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Should You Sell the Lucky Boots to Conrad - The Boot Walkthrough and Choices

Nathan Garvin
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There are numerous side quests you can undertake in Starfield and some of them fail to live up to the grandeur and splendor of the game’s futuristic setting. One such side quest of dubious narrative merit is the aptly named The Boot, where you’ll be tasked with disposing of some potentially cursed boots for a superstitious vendor in "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis. This page will provide a walkthrough for the side quest The Boot and cover whether you should sell the boots to Conrad or dispose of them as intended, including the consequences (or lack thereof) of both of these options.

(1 of 2) After doing business with Antonio, leave The Well and return to find him being confronted by a disgruntled customer.

After doing business with Antonio, leave The Well and return to find him being confronted by a disgruntled customer. (left), After the customer leaves, talk to Antonio and he’ll ask you to dispose of some “Lucky Boots” in a very specific way. (right)

How to Start the Side Quest The Boot in Starfield

To start this quest you’ll need to visit "The Well" iconThe Well in New Atlantis. You can get there by heading down a ramp from your ship, turn left and go up another ramp, then go upstairs to find !Jemison Mercantile. An elevator leading down to The Well can be found to the right of this shop. Ride this elevator down and head downstairs to find the U.C. Surplus store to your right - the proprietor, "Antonio Bianchi" iconAntonio Bianchi, will give you this quest, but you must have done business with him, first.

Sell or buy any item from him, take the elevator back up to the Spaceport, then ride it back down and return to the store and you should see a customer confronting Antonio. Apparently some boots she purchased from Antonio might have come down with a slight case of cursed, and instead of just laughing off this absurd complaint, Antonio caves and takes the suspicious shoes back. Talk to him and he’ll ask you to dispose of these boots by dropping them off in a specific box on a starstation called "The Den" iconThe Den in the Wolf system - he wants them gone, but he also wants to know exactly where they are, for some reason. Agree to run this errand to start the quest The Boot, and you’ll get the offending Lucky Boots added to your inventory, but you can’t wear them or sell them.

(1 of 2) Plot a course for the Wolf system,

Plot a course for the Wolf system, (left), and travel to The Den. (right)

Despite Antonio selling The Den as some far-flung outpost on the edge of space, it’s not all that far away. Go to your starmap and zoom out to the galactic view, then look for the Sol system, which is northwest (you know what we mean) of Alpha Centauri. The Wolf system is to the east of the Sol system, but unlike Sol it won’t be named unless you hover over it. Travel there (it should cost less than 20 fuel to make it to Wolf from Alpha Centauri) and you’ll notice that there are only two planets - The Den orbits the smaller of the two, Chthonia. Travel to The Den and dock with it to get to your destination.

(1 of 3) Before you can ditch the Lucky Boots, a man named Conrad will offer to buy them. Take the 500 credits,

Choice: Should You Sell the Lucky Boots to Conrad?

When you arrive at The Den, continue forward past the Ship Services Technician until you hit a railing (if this is your first visit, several people will be arguing nearby) then turn right and go through a doorway to reach a hallway. Turn right again and you’ll find the bin Antonio wants you to ditch the Lucky Boots in, but a complication arises in the form of Conrad, who offers to buy the Lucky Boots from you for 500 credits.

As far as we can tell there are no long-term ramifications for selling the boots. Sure they didn’t quite get to where Antonio wanted them, but they got reasonably close. And who knows? Maybe Conrad will throw them in the bin later? Seriously though, you get the same reward from Antonio either way (2,500 credits) and after waiting and traveling around for weeks, no events popped up because of our decisions in this quest, so take the extra 500 credits if you want them.

Whether you dutifully dump the devilish boots in the bin where they belong or you cave to Conrad’s request in exchange for capital, return to Antonio in New Atlantis and he’ll mention something about the local weather before giving you your reward.

Now that you’re done with this side quest, check out the following pages:

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If you return to Conrad later, he will be laying dead under a fallen crate apparently still wearing the boots.

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If you return to Conrad later, he will be laying dead under a fallen crate apparently still wearing the boots.

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