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Eyewitness - How to Defeat The Spaceport Terrormorphs

Jessica Dillon

The further you get into the UC "Vanguard" iconVanguard’s quest line, the more you are going to learn about Terrormorphs. After the events at Red Devil HQ you set out to access some banned information about the species. You must first convince the MAST council to give you permission to view the archives, which turns into a fight with three more Terrormorphs. The guide below goes over how to complete "Eyewitness" iconEyewitness and defeat all three Terrormorphs at the Spaceport.

During Eyewitness you seek the MAST councils permission to access the archives.

How to Start Eyewitness

You will be able to star Eyewitness after you complete the subsequent mission in the "United Colonies" iconUnited Colonies Vanguard quest line, Delivering Devils. This is a shorter mission than the previous one, which focuses on pushing the narrative of the faction storyline forward. You will be facing off against three Terrormorphs so make sure to equip yourself well before starting the quest as it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

How to Deal With The New Atlantis Terrormorphs

The quest sends you back to MAST, where you will meet with Hadrian outside the building. After she reveals her past, you will need to go inside and take the elevator to the Council room. Proceed inside, you will now be having a meeting with the council to convince them to give you access to archives about the Terrormorphs. Your choices don’t really matter here as the council will outright reject the proposal no matter what you say. At the end of the meeting though, an alarm goes off and the shutters come down.

Terrormorphs have invaded the "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis Spaceport. The council will have a quick chat amongst themselves, before sending you to deal with the threat. Take the elevator to the Spaceport and you will see a scene where various NPCs marked with a blue dot are attack officers. Pick up the non-lethal weapon off the ground and go into your inventory to equip it. Once that’s done, you will need to shoot at the marked NPCs until they are lying on the ground unconscious. If they are just hunched over on the ground, the marker will stay above their head. Once the citizens are safely subdued, speak with the officer and head to the station using the train.

Once you arrive, you will find the first Terrormorph on the attack. You can take him down using a variety of ways, but remember that aiming for his limbs will give you crits. Shotguns and other strong guns seem to deal a good amount of damage against this enemy type. Once the first Terrormorph is downed, head to one of the two locations popping up on your map. You can also speak with the fireteam to bring them with you giving you a bit of extra punch. The one to your left is just a normal Terrormorph who will likely damage itself at the start of the fight by setting off an explosive, just keep a safe distance back when engaging it.

(1 of 9) Meet Hadrian in front of the MAST building.

The third Terrormorph is on the right path and the most annoying to deal with. It has the ability to blur your screen making the fight a bit harder. Keep shooting at it until its health is gone and keep a safe distance away to avoid its attacks. Once you’re done, head back to the area near the train and speak with Yumi to finish up this part of the mission. You will now need to head back to MAST and check in with President Abello. She will grant you access to the archives and send you to speak with Deputy Macintyre for the next faction quest, "Friends Like These" iconFriends Like These.


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