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Deep Cover: How to Join the Crimson Fleet in Starfield

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details how to join the "Crimson Fleet" iconCrimson Fleet in Starfield. They’re one of the five main factions in the game and many players will be eager to join the Crimson Fleet as they are the proclaimed “Space Pirates” of the universe! On this page, you’ll find all the information you need on how to join their fleet, and there’s multiple ways that you can go about joining them!

Looking to cause mischief and mayhem in the galaxies? Join the Crimson Fleet today!

Methods of Joining the Crimson Fleet

There are three ways that you can go about joining the Crimson Fleet, but all three options will result in you first having to work for the UC SysDef as an undercover agent. You’ll be tasked with infiltrating the Crimson Fleet and when you do this, you’ll get the choice to continue working undercover or become a double agent.

To become an undercover agent and start the "Deep Cover" iconDeep Cover quest, you’ll need to do one of the following three choices:

  • Get caught committing a crime and getting arrested by a UC Officer.
  • Get caught with contraband on your ship.
  • Join the UC "Vanguard" iconVanguard Faction (see our guide!) and you’ll get the Deep Cover quest after completing "Grunt Work" iconGrunt Work.

If you’re wanting to make a beeline for the Crimson Fleet, the easiest way to get started on the Deep Cover mission is by assaulting a UC Officer or Civilian in "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis!

Commander Ikande will task you (rather forcibly) with going undercover and infiltrating the Crimson Fleet!

However you choose to activate the quest, it’ll always result in you finding yourself at the UC SysDef headquarters orbitting "Mars" iconMars in the "Sol System" iconSol System. Here, you’ll meet Commander Ikande who will give you the task of going undercover and working for UC SysDef whilst trying to get into the Crimson Fleet.

Deep Cover: Infiltrating the Crimson Fleet

After speaking with the Commander, your next stop is talking with Lieutenant Toft nearby. She’ll ask you to bring her all the evidence you can find that would incriminate the pirates. This will begin another faction quest called "Burden of Proof" iconBurden of Proof, that you’ll be able to start working towards when you’ve infiltrated the Fleet.

Speak with Lieutenant Toft to start the Burden of Proof quest.

Head back to your ship and then fly over to "Cydonia" iconCydonia on Mars. Your first task is to speak with "Saoirse Bowden" iconSaoirse Bowden at the "Trade Authority" iconTrade Authority. Commander Ikande has given you a bunch of Aurora (a drug) to try and sweeten the deal with Saoirse. Unfortunately, when you speak with her, she’s not actually interested in smuggling the Aurora and instead says she might know a guy who would be happy to smuggle it.

For this information, however, you’re gonna be forced to pay 1,000 Credits and there’s no way around it. Hand her over the credits and she’ll tell you to go speak with "Adler Kemp" iconAdler Kemp, who can be found at the Broken Spear Bar in Cydonia.

(1 of 2) First speak with Saoirse and pay up the 1000 Credits for information

First speak with Saoirse and pay up the 1000 Credits for information (left), then speak with Adler about smuggling the Aurora. (right)

Head over to the bar and you’ll find Adler sat near a table. Mention the Aurora and he’ll be willing to smuggle it but you’ve got to do something for him first. He wants you to collect a debt payment from a guy called Karl Fielding, who can be found in the "Deimos" iconDeimos Miner’s Quarters. The debt is quite substantial at 3,000 Credits but if you’re in a hurry (and have the credits) consider settling the debt on his behalf. You can either offer to do this now, or later after you’ve spoken to Karl Fielding.

If you don’t want to settle the debt, head down to the Miner’s Quarters to find Karl. He isn’t in the best shape and seems quite poor but you can persuade him to cough up the 3,000 credits if you succeed on the persuasion check. You can also offer to pay it for him or just attack him, but that latter option isn’t recommended.

(1 of 3) Find Karl Fielding in the Miner's Quarters.

When you’ve got the 3,000 Credits by whatever means you chose, return to Adler and hand it over. He’ll then accept your Aurora and also offer you some more work with the Crimson Fleet if you’re interested. He’ll mention contacting Naeva Mora, who’s second in command to the big boss of the Fleet!

This concludes the Deep Cover quest and you’ll start the next quest, "Rook Meets King" iconRook Meets King. You aren’t quite in the Crimson Fleet now, but you’ve at least made some headway and now have some pretty powerful contacts in the faction. All you’ll need to do now is get on Naeva Mora’s good side!


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