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Andreja's Starfield Companion Guide: Affinity, Stats, Location & More

Craig Robinson

Andreja is one of the four main storyline companions you can get your hands on in Starfield. This character is a stealth-focused character using particle beams as her weapons, and, more importantly, she is the least vanilla lawful good character in the game. If you want more nuance in your campaign, taking "Andreja" iconAndreja is a worthy companion choice. Here’s everything you need to know in our Andreja Starfield Companion Guide, featuring location, affinity, stats, and more, so you can know everything there is to know about this companion.


Andreja Starfield Companion Guide

A guide to all things Andreja in Starfield, featuring locations, stats, skills, quests, best weapons, and more.

Andreja is the more stealth-focused and least good character in terms of alignment. If you want a more nuanced character, then Andreja is a great character for that. Below you’ll find the stats of Andreja in Starfield.

Skill Type
"Stealth" iconStealth (4) Physical
"Particle Beams" iconParticle Beams (3) Combat
"Energy Weapon Systems" iconEnergy Weapon Systems (2) Tech
"Theft" iconTheft (1) Social

For the most part, Andreja is a companion you want to have on you as an active companion. Her focus on stealth is a major assistance to players looking to use a stealth build, whether that is a Stealth Melee build or a Stealth Sniper Build. If you are not engaged with that type of playstyle, then Andreja still makes for a decent crew on a ship where you use Energy Weapon systems.

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Best Weapons for Andreja

If you were not already aware of this, you can give Active Companions items to hold up to a base of 135 mass, just like the default player carrying capacity. If you give her a weapon while in her inventory, there is an option at the bottom of the screen that allows her to equip a weapon you gave her. Since she is a specialist in Particle Beams and "Stealth" iconStealth, ideally, you want to give her a weapon with a Suppressor built on, and is also a Particle Beam weapon. This will allow you to benefit most from her sneak attack damage, while getting the 30% damage bonus to her preferred weapon of choice.

In terms of options, you’re likely best looking at the following weapons are in order:

  1. "Eternity's Gate" iconEternity’s Gate (Looted as part of the main story if you defeat a certain NPC and loot the body)
  2. Va’ruun Inflictor (rifle)
  3. "Big Bang" iconBig Bang (particle beam shotgun)
  4. "Va'ruun Starshard" iconVa’ruun Starshard
  5. "Novalight" iconNovalight
  6. "The Spacer" iconThe Spacer

Note that Andreja starts the game with a particle beam rifle, but you will likely find better quality ones from random loot drops or ones that scale with player level to make it worth trading over to Andreja as you progress.

Where is Andreja’s Location in Starfield?

You can find Andreja in The Lodge most of the time once you have completed the Into The Unknown Quest.

To get Andreja in Starfield, you must proceed with the main storyline to the point you go to "The Eye" iconThe Eye after completing the "Sarah Morgan" iconSarah Morgan and "Sam Coe" iconSam Coe main story missions. From there, you get a quest called Into The Unknown, which is a very long quest with lots of objectives and planets to visit. You are tasked with finding some more artifacts for Constellation and will run into Andreja in one of the caves as part of the quest.

Once you have Andreja as your active companion for that quest, you can complete it and unlock her as a companion. You will typically find her in "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge when you want to use her. On occasion, like in the "No Sudden Moves" iconNo Sudden Moves quest, she can be scripted to go to "The Scow" iconThe Scow with you, or go to The Eye. She will be locked out of active companion, along with Barret, Sam Coe, and Sarah Morgan, until you complete the High Price To Pay. If you intend to use her as an active companion, stay with her in the High Price To Pay mission if she returns to the Lodge, as things get a little complicated after that main storyline mission.

If you lose her as an inactive companion for any reason, feel free to open your crew tab, and look for all companions you have recruited. You will find a list of active assignments for each character in your service. You can then find Andreja’s rough locations in Starfield, move her to somewhere easier to find if needed, and then set her as an active companion that way.

Andreja Affinity Guide: Likes That & Loves That

Andreja is prepared for a fight, so don’t be scared around her, unlike Sarah Morgan, who hates violence.

For anyone trying to figure out Andreja’s Affinity in Starfield, you will need to be a bit more hard-ass with her than other companions. The reason for this is that Andreja is the type who doesn’t mind getting into sticky situations, resorting to violence, sneaking, breaking and entry. However, she also likes cold and calculated, so if you choose a violent option, and get a chance to backtrack, you better not be a soft about it; otherwise, you have an angry lady on your hands.

In addition, she will likely pop up with the Andreja Likes That with pretty much anything that doesn’t demean her, not is too simpy when it comes to anything Constellation-related. Be smart with her, and if she gets moody for whatever reason, let her know she’s validated, but don’t be too cheesy with her; you’ll naturally build rapport with her.

As for the Andreja Loves That affinity pop-up, there are only two times we have seen it so far. One is when you go to visit her and help her during the High Price To Pay. The other is to comfort her and validate her feelings during the side activity event after that mission with certain dialogue options. Also, if you find Andreja has any voice lines she can throw in in place of you, do that, as all companions approve of them saying a voice line only they can say.

Andreja’s Quest: Divided Loyalties

While we already have an in-depth guide to Andrej’a Romance in Starfield, we will throw a few pointers here. Like all companions in Starfield, Andreja will require you to improve your affinity with her before you can get her personal quest. This will gradually happen over time, and you will get activities to speak to her at various stages. As your journey of learning more about her progresses, you will get a personal quest for her. During Andreja’s personal questline, you can have the voice to romance or befriend her. The romance option allows you to get closer to marrying her, while the friendship adoption allows you to help her out without getting committed.

Also, during that mission, there is a choice at the end. Your option is mainly flavor text on how Andreja reacts to the ordeal. However, all of them lead to the same outcome, giving you the friendship or romance options relating to her having friends in Constellation.

You can take the romance option without flirting with her at any point and still take the friendship option and complete the quest. You can take the friendship quest if you want to complete her storyline, yet want to marry another companion instead.

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