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How to Furnish Houses in Starfield

Craig Robinson

Starfield has plenty of residential property to get your hands on. From crumbling shacks, and houses in cities, to luxury homes and penthouses, there’s something for everyone. When you get your hands on a property you want, it will be time to decorate by placing furniture using your farmed resources and other crafting and worldly possessions. Here’s a guide on how to furnish houses in Starfield.

How to Furnish Houses in Starfield

(1 of 2) Go up to the console on the wall of a property to begin furnishing a house in Starfield.

Go up to the console on the wall of a property to begin furnishing a house in Starfield. (left), Find an item lit up, indicating you can craft it. Then follow the onscreen instructions to place the item in your home. (right)

When you enter a property you now have access to or own, you will find a small console on the property’s wall. This will allow you to access it and place various furniture, terminals, and crafting stations down. You can place all crafting tables down, featuring Research, Pharma, Spacesuit, Weapon and Cooking stations down. Meanwhile, you can get furniture, ranging from types of seating, tables, shelves, kitchen appliances and more. As for decorations, expect various artworks, posters, mats, storage containers, appliances, and more. The other menu available is Displays, which are ways to display weapons and armor you have collected on storage mounts, mannequins, and other racks. The final menu is Misc, which is where you can place Mission Boards and Self-Service Bounty Clearance.

Each item also comes with its own resource cost. You’ll typically find that the resources you need are broken into hard material, crafting components, and chemical reactions or gases for the item. These are as follows:

So, make sure, if you intend to craft, to stock up on the crafting material and the components the most, as these are the most often used materials in furnishing Starfield’s houses. The raw resources take up the bulk, with "Iron" iconIron and "Aluminum" iconAluminum the most commonly used, with "Nickel" iconNickel, "Titanium" iconTitanium and "Copper" iconCopper used occasionally. The components have a nice split of them, unless you’re spamming the same old item down, then you may find you needing more pigment for art, fiber for plants or sofa-type items, or structural for tables, etc. The gases typically only appear for special items like research and pharma labs, cooking stations, refrigerators, etc.

Once you have your materials, you can now place an item down. A furnishing item you want to place in your home will be lit with a yellowish background, with an item you can’t craft being a darker yellow. Once you select the time you want, feel free to follow the instructions on screen to rate and place the object down where you want to place it.

And there you have it, you now know how to furnish your house in Starfield. Feel free to check out our best planets for Outposts in Starfield to find planets that can help you get the most common building materials needed for furnishing houses. Furthermore, we have some more specific guides on farming resources like Titanium if you need help there?


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