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All Earth Landmarks in Starfield

Craig Robinson

In Starfield, it is possible for players to find books, which will then reveal secrets to players to visit new landmarks on Earth. It is despite the death of Earth’s magnetosphere, and the collapse of Earth’s atmosphere, offering a glimpse of what was once some of the most iconic places on Earth. If you want to go and visit these landmarks, then you will need to find and equip these books as you travel around the various star systems and planets on offer. Here is everything you need to know about All Earth Landmarks in Starfield.

How to Get All Earth Landmarks in Starfield

A guide on how to get all Earth Landmarks in Starfield, featuring the book locations and the landmarks they unlock.

Below is a table featuring all the known Earth Landmarks in Starfield. We have also included instructions on unlocking the landmarks on Earth by pointing out the locations of the required book.

!Earth’s Landing Sites How To Get
Abeno Harukas, Japan Read “Diary of Kyosuke Nagata” found in the prison on Suvorov, Kryx system.
Burj Khalifa, "Dubai" iconDubai Read the “Race to the Heavens” on the Siren of The Stars ship in a VIP room. You need to get access to the quest, Breaking the Bank, which is part of the Crimson Fleet Storyline to get a hold of this Earth Landmark. Check the VIP room numbers; you should find the book in one of the rooms. You need to lockpick to enter them, so be warned before going in to stock up on digipicks.
Empire State Building, "New York" iconNew York Read “Our Lost Heritage” in the UC president’s office on "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis.
Gateway Arch, St. Louis Read “"The Price of Destiny" iconThe Price of Destiny” in the mayor’s penthouse in "Neon" iconNeon City. You need to acquire his key from his person, found in the VIP area of the "Astral Lounge" iconAstral Lounge, accessed via the club’s elevator. Pickpocketing him when the club guards are not looking is arguably the best way.
International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong Read “Maurice Lyon’s Journal”, found in new Homestead on Titan, Jupiter, Sol. Go into the Museum at the bottom floor of the "New Homestead" iconNew Homestead, go down the stairs, and check the shelf to the right of the stairs to get the book.
"NASA Launch Tower" iconNASA Launch Tower, Florida Get the quest, "Unearthed" iconUnearthed.
Shanghai Tower, China Read “Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics”, found on ECS Constant, a ship you visit as part of the First Contact quest in the Porimma star system to the right of Alpha Centauri near Volii. ECS Constant is an unidentified ship found orbiting around Porimma II. Hailing it grants you the quest. When inside, go to the Classroom near the Mess Hall, the signs should point you the way, and the book is on a shelf in the classroom.
The Pyramids, Egypt Read “"The Ancient Civilization of Egypt" iconThe Ancient Civilization of Egypt”, a book purchased from Sinclair’s in "Akila City" iconAkila City.
The Shard, "London" iconLondon Read “"Oliver Twist" iconOliver Twist” can be looted from containers or purchased at Sinclair’s bookstore in "Akila City" iconAkila City, Cheyenne.
US Bank Tower, LA Read “Hope Family Tree”, located in Hopetech in "Hopetown" iconHopetown on Polvo in the Valo system. Volo is a twin star system, found under the nameplate, Narion on the map, to the close top right of Alpha Centauri. You need to enter Ron Hope’s building, which is one of the final quests in the Free Star Rangers faction questline.

You can also find snow globes of these landmarks in some of these locations. If you pick them up, and then drop them later when in your home, outpost or ship, you can place them as decorations too. Make sure to look for rocks around the landmarks on Earth, or check the base of the towers, or some of the floor spots directly in front of where your ship lands, as these often contain snowglobes for you to loot.

We know other locations in the datamined files, such as "Pisa" iconPisa. However, there isn’t a way to access this location as of yet. Perhaps there’s more to come in future updates and content expansions.

(1 of 3) Others are hidden in secondary quest locations in not-so-obvious locations like this one on ECS Constant over Porimma II.

There are also two landmarks on Luna and Mars, with you able to visit the Apollo 11 site on the moon and find a NASA Rover on Mars. You can access the Luna site via "Sir Livingstone's Second Journal" iconSir Livingstone’s Second Journal in "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge, and you can get a prompt for the Mars site when visiting the NASA launch tower as part of the main storyline activities.

This concludes all Earth Landmarks page in Starfield. Hopefully you now have a better idea on how to get to the Earth Landmarks, and what side quests or faction content you need to focus on if you are looking to find all these pretty snowglobes and get to these otherwise hidden activities.

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