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All Outpost Power Items and Building Costs

Jessica Dillon

If you want your outpost to get moving, then you are going to need to provide power. The power section is made up of machines that generate power and things like light posts to help guide your way on dark nights. Making them doesn’t take a lot of intricate materials usually and you can make a couple of power items early on. The guide below goes over every power item you can build for your outpost in Starfield.

You will need to build power sources and connect them to different items to give them power.

All Power Sources and Their Building Costs

Power sources allow to to operate connected electronics in your outpost. Each power source can only put out a set number of power and some will only work on planets that get a lot of sun or are windy. You will need to look at the list below and pick the right type of power provider to ensure that your outpost is running smoothly. After placing an item that provides power, you also have to wire the object your trying to bring to life to it. Below are all the types of power sources available in Starfield.

Outpost Addition Material Cost
Fueled Generator x1 Austenitic Manifold, x1 Isocentered Magnet, x1 Tau Grade Rheostat, x4 Tungsten
Industrial Light Post 01 x4 Adaptive Frame, x4 Xenon, x3 Zero Wire
Industrial Light Post 02 x4 Adaptive Frame, x4 Xenon, x3 Zero Wire
Industrial Wall Light 01 x1 Aluminum, x1 Argon, x1 Copper
Industrial Wall Light 02 x1 Aluminum, x1 Argon, x1 Copper
Industrial Wall Light 03 x1 Aluminum, x1 Argon, x1 Copper
Light Post 01 x4 Aluminum, x3 Copper, x2 Xenon
Light Post 02 x4 Aluminum, x3 Copper, x2 Xenon
Light Post 03 x4 Aluminum, x3 Copper, x2 Xenon
Light Post 04 x4 Aluminum, x3 Copper, x2 Xenon
Powered Switch x2 Aluminum, x2 Copper
Reactor x6 Adaptive Frame, x3 Control Rod, x10 Lead , x8 Nuclear Fuel Rod, x4 Paramagnon Conductor, x5 Supercooled Magnet, x3 Tau Grade Rheostat
Reactor: Advanced x10 Adaptive Frame, x5 Control Rod, x20 Lead, x3 Power Circuit, x5 Rothicite Magnet, x4 Tasine Superconductor, x8 Vytinium Fuel Rod
Solar Array x4 Aluminum, x2 Beryllium, x3 Copper
Solar Dome x4 Aluminum, x2 Tau Grade Rheostat
Wind Turbine x5 Aluminum, x2 Cobalt, x3 Nickel
Wind Turbine Advanced x5 Aluminum, x2 Isocentered Magnet


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