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Executive Level: Acquire Infinity and Shelving the Project

Matt Chard
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The final mission of the Ryujin Industries quest line in Starfield will have you decide the future of the company. Should you acquire Infinity LTD? What do you do about Project Dominion? Read below to find out the best outcomes to both of these questions and what rewards you get.

Big decisions are being made in the boardroom today. How are you going to vote? Acquire Infinity and ban the Neuroamp?

Talk to Masako

The quest starts immediately after Sabotage, and due to the fallout from that, Masako will want you to get the board to agree to purchase Infinity LTD. This means you’ll have to convince at least half of them to get what Masako wants. On top of that, you get to help decide what happens to the Internal Neuropump.

Now, the question you need to ask yourself is, are you choosing these decisions on what’s best for Ryujin, or yourself and the world? If it’s the former, then acquiring Infinity and keeping Project Dominion is a no-brainer. Getting rid of a competitor, and getting their best staff at a discount is fantastic for Ryujin, and having their operatives installed with the Neuroamp is also great as they can dominate anyone and anything they want.

On the other hand, if you have a moral compass, shelving the Neuroamp is the smart play, it’s too powerful for anyone to have, and it can be used to take over the corporate world, especially if they improve upon its design. Although, you should probably shelve Dominion, acquiring Infinity LTD is good for everyone. Infinity’s staff get to keep their jobs (for now), and Ryujin gets their competitor at a cut-price as well as any tech that they’ve been working on like the space OS.

(1 of 6) Naturally, Ularu is against Infinity, mainly because Masako is for it. You know what to do here.

Lobby Board Members

Right, you need to talk to all six board members (Masako is lucky number seven) and convince them to acquire Infinity and agree to carry on with the Neuroamp. All of these will be on the Executive’s floor, so you’ll just need to head into their offices to speak to them. Whatever future you decide to give Ryujin, you’ll need at least 50% of the votes which means you will need at least 4 of them. Here is a list of the board members and where they currently stand before speaking to them:

Board Member Infinity LTD Project Dominion
Masako For For
Ularu Against For
Genevieve For For
Linden Against For
Alexis Against Against
Dalton Against Against
Veena For/Unsure For

As you can see here, the majority of the board wants to acquire Infinity and keep Project Dominion going. There isn’t a right or wrong answer here, as the choice is entirely yours, and the result of it won’t change the rewards you get, but it will alter Ryujin’s future (you won’t get to see it though). Our personal opinion is the same as Dalton’s, yes to Infinity, no to the Neuroamp. Note: You will still keep the "Manipulation" iconManipulation skill regardless of which way you get the board to vote. When it comes to convincing the board to align with your goals, you can simply use Manipulation on them to get the answer you want. If you have "Andreja" iconAndreja with you for Linden, she can convince him against the Neuroamp which saves you from having to manipulate him. On the few that won’t immediately have one, you can persuade, and then manipulate. This feels fitting considering they want to keep it, and you can use it against them.

(1 of 6) Alexis is against Infinity and the Neuroamp due to the legal troubles it could cause.

Ryujin Board Meeting

When you’re done with convincing the board, head to the meeting room, and take a seat at the table; the board will follow shortly. For each decision, you’ll get to voice your opinion, but it won’t change anything now that the votes are locked in place. After the Infinity vote, Ularu will try pinning the blame on Masako again, but little does she know, you’ve already solved this predicament. Linden will question Dalton, and you can tell him why you lied. She’ll get fired, and you’ll get a chance to get a dig in yourself.

Once that’s dealt with, Masako will ask if anyone has anything else to bring up. This is your chance to get the vote to keep or shelve the Neuroamp. Select your choice, and it’ll go to a vote which will follow whatever you persuaded the board to choose. Regardless of Masako’s personal feelings about it, she’ll agree to where the vote went; this will conclude the meeting.

Make sure you bring up the topic about Project Dominion when you get the chance, otherwise Masako will ignore it.

Talk to Masako

Before you leave the room, speak to Masako, and she’ll tell you that you used the Neuroamp to get your desired outcome. Tell her what you want as it doesn’t matter now, and she’ll give you a promotion, and a bonus. This will conclude the Ryujin Industries quest line. Although it’s not part of a mission, you can speak to Imogen on the Operation’s floor for some closure as well as details on your new role.

Ryujin Faction Endings and Rewards Explained

The differences between the rewards are marginal at best, so it’s more about what you personally want for Ryujin. There are two endings for this Faction, Masako CEO, or Ularu CEO. Then you have a weird third ending where you hide everything about the mole until this mission, where Ularu tries to get Masako to resign, and you support Masako in the board meeting which will net you an extra couple of thousand credits.

Masako stays CEO Ending

Siding with Masako, and outing Ularu as soon as you can will net you the following rewards:

  • Masako stays as CEO
  • 16,400 Credits + Aid items
  • Ryujin Industries personal Mission Board
  • Imogene is alive, and back in the office
  • Your own personal office on the Operations floor

Ularu becomes CEO Ending

Siding with Ularu, and keeping her involvement quiet from Dalton and Masako then manipulating Masako to think Ularu would be good for the role. Finally, support her in the board meeting. This will net you the following rewards:

  • Ularu becomes CEO
  • 16,400 Credits + Aid items
  • Ryujin Industries personal Mission Board
  • Your own personal office on the Operations floor

Hide the Mole until Final Mission - Masako Stays CEO Ending

Keeping the mole’s identity quiet until Ularu brings it up in the board meeting, then side with Masako. This will net you the following rewards:

  • 18,400 Credits + Aid items
  • Ryujin Industries personal Mission Board
  • Your own personal office on the Operations floor
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You can take the amp without triggering enemies by lowering the shutters on the windows, there is a switch next to the right hand window

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You can take the amp without triggering enemies by lowering the shutters on the windows, there is a switch next to the right hand window

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