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Starfield Grav Jump Guide: How to Grav Jump, Grav Jump Distance & Fuel

Craig Robinson

Starfield is a game that will require you to venture onwards through the Milky Way and venture through many star systems within our nearby local cluster of stars and slightly beyond. If you have any intentions of going to the more distant planets, then you will need to learn how to use Starfield Grav Drive, and more importantly, how to manage Grav Drive Fuel, and Grav Drive Jump distances

Here is everything you need to know about Starfield's Grav Jump feature, including how to use Grav jump, and how to upgrade it. Image via Bethesda.

How To Grav Jump in Starfield

You need to add power to the Grav Jump feature to course-correct the Grav Jump pending issue in Starfield.

The Grav Jump in Starfield is a feature on a player’s ship. When you’re out in space and want to travel to another star, you must engage your RV drive. You can find this in the bottom left of your HUD and then power at least one node into it to engage it. If you haven’t got it engaged, and try to warp to another star system, then you will get a Grav Jump pending issue. All that is the sign you haven’t powered the drive, and need to do that.

What Is A Ship’s GRV in Starfield?

For those wondering what GRV is in Starfield, it is simply the ship’s abbreviation of the Gravity Jump feature. Simply place your power blips into the GRV ship feature and then activate the fast travel to another system. This will allow you to fast travel to other systems a re further distant planets within the same star system.

Can you Grav Jump in Combat?

You cannot grav jump to another planet in the same system in Starfield's ship combat, as evident by this screenshot and the notification in the top right.

For those wondering if you can grav jump in combat, the answer is kind of. If you try to grav jump to another planetary feature in the same system when in ship combat, you will get a warning saying that you cannot grav jump in combat. You will still be able to sneak out of combat after hiding and powering down your ship if you can find cover, or win the fight.

Alternatively, you can try to jump to another star system and that will wind up as normal. Make sure you do it early on, otherwise you may find your ship’s shield wont last long enough, and when you take hull damage, you may find your engines or Grav drive go offline, and so you can’t fly off.

Can you Cancel Grav Jump in Starfield?

You can cancel grav jumps in Starfield if you’re quick enough. If you have a lot of power allocated to the GRV feature on your ship, then chances are you wont be able to turn it off. However, if you only have like one blip of power allocated to it, then you will have about 6 seconds top cancel it. Simply power down the grav drive and it should stop you from porting out. Alternatively, you can try and change your fast travel location, which should stop it, spin your ship around to the direction it needs to jump to, and then start the jump drive sequence once again.

How to Increase Jump Range Starfield

You can upgrade your fuel capacity or get grav jump distance boosters via better ships or through the Science skills.

If you intend to travel extra distances in space, then you will need to manage or upgrade two features for Grav jumps:

  1. The first is Grav Drive Fuel.
  2. The other is improving your Grav Jumping range

Fuel is a resource that automatically replenishes whenever you arrive at a new star system as ships use Helium to fly. So, you don’t need to worry about that. However, the fuel will use up per star system you travel to along a path of stars. Your fuel capacity essentially allows you to skip how many other loading screens you need to visit before you get to the star system you want.

The first of two solutions to managing Grav Drive Fuel in Starfield is correctly managing your courses. Alternatively, you can add HE-3 Tanks, which is a ship upgrade you can add to your ship via the ship customization feature when you unlock it. These increase the amount of stored helium you have, enabling you to travel further as long as your Grav Jump distance permits it.

The other way to increase jump range in Starfield is to get a better ship with better Grav Jump Distance, as identified by its Light Year Range. When you can start purchasing new ships, or adding stronger Grav drives to your ship, you will begin to travel much further distances to more distant star ships, rather than having to bounce between many other star systems to get where you need to go.

Alternatively, there is a perk called "Astrodynamics" iconAstrodynamics, which is a row 1 science skill in Starfield. This row 1 science perk allows players to increase your grav jump distance by 15% at rank 1. It slater ranks also decrease fuel cost, so you can travel much easier again, with more range and fuel decreases at ranks 3 and 4. So, if you have that trait, you will find managing much further ship distances easier to access, even with the lower fuel and range starting ship, The Frontier.

And there you have it, you now know how to manage your Grav Jump feature in Starfield, featuring how to use Grav Jump, and then make the Grav Jump feature even better via fuel and long-distance travel.

How To Refuel In Starfield

Fuel automatically replenishes each time you enter a new star system, as ships utilize Helium for propulsion. Therefore, you don’t need to concern yourself with running out of fuel. Nevertheless, your fuel will deplete with each star system you traverse along your chosen route of stars. Essentially, your fuel capacity determines how many additional loading screens you can bypass before reaching your desired star system.

You have the option to incorporate HE-3 Tanks, a ship upgrade accessible through the ship customization feature once it’s unlocked. These tanks enhance your helium storage capacity, allowing you to journey farther as long as your Grav Jump distance permits, as indetified by your engine’s Light Year feature.

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