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Shadows in Neon Walkthrough: Should You Attack or Persuade Emmet Goodman in Starfield

Shane Williams

Once you’ve returned to "Akila City" iconAkila City after helping Nia Kalu, you’ll have a lead on where to find the stolen ship, so you’ll want to head to "Neon" iconNeon and meet with a fellow member of the Freestar Collective Faction to see if you can find out who is behind stealing the HopeTech Ship. This page will navigate you through the necessary steps to dealing with the syndicate.

Billy will be able to tell you who stole the HopeTech Ship.

How to Start The Shadows in Neon Faction Quest in Starfield

Before you can start the Shadows in Neon Faction Quest you’ll need to complete the previous quest, Where Hope is Built and you can do that by following the steps on our Where Hope is Built Walkthrough: How to Defeat the Outlaw Ships in Starfield page. Upon completing the mission, travel over to Neon which is located on the Volii Alpha Planet that can be found in the "Volii System" iconVolii System. When you arrive, take the elevator up to the Neon Upper Platform, then enter the Freestar Rangers building which can be found directly to the left.

Speak with Jaylan and he’ll point you in the direction of a chap named Billy Clayton, as he is a maintenance worker that pays close attention on ship traffic, so follow Jaylan and he’ll lead you to Billy’s location. If you end up losing sight of Jaylan, then activate your scanner by pressing Xbox-BumperLeft and follow the arrows until you reach the Frankie’s Grab + Go Restaurant. Talk to Billy and you’ll quickly learn that he does have the information you require, but he needs you to get a loan shark off his back before he’ll tell you. However, you can persuade him to tell you now, but you’ll need to get eight points in three turns, so unless you’ve leveled up The Persuasion Skill we suggest you just help him out.

Where to Find The Warehouse Key in Starfield

Once you’ve agreed to help out Billy, you’ll want to follow the way point and take the elevator down into the Underbelly, then sprint to the opposite side of the platform and take another elevator up to the Upper Platform. You’ll now want to head around the corner and speak with the guy standing in front of the warehouse door. Here you’ll have three options, Pay, Show Badge or Persuade. Unfortunately, showing your badge will do nothing for you and if you haven’t ranked up the persuasion skill still, then your best option is to just pay the fee.

Should You Attack or Persuade in Starfield

(1 of 2) Convince the man at the door to give you the key

Convince the man at the door to give you the key (left), then settle Billy’s debt however you see fit. (right)

After you’ve managed to convince the syndicate, he’ll give you a key to get into the warehouse, so proceed through the door and head upstairs to find Emmet Goodman sitting at his desk. Create a quick-save before you begin talking to Emmet, then after a short conversation about Billy’s debt you’ll be given the choice to Persuade, Pay or Attack him. Emmet’s Persuasion Check is another challenging one like Billy’s, so unless you level up the skill or you want to keep reloading the game then we suggest you avoid this option.

Alternatively, you can attack Emmet but that involves you having to have a firefight with a large group of the syndicate, so you’ll want to avoid this option if you haven’t got good equipment and you haven’t upgraded your health. However, if you manage to take out all of the syndicate, then you can lockpick the door near Emmet’s desk and obtain a "Coachman" iconCoachman shotgun. The final option is to pay the 4000 Credit fee and we recommend this, as this will cause Sarah to like your decision which is good for those trying to romance her.

Where to Find Grace Early in Starfield

(1 of 2) Head into the Madame Sauvages

Head into the Madame Sauvages (left), and get Grace to tell you everything about the HopeTech Ship Job. (right)

Once you’ve dealt with the debt, return to Jaylan and Billy and inform them of the good news, then he’ll mention that the person you’re looking for is named Grace Early and she can be found in the Madame Sauvage’s. Head over to the Madame Sauvage’s and confront Grace, then you’ll learn that she got the job from two high ranking members of the First, Maya Cruz and Marco. Finally, return to Akila City and give the slate to Alex, then speak with the mayor to bring the quest a close.

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