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Access is Key: Suit and Security Card Location

Matt Chard

The "Access is Key" iconAccess is Key Mission in Starfield is the fourth Faction Mission for Ryujin Industries. You’ll get the Mission immediately after finishing the New Narrative mission. Imogen will ask you to retrieve a Security Card from the "Neon" iconNeon Security HQ in Neon, so she can test your skills. This means she doesn’t want you to use excessive force to acquire it, instead, she wants you to use diplomacy.

Imogen wants you to get a Security Keycard, and where better than the Security HQ.

Where to Find the Suit

To make things go along more smoothly, Imogen recommends you wear a suit when talking to the Security Guard as it’ll make you look more professional. Although it’s entirely optional, there’s no reason not to. The suit will cost between 375 and 3,500 Credits and can be purchased from "Aito Suzuki" iconAito Suzuki who is situated near the entrance of Ryujin HQ, to the left of the entrance. Once you’ve purchased the suit, go into your inventory then apparel, and equip it. Any of the suits will work, but getting one with the 5% "Persuasion" iconPersuasion chance trait will help you out more for the Mission.

(1 of 2) You can buy a suit from Aito who’s outside the Ryujin HQ entrance.

You can buy a suit from Aito who’s outside the Ryujin HQ entrance. (left), Any suit will do, but ideally get one with the Persuasion trait. (right)

Where to Find Neon Security HQ

This may seem obvious, but it is in Neon, and you can easily walk past it multiple times without finding it as it doesn’t really stand out. I mean, it does have a massive sign above it saying its name, but it kind of merges in with the rest of the city. From the Ryujin HQ, exit the building, and follow the strip west until you see the Spaceport Terminal sign in the middle. Proceed west while standing on the right (north) side of the strip, and you’ll see the Enhance shop with the big eye sign. Neon Security HQ can be found next to the Enhance shop, opposite Galbank.

You can find Neon Security HQ next to the Enhance shop at the opposite end of the strip from Ryujin HQ.

How to Get the Security Card

Head inside Neon Security HQ, and enter the open room immediately to your left and speak to the Security Chief. Imogen wants you to use diplomacy to get the Security Card, and you shouldn’t disappoint her, or you could be deducted pay if you choose the violent approach. Now you can pickpocket the Card, but that requires a point in "Theft" iconTheft, and ideally a couple of points in "Stealth" iconStealth. Even then, it’ll be difficult as you’re in the Security HQ. Another option is to murder the Chief and take the Card of his corpse, but you will most likely make the rest of the employees hostile while also getting deducted pay. Finally, you can persuade the Chief to give you his Card, no idea why he would, but hey, it works!

(1 of 3) Tell the chief you have need a favor.

As Imogen is testing your diplomacy skills, oblige her, and talk to the Chief. Before doing this, make a quick save. Tell him that you have a huge favor and that you want to “borrow” his Keycard. He’ll tell you that he can’t do that without proper authorization, and he will ask if you want to tell him what’s going on. Now, tell him, “My job is on the line here. I really need this favor.”

Obviously, this won’t work, but you’ll get the chance to persuade him. Choose the following options to get him to have over his card:

  • +3 Come on, I wouldn’t joke about a situation like this.

  • +4 I’m glad you’re starting to realize that you may as well just hand it over.

(1 of 4) These persuasion options worked for us.

This should complete the check, and he’ll hand over his Keycard to you. Easy, right? Now head back to Ryujin Industries HQ, and hand over the Card to Imogen to complete the Mission. You’ll receive two "Med Pack" iconMed Packs, two "Heart+" iconHeart+, 2,500 Credits, and 100 XP. After the mission ends, you’ll immediately get the next mission “Sowing Discord”.

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