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A New Narrative: Plant the Files at Laredo Firearms

Matt Chard

The third mission for Ryujin Industries in Starfield is “A New Narrative” which will have you visit "Akila City" iconAkila City in the "Cheyenne System" iconCheyenne System. Imogene wants you to plant some confidential files in the Laredo Firearms store in the heart of the city.

A New Narrative will task you with planting some files in Laredo Firearms in Akila.

Talk to Imogene

This quest will start immediately after finishing One Step Ahead. Speak with Imogene, and she’ll give you the rundown of your assignment. Apparently, Laredo Firearms is corrupt, and Imogene wants you to place confidential files in their main office, so it can stop a deal. When you’re done talking with Imogene, head to Akila City in the Cheyenne System which is situated to the northeast of Alpha Centauri on the Starmap.

Laredo Firearms Location

Once you’ve landed, head into the main city. If you’ve never been to Akila before, you may get stopped by a security guard regarding some ruckus at the bank, which will give you the mission Job Gone Wrong, but that’s a Freestar Collective mission, so you can ignore this. Anyway, immediately turn right after entering the city, and follow the path until you go under the bridge. Laredo Firearms will be on your right, after the bridge.

(1 of 2) As you enter the city, turn right and follow the path to the bridge.

As you enter the city, turn right and follow the path to the bridge. (left), Laredo Firearms will be on your right immediately after passing the bridge. (right)

Best Way to Plant Files in Laredo Firearms

The objective will point you toward the main door, but if you get on top of the roof of the house to the right of it (the other side of the bridge) you’ll see a fenced-off area. Head over to it to find a hatch leading into Laredo Firearms.

(1 of 2) Climb the roof on the house to the right of Laredo Firearms and head to the fenced area.

Climb the roof on the house to the right of Laredo Firearms and head to the fenced area. (left), Here, you’ll find a hatch leading to the offices. (right)

Enter the hatch, and it will take you to the main office, right next to the objective. You won’t be trespassing here, so don’t worry about getting caught, but you will get caught trying to lockpick the door. There is a large metal door blocking your way, and you’ll need to either pick its locks (novice) with a Digipick, or steal the Key ("Theft" iconTheft 1) by pickpocketing "Reisha Lance" iconReisha Lance at the counter downstairs. Stealing the Key is by far the most difficult way to do this as there are other people downstairs, so we suggest lockpicking the door.

(1 of 4) Pick the lock on the office door.

When you go to pick the locks, make sure the Laredo Employee is sitting down at his seat as he will get up and walk around from time to time. Once you’ve opened up the office, head over to the storage chest opposite the desk, and pick the locks off that too (novice). Here, switch over to your inventory (Q-Key), find the confidential files; put them in the chest. This will update the mission, and tell you to head back to Imogene. Leave the store any way you like as you’re not trespassing, and head back to Ryujin Tower in "Neon" iconNeon.

Return to Imogene

Head back to Imogene in Ryunji Tower, and tell her the assignment is complete.

When you get back to Neon, head into Ryujin Tower, to the Operations floor, and speak to Imogene. She’ll ask if there were any problems, so reassure her that it’s all taken care of, and then the mission will end with you being rewarded with some XP, Credits, and a "Reconstim" iconReconstim.

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