconRanger player.additem 001E2AF7 1
Deep Recon player.additem 00169F55 1
Peacemaker player.additem 0013F97C 1
Space Trucker player.additem 0016E0BB 1
Star Roamer player.additem 00003E90 1
"High School Backpack" iconHigh School Backpack player.additem 00003A77 1
UC Shock Armor player.additem 0021A86C 1
UC AntiXeno Skip Pack player.additem 0020612F 1
UC AntiXeno Armor Plated (Legendary) player.additem 0010A25D 1
UC Marine player.additem 00257807 1
SysDef player.additem 00398105 1
UC "Security" iconSecurity player.additem 000EF9AC 1
UC Ace Pilot player.additem 0016640E 1
SysDef Pilot player.additem 002AAF43 1
UC "Vanguard" iconVanguard Pilot player.additem 003E3D4F 1
VA Ruun power pack player.additem 0016D3D0 1

All Weapon Item IDs in Starfield

The weapons listed below include both ranged and melee types, which you can use in accordance with your playstyle preference and build.

Weapon Code
AA-99 player.additem 002BF65B 1
"Arc Welder" iconArc Welder player.additem 0026D965 1
AutoRivet player.additem 0026D964 1
"Barrow Knife" iconBarrow Knife player.additem 0026F181 1
"Beowulf" iconBeowulf player.additem 0004716C 1
"Big Bang" iconBig Bang player.additem 0026D963 1
"Breach" iconBreach player.additem 000547A3 1
"Bridger" iconBridger player.additem 0026D96A 1
Calibrated solstice player.additem 0026D961 1
"Coachman" iconCoachman player.additem 0026D96B 1
"Combat Knife" iconCombat Knife player.additem 00035A48 1
"Cutter" iconCutter player.additem 00016758 1
"Drum Beat" iconDrum Beat player.additem 0018DE2C 1
Discarded "Sidestar" iconSidestar player.additem 002F413A 1
"Ecliptic Pistol" iconEcliptic Pistol player.additem 0026D96E 1
Eon player.additem 000476C4 1
"Equinox" iconEquinox player.additem 0001BC4F 1
"Grendel" iconGrendel player.additem 00028A02 1
"Hard Target" iconHard Target player.additem 000546CC 1
"Kodama" iconKodama player.additem 00253A16 1
"Kraken" iconKraken player.additem 0021FEB4 1
"Lawgiver" iconLawgiver player.additem 0002D7F4 1
"Maelstrom" iconMaelstrom player.additem 002984DF 1
MagShear player.additem 0002EB3C 1
MagPulse player.additem 00023606 1
MagShot player.additem 0002EB42 1
MagSniper player.additem 0002EB45 1
MagStorm player.additem 0026035E 1
"Microgun" iconMicrogun player.additem 000546CD 1
"Novablast Disruptor" iconNovablast Disruptor player.additem 0026D968 1
"Novalight" iconNovalight player.additem 0026D967 1
"Old Earth Assault Rifle" iconOld Earth Assault Rifle player.additem 0026ED2A 1
"Old Earth Hunting Rifle" iconOld Earth Hunting Rifle player.additem 0021BBCD 1
"Old Earth Shotgun" iconOld Earth Shotgun player.additem 00278F74 1
"Osmium Dagger" iconOsmium Dagger player.additem 0026D966 1
"Orion" iconOrion player.additem 002773C8 1
"Pacifier" iconPacifier player.additem 002953F8 1
"Rattler" iconRattler player.additem 00040826 1
"Razorback" iconRazorback player.additem 00000FD6 1
"Regulator" iconRegulator player.additem 0002CB5F 1
"Rescue Axe" iconRescue Axe player.additem 0004F760 1
"Shotty" iconShotty player.additem 0026D960 1
"Sidestar" iconSidestar player.additem 0026D95D 1
"Tanto" iconTanto player.additem 0026D8A3 1
"Tombstone" iconTombstone player.additem 0002EB36 1
UC Naval Cutlass player.additem 0026D8A5 1
"Urban Eagle" iconUrban Eagle player.additem 0026D96D 1
VaRuun Inflictor player.additem 0026D8A0 1
VaRuun Painblade player.additem 0026D8A2 1
VaRuun Starshard player.additem 0026D8A4 1
Wakiazashi player.additem 0026D8A1 1

All Ammo Item IDs in Starfield

The ammo types listed below may work for a number of different weapons, not just one in particular, so it’s worth spawning different types to see which you need for a specific weapon that lacks ammo.

Ammo Code
.27 Caliber player.additem 002B559C 100
.43 MI Array player.additem 002B559A 100
.43 Ultramag player.additem 02B5599 100
.45 Caliber ACP player.additem 002B5598 100
.50 Caliber Caseless player.additem 002B5597 100
.50 MI Array player.additem 002B5596 100
1.5KV LZR Cartridges player.additem 002BAE3F 100
11MM Caseless player.additem 002B5595 100
12.5MM ST Rivet player.additem 002B5594 100
12G Shotgun Shell player.additem 000547A1 100
15X25 CLL Shotgun Shell player.additem 002B4AFC 100
3KV LZR Cartridge player.additem 0000E8EC 100
40MM XPL player.additem 002B5592 100
"6.5MM CT" icon6.5MM CT player.additem 002B5590 100
6.5MM MI Array player.additem 002B558F 100
7.5MM Whitehot player.additem 002B558E 100
7.62x39MM player.additem 002B558D 100
"7.77MM Caseless" icon7.77MM Caseless player.additem 0004AD3E 100
9x39MM player.additem 002B559B 100
Caseless Shotgun Shell player.additem 002B4AFB 100
Heavy Particle Fuse player.additem 002B558A 100
Light Particle Fuse player.additem 002783C7 100

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