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Burden of Proof: All 20 Evidence Locations

Seren Morgan-Roberts

During the "Crimson Fleet" iconCrimson Fleet faction questline, you’ll have an overarching mission that involves finding evidence of the Crimson Fleet’s misdeeds and crimes. The mission "Burden of Proof" iconBurden of Proof involves collecting 20 pieces of evidence and giving them to Lieutenant Toft. This includes evidence found during Crimson Fleet quests as well as evidence found across the galaxies and in seemingly random locations. This page will detail where to find all available evidence, including any “missable” evidence.

How to Start Burden of Proof

You’ll start this quest when you first begin your undercover mission from UC SysDef to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet. After speaking with Commander Ikande, you’ll be directed to talk with Lieutenant Toft. She’ll ask you to collect as much evidence as possible to help take down the fleet. This mission will span the entirety of the Crimson Fleet questline, so you’ll need to be on your A-game when finding these bits of evidence!

Speak with Lieutenant Toft to start the Burden of Proof quest.

Is there Any Missable Evidence in Burden of Proof?

Unfortunately, there are a few instances of evidence that can become missable if you don’t pick them up during specific quests or before the end of the Crimson Fleet faction questline. The easiest way to avoid missing out on completing Burden of Proof is to make sure you grab the evidence during the quests. You don’t have to necessarily side with the UC SysDef if you choose to hand in evidence!

Use our handy content list below to jump to a specific section of the quest guide:

All Burden of Proof Evidence Locations

This is a quick checklist of all the evidence and where to get them, but if you’re looking for a more detailed walkthrough you can read below. If we’ve listed it as missable then it’s found in a location that you cannot return to after you’ve finished the quest. You only need to collect 18 out of 20 evidence, so you can afford to miss 2 and still be able to complete the quest!

Evidence Quest Location Description Missable?
Naeva Meetup (Evidence) Deep Cover Behind "Adler Kemp" iconAdler Kemp in the Broken Spear in "Cydonia" iconCydonia, "Mars" iconMars (Sol). No
Carter’s Gig (Evidence) Echoes of the Past Found in Carter’s Locker in The Lock. (required to complete the quest, so you can’t miss it!) No
Warden’s Log (Evidence) Echoes of the Past Found in the Warden’s Office in The Lock. Located on a shelf to the right of the intercom. No
Request Denied (Evidence) Breaking the Bank Found on a shelf in the Captain’s Room on the Siren of the Stars. Yes
Galbank Plan (Evidence) "Breaking the Bank" iconBreaking the Bank Pay Gabriel Vera 2,500 credits for the evidence or kill him and loot it from his corpse - Siren of the Stars Yes
Huan’s Talk (Evidence) The Best There Is Found on the kitchen counter in Kay’s house, in "The Well" iconThe Well, "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis ("Jemison" iconJemison). No
Eubanks & Woods (Evidence) "The Best There Is" iconThe Best There Is Found in the room behind Dr Gabriel Vogel’s office on the SY-920 UC ship. Yes
The Big Score (Evidence) "Absolute Power" iconAbsolute Power In a bedroom found in Madame Sauvage’s Bar in Ebbside, "Neon" iconNeon (Alpha Volii). No
Meeting with Bayu (Evidence) "Absolute Power" iconAbsolute Power Found inside the safe in Auymi Komiko’s Office in Generdyne, "Neon" iconNeon (Alpha Volii). No
Ayumi’s Offer (Evidence) "Absolute Power" iconAbsolute Power Found behind the bar in the Euphorika Members Only Lounge in the Underbelly of "Neon" iconNeon (Alpha Volii). Costs 5,000 to access the lounge. No
Mortem Orbire (Evidence) "Eye of the Storm" iconEye of the Storm Found near Kryx’s corpse on the Legacy Ship. Yes
Gennady Ayton (Evidence) Doctor’s Orders (optional side quest) Accept Samina’s quest at the Key’s Clinic. Then head to The Clinic spacestation to find the evidence behind Gennady Ayton, in his office. Yes
Message for Bog (Evidence) Reclaiming the Past (optional side quest) Accept the quest from Bog in The Last Nova to find his ex’s ring. Head to the Ecliptic Facility (random planet location). The evidence is found in the same chest as the ring. Yes
Request A17 (Evidence) - Found near the computer in Jazz’s Ship Service office on "The Key" iconThe Key. Yes
Mira’s Demise (Evidence) - Found in a room in the Bunks area of "The Key" iconThe Key. Yes
"Voss" iconVoss’ Parts (Evidence) - Found next to Delgado’s Computer, in the upper area of the Operations Center on "The Key" iconThe Key. Yes
Chunks Heist (Evidence) - Found on the bar in the Red Mile on "Porrima III" iconPorrima III, Porrima system. No
HopeTown Raid (Evidence) - Found on the bar at The Pit Stop in HopeTown on planet "Polvo" iconPolvo in the Valo system. No
Chiroptera (Evidence) - Found on the bar in Lizzy’s Bar in "Gagarin Landing" iconGagarin Landing on "Gagarin" iconGagarin, Alpha Centuri system. No
"Kreet" iconKreet Offer (Evidence) - Found on a table overlooking the bar area on "The Den" iconThe Den station orbiting Chthonia in the "Wolf System" iconWolf System. No

All Deep Cover Evidence

This is the first quest in the Crimson Fleet faction questline! There is only one bit of evidence to find during the "Deep Cover" iconDeep Cover mission, and it can be found in "Cydonia" iconCydonia on "Mars" iconMars in the "Sol System" iconSol System.

Naeva Meetup Evidence

This bit of evidence can be found on the table behind "Adler Kemp" iconAdler Kemp at the Broken Spear in Cydonia. You’ll come to meet Adler after you speak with "Saoirse Bowden" iconSaoirse Bowden near the "Trade Authority" iconTrade Authority desk. If you missed this during your playthrough of Deep Cover, you can come back at any time to pick it up!

The Naeva Meetup evidence is found on the table behind Adler Kemp in the Broken Spear in Cydonia, Mars.

All Echoes of the Past Evidence

There are two evidence slates to collect during the "Echoes of the Past" iconEchoes of the Past quest. You’ll be pleased to hear that neither bits of evidence are missable either as you can return to the Lock whenever you like.

Carter’s Gig Evidence

The Carter’s Gig evidence is impossible to miss because you need to pick it up to complete the Echoes of the Past quest! You can head to our guide on how to complete Echoes of the Past for a full walkthrough on where to find Carter’s Locker, which contains the evidence.

Carter's Gig is found in The Lock and can't be missed because it's a part of the quest objective!

Warden’s Log Evidence

The Warden’s Log is another bit of evidence found in The Lock but could be easily missed on a first run through of the prison. It’s found in the Warden’s Office, which is the last room you’ll head to during your excursion through the prison. The evidence is found on a shelf to the right of the intercom that you speak through to Delgado.

(1 of 2) There's some evidence to find in the Warden's Office in The Lock

There's some evidence to find in the Warden's Office in The Lock (left), just find it on a shelf to the right of the intercom. (right)

If you did miss the evidence during the quest, you can travel back to The Lock on "Suvorov" iconSuvorov and head west to the huge pit on the planet. Provided you’ve got the Boost Pack or Jet Pack skill, you can jump down safely and cushion your landing by jumping at the last second. Then you can head up the steps to find the Warden’s Office again.

All Breaking the Bank Evidence

There are three bits of evidence to find during the "Breaking the Bank" iconBreaking the Bank quest, with two of them being missable as they’re on the Siren of the Stars cruise ship, which can only be boarded during this quest.

Request Denied (Evidence)

This evidence can be found in Captain Rokov’s room, which is found in the Crew Quarters aboard the Siren of the Stars. This ship is a bit of a maze, but all you’ll need to do is head up onto the upper floor after speaking with Rokov and locate the red Boom Pop vending machine on the balcony overlooking the cargo bay area. Head through the door near the vending machine and you’ll find Rokov’s mini apartment, with his room at the back. You’ll find the Request Denied evidence on the shelf to the left of his bed. If players are gonna miss any of the evidence slates, it’ll be this one!

(1 of 2) Locate the captain's room in the crew quarters

Locate the captain's room in the crew quarters (left), and find the evidence on a shelf near his bed - easily missable this one! (right)

GalBank Plan (Evidence)

The GalBank Plan evidence is given to you by Gabriel Vera if you choose to pay him 2,500 Credits for the incriminating transaction logs to blackmail Larry Dumbrosky. Technically, if you choose to just outright kill Larry Dumbrosky, you could miss this evidence. And, if you did want to blackmail Dumbrosky, but didn’t want to pay the money to Gabriel for the logs, you could attack him and potentially miss the evidence slate when looting his body for the transaction logs. Head to our guide for information on how to complete Breaking the Bank without killing Dumbrosky!

You can get this bit of evidence from Gabriel Vera - either by killing him or paying him 2,500 credits.

All The Best There Is Evidence

During "The Best There Is" iconThe Best There Is you can find two evidence slates to hand in to Lieutenant Toft. One of these bits of evidence is missable as it’s found on the SY-920 ship that you can only enter during the quest, so make sure to pick it up if you’re looking to complete the quest with 20/20 evidence!

Huan’s Talk Evidence

This bit of evidence relates to Huan Daiyu, the woman who helps you aboard the SY-920 ship during The Best There Is quest. This evidence can be located in "Kay's House" iconKay’s House in the Well, where you first speak with Huan about the job. To find the evidence, head to the lower floor and find the entrance to Kay’s House, then pass through a door to the back to locate the kitchen. The evidence can be found on a counter near a refrigerator. This is not a missable bit of evidence so you can return at any point to grab it!

(1 of 2) Locate Kay's House in the Well in New Atlantis

Locate Kay's House in the Well in New Atlantis (left), and find the kitchen in the back. Here's where Huan's Talk evidence can be found. (right)

Eubanks & Woods Evidence

If you’ve not already completed The Best There Is, you can use our guide! Once you’ve found Dr. Gabriel Vogel’s office, head to the back room via the door to the right of him and locate the Eubanks & Woods evidence found on the cart by the computers. This evidence is missable as once you’ve exited the SY-920 Ship, there’s no going back! This one is easily missable as well!

(1 of 2) After locating Dr. Gabriel Vogel's office, head to the back room

After locating Dr. Gabriel Vogel's office, head to the back room (left), to locate the evidence near the computers. (right)

All Absolute Power Evidence

"Absolute Power" iconAbsolute Power will task you with heading out to "Neon" iconNeon on Alpha Volii to collect the Conduction Grid Data. During this quest there are three bits of evidence to collect, and none of them are missable so you can collect them at a later date if you miss them during the quest.

The Big Score Evidence

You’ll find this evidence in Madame Sauvage’s Bar, which is a place you’ll visit when you meet up with Estelle Vincent during the Absolute Power quest. Madame Sauvage’s Bar can be found in Ebbside in Neon. Once you’ve located the bar, head through the door on the left of the bar to make your way through to a bedroom. Here, you’ll find the evidence on the bedside table.

(1 of 2) Head into Madame Sauvage's bar and proceed through the door to the left of the bar

Head into Madame Sauvage's bar and proceed through the door to the left of the bar (left), then find the evidence on a bedside table in the bedroom. (right)

Ayumi’s Offer Evidence

Ayumi’s Offer evidence is found inside the Members Only Lounge in Euphorika in the Underbelly of Neon. To get into the Member’s Only Lounge you’ll need to pay 5,000 credits. Once you’ve got access (which you’ll need to complete Absolute Power), head behind the bar to find the evidence on the shelf.

(1 of 2) Find the Aurora bar Euphorika and gain access to the members only lounge

Find the Aurora bar Euphorika and gain access to the members only lounge (left), then find the evidence on the shelf behind the bar. (right)

Meeting with Bayu Evidence

This is an optional part of the Absolute Power quest, which involves breaking into Auymi Komiko’s office in Generdyne to get some evidence so you can blackmail her into giving you access to secure areas of Generdyne. Head up to the Generdyne office and speak with Ji Nashida at the reception. After speaking with him about his issues, mention Komiko and then persuade him to let you into her office. Upon succeeding on the persuasion check, he’ll unlock the office and you can pass through to steal the evidence from the safe. It is classed as stealing so make sure to hide and wait for guards to pass before you steal it!

(1 of 2) Speak with the receptionist and convince them to let you in Komiko's office

Speak with the receptionist and convince them to let you in Komiko's office (left), then loot the safe for the evidence! (right)

All Eye of the Storm Evidence

The "Eye of the Storm" iconEye of the Storm quest is the penultimate mission in the Crimson Fleet faction questline, and after boarding the Legacy ship and stealing the creds, you’ll be required to pick a side. If you want to complete Burden of Proof and side with the Fleet, you’ll need to complete it before you pick a side! You can fast travel out of the Legacy Ship before there’s a “point of no return” (it’s pretty obvious but we won’t spoil it here).

Mortem Orbire Evidence

This is the last bit of evidence that you can find during the Crimson Fleet questline and is also missable. If you don’t pick this bit of evidence up before exiting the Legacy ship (after a “point of no return”), you’ll not be able to come back to fetch it again.

The last bit of evidence found during the Crimson Fleet questline is located next to Kryx's dead body, aboard the Legacy ship.

It can be found next to Kryx’s corpse in the big control room in the vaults aboard the Legacy Ship. It’s next to a pile of Credstiks.

All Evidence Found in The Key

In addition to finding evidence throughout the questline, you can also obtain evidence from around "The Key" iconThe Key, the base of operations for the Crimson Fleet. All evidence found on The Key are missable as you could miss out on picking them up before siding with the UC SysDef during Eye of the Storm. If you want to side with the SysDef, make sure to pick up these bits of evidence before the penultimate faction quest.

Request A17 Evidence

The Request A17 evidence slate is found in Jazz’s Ship Services room, which is found to the left of the Reckoner’s Core entrance on The Key. Head into the room, locate the computer, and you’ll find the evidence on the desk to the right.

(1 of 2) Locate Jazz's ship services

Locate Jazz's ship services (left), and find the Request A17 on the desk near her computer. (right)

Mira’s Demise

Mira’s Demise is an evidence slate located in the Bunks area of The Key. To get to this area, head out from Shinya "Voss" iconVoss’ area and look for a doorway clearly labeled “Bunks”. Head down the hall and you’ll find the room with the evidence on the left, near the end of the bunker area.

(1 of 2) Locate the bunks area in The Key

Locate the bunks area in The Key (left), and find the evidence in one of the bunker rooms on the left. (right)

Voss’ Parts Evidence

Voss’ Parts is found near Delgado’s computer in the Operations Center on The Key. To find Delgado’s computer, head up to the upper area of the center and through into the office behind the glass wall. Here, you’ll find Delgado’s computer and the evidence right behind it!

(1 of 2) Look for Delgado's office and his computer

Look for Delgado's office and his computer (left), the evidence is found on the desk! (right)

Doctor’s Orders: Gennady Ayton Evidence

To pick up the evidence on Gennady Ayton, you’re going to need to start the quest, Doctor’s Orders. To do so, speak with Samina, who can be found in the Clinic on The Key. The Clinic is found in The Depot area of the station. Once you’ve found Samina, offer to help her with supply and she’ll task you with intimidating Gennady Ayton, a doctor found on The Clinic ship. The Clinic Ship will be found orbiting a random planet in a random system, so you’ll need to use your starmap to track it down. Once you’ve docked onto the Clinic, locate Gennady. You can find the evidence behind him on a stack of boxes. To complete this mission, you’ll need to persuade him to hand over the goods, then you can find his stash down the hall after he’s revealed the location and handed you the key!

(1 of 3) Speak with Samina to start the Doctor's Orders quest.

Reclaiming the Past: Message for Bog Evidence

You can pick up the Message for Bog evidence by speaking with Bog the bartender in The Last Nova and starting his quest, Reclaiming the Past by asking him what’s got him feeling down.

He’ll ask you to pick up his ex partner’s ring at a Deserted Ecliptic Garrison and in the process, you’ll also be able to find another bit of evidence in the same chest you find the ring. The location of this outpost will be entirely random…meaning the level of the enemies you find are also gonna be random. We got unlucky with a level 65 area (at level 15!) whilst our pal got a level 5 area! Luckily, even if you do get stiffed with a high level area, you can just run straight into the main building of the outpost (again, randomly generated) and find the chest in the middle of the room containing a bunch of loot, the ring and the evidence. You can ignore all the baddies and be in and out in a couple of minutes.

(1 of 3) Speak to Bog to start the quest, Reclaiming the Past.

All Evidence Found in Misc Locations

These next four bits of evidence are easy to find and are not missable - yay! All you’ll need to do is fly over to the specified locations to pick up the evidence slates. You will need to do a good deal of flying around as they’re scattered across the Settled System!

Red Mile: Chunks Heist (Evidence)

The Chunks Heist evidence slate is found at the Red Mile, which is located on "Porrima III" iconPorrima III in the Porrima system. Head further into the bar, then find the evidence slate on the corner of the bar.

If you’ve not tried out the Red Mile races during the Run the Red Mile quest yet, head over to our guide for a full walkthrough!

(1 of 2) Find the Red Mile on Porrima III

Find the Red Mile on Porrima III (left), then locate the evidence on the corner of the bar inside. (right)

HopeTown Raid Evidence

This evidence can be found on the bartop at The Pit Stop in HopeTown, which is located just ahead as you land in their spaceport. HopeTown is found on the planet "Polvo" iconPolvo in the "Valo System" iconValo System.

(1 of 3) Pit Stop is found outside the spaceport in HopeTown, Palvo.

Gagarin Landing: Chiroptera Evidence

To get this evidence, you’re going to have to head to "Gagarin Landing" iconGagarin Landing, found on "Gagarin" iconGagarin in the Alpha Centauri system. Once you’ve landed head north through the settled area until you find the orange open bar area (with a bright neon "Beer" iconBeer sign). This is Lizzy’s bar, and on the bar top you’ll find the Chiroptera evidence slate. There’s a trend for finding these slates on bar tops, huh?

(1 of 2) Locate Lizzy's Bar north of the spaceport in Gagarin Landing

Locate Lizzy's Bar north of the spaceport in Gagarin Landing (left), then find the evidence on the bar top. (right)

The Den: Kreet Offer Evidence

This one’s easy to find. Just head to the "Wolf System" iconWolf System (northeast of Alpha Centauri), then travel to "The Den" iconThe Den spacestation that’s orbiting Chthonia. Once docked onto The Den, head towards the tables overlooking the bar below. The evidence can be found on one of the middle tables.

(1 of 2) Head to The Den station that's orbiting Chthonia in the Wolf System

Head to The Den station that's orbiting Chthonia in the Wolf System (left), and you'll find a bit of evidence on a table inside! (right)

Burden of Proof Rewards

For every bit of evidence you submit to the Lieutenant, you’ll get 1,800 credits each time! When you’ve submitted 18 out of 20 evidence (so it’s okay if you’ve accidentally missed a couple!), you can then speak to her about her backstory with the Crimson Fleet. Make sure to exhaust all dialogue options regarding her past and then she’ll give you the legendary weapon Momento Mori and the quest will be completed! You’ll also get a sizable amount of Credits - we got 12,000 Credits at Level 18 but it’ll scale depending on your own level.

(1 of 2) After handing in at least 18 bits of evidence speak to Toft about her past in the Crimson Fleet

After handing in at least 18 bits of evidence speak to Toft about her past in the Crimson Fleet (left), and she'll reward you with the Momento Mori gun. (right)

Do you Have to Side with UC SysDef to Complete Burden of Proof?

You can also get this reward without siding with the UC SysDef during the Eye of the Storm quest in which you’re forced to finally choose a side. If you’ve already collected at least 18 other bits of evidence you can speak with Toft and then grab the reward before picking a side. And if you need to, you can even pick up the Mortem Orbire (Evidence) from the Legacy Ship and fast travel to the UC SysDef ship to hand it in then return to the ship before grabbing the credits (we tested it!). It’s also worth mentioning that you won’t be able to complete this quest after siding with the fleet, so make sure to get those bits of evidence in prior to choosing!


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