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What Religion to Choose in Starfield

Matt Chard

When you reach the traits section during character creation in Starfield, you’ll find three traits relating to religion. These traits are “"Raised Enlightened" iconRaised Enlightened”, “"Raised Universal" iconRaised Universal”, and “"Serpent's Embrace" iconSerpent’s Embrace”. All of these pertain to the three religions of the game, but if you’ve just started, and have yet to do any research until now, you won’t know what any of these are, or what they offer. Read below to find out what each religion is, and what benefits you can get by choosing their related trait.

Sanctum Universum is a relatively new religion compared to the rest. It was founded as recently as 20 years ago.

The Enlightened Religion and the Raised Enlightened Trait

Unlike the other two religions, The Enlightened don’t believe in any god, or supreme deity, and are what we would call “atheists”. Situated in "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis, The Enlightened instead focus their goals towards humanism where every good deed you put out into the world will come back to you, sort of like karma. They run numerous charities and community events to help spread the good word of their religion to the various inhabitants in the galaxy.

If you choose the Raised Enlightened Trait during character creation you will gain the following:

  • Positive: - Gain access to a unique chest full of items in the House of Enlightened.
  • Negative: - Lose access to the Sanctum Universum unique chest.
  • Positive: - House of Enlightened Shop discount.
  • Negative: - Can’t purchase items in the Sanctum Universum shop.

The Raised Enlightened Trait will give you a special chest at the House of the Enlightened as well as a store discount.

Sanctum Universum Religion and the Raised Universal Trait

The new kid on the block. Also situated in New Atlantis, Sanctum Universum has only been a religion for approximately 20 years, although they’ve been rapidly expanding ever since. They believe that there is a god, and it’s steering humanity towards meeting it. To them, the Grav Drive is just one of the many miracles that god has performed, and the sole reason for it is so humanity can finally meet god.

If you choose the Raised Universal Trait during character creation you will gain the following:

  • Positive: - Gain access to a special chest full of items in the Sanctum Universum.
  • Positive: - Sanctum Universum Shop discount.
  • Negative: - Lose access to The Enlightened special chest.
  • Negative: - Can’t purchase items in the House of Enlightened shop.

The Raised Universal Trait will give you a special chest at the Sanctum Universum as well as a store discount.

House Va’ruun Religion and the Serpent’s Embrace Trait

House Va’ruun is less of a religion and more of a cult. Allegedly, formed on a colony ship when a colonist living on the ship claimed he had a vision of a great serpent that commissioned him to worship it or face its wrath when it surrounds the universe at some point in the future. As news of this spread, it led to people joining the “religion” from either fear or curiosity.

If you choose the Serpent’s Embrace Trait during character creation you will gain the following:

  • Positive: - Temporary boost to health and oxygen from Grav Jumping.
  • Negative: - Health and Oxygen are decreased if you stop Grav Jumping regularly.

Serpent’s Embrace will temporarily boost your health and O2. Make sure you keep Grav Jumping though!

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