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Guilty Parties Guide: Masako or Ularu

Matt Chard

As things begin to heat up in the Ryujin Faction storyline in Starfield, you’ll find out that your handler, Imogen, has been committing corporate espionage. This will lead to a manhunt, but is she really guilty? Read below to find out how to complete the "Guilty Parties" iconGuilty Parties Mission, and who you should choose between Masako or Ularu.

Imogen is in trouble and only you can help her, but will you?

Finding Imogen

After speaking to the Head of Security, Dalton, he’ll tell you to apprehend Imogen from her office. You should know where this is by now, but if you need help remembering, it’s on the Operations floor. Head to the office, and as you enter it, Yuko will tell you she’s gone. Ask Yuko if she can use her resources to find her, and she’ll ask why. You can tell her if you want as it won’t change anything then you’ll find out she was last seen at Frankie’s Grab and Go. You can head there now without alerting Dalton, but it’s better if you do as he’ll tell you that the shop is a front for the crime syndicate, Seokguh Syndicate, and he’ll call a favor with "Benjamin Bayu" iconBenjamin Bayu who will tell the Syndicate to let you in freely.

(1 of 2) Head into the Astral Lounge, and take the elevator up to the VIP floor where you'll find Benjamin Bayu.

Head into the Astral Lounge, and take the elevator up to the VIP floor where you'll find Benjamin Bayu. (left), If you don't want to do a favor for Benjamin Bayu, you'll need to persuade him. (right)

Head to Benjamin Bayu

Although this step is optional, you’ll want to do it as you can get a side quest from Mr. Bayu. Head to the "Astral Lounge" iconAstral Lounge in the Trade Tower at the opposite end of the strip from Ryujin Tower. Enter the club, and head up the elevator on your left to reach the VIP floor. Exit the elevator, and follow the corridors left until you reach Booth 4 at the end. Here, you’ll find Benjamin Bayu.

When you speak to him, select any dialogue choice, then tell him you have a suspect who fled to the Syndicate to hide. Naturally, he’ll ask you for a favor in return, but you can persuade him that the mutual benefit should suffice, although we recommend you take him on the favor. Note: If you don’t have any points in "Stealth" iconStealth, preferably two, but one is enough, you may want to persuade him as you’ll need to steal something with a person in the same room.

Whatever you choose, Mr. Bayu will allow you to enter the Syndicate hassle-free. Exit the Astral Lounge, and the Trade Tower then head to Ebbside which is accessible through a door opposite The Emporium, next to the Enhance shop.

(1 of 3) Head into Ebbside via the door next to the Enhance shop.

Where to Find the Seokguh Syndicate

When you reach Ebbside, you’ll need to find Frankie’s Grab and Go which acts as a front for the Syndicate. From the entrance, head straight until you hit the wall, then turn left to find Frankie’s. Head inside, and speak to her, and she’ll let you in back with some friendly advice, stay off the third floor. Head through the doors and interact with the fridge at the back to enter the hideout.

How to Find Kumiho’s Slate

If you didn’t accept Benjamin Bayu’s favor, skip this part, if you agree to it, continue reading. Kumiho’s Slate is naturally in Kumiho’s office, which is on the third floor. Do you remember what Frankie said? You’re not allowed up there. There are a couple of stairways that lead to the third floor, but both have someone guarding it and if you attack either of them, the entire Syndicate will become hostile, so, you’ll have to get creative.

Inside the Syndicate HQ, head forward, and follow Imogen’s marker until you reach the large room and head up the stairs as if you were about to go in the door where Imogen is. Instead, turn around and follow the walkway (where the small gym is) to the next set of stairs to your right. Walk up to the top of the stairs, and you’ll see a guard. Turn around to look at the large room again, look up slightly, and you should see a beam you can jump/hover to. Jump over, and open the nearby vent, then go through it until you reach a dead end.

(1 of 4) On the top of the stairs to the third floor, jump onto the beam in the large open room to find a vent.

Look up again, and you’ll see that you can jump up, do so, and proceed straight then take the first left. Here, you’ll find a vent leading into a room, Kumiho’s room, but before you drop, make a quick save first. Kumiho is in here, so you’ll need to stay in stealth. As you drop, Kumiho should be at the desk working. Wait behind the partition (in stealth), and watch Kumiho’s pattern; she’ll get up, walk toward the cabinet opposite the desk then sit back down at the desk.

The Slate you’re after for Mr. Bayu is on Kumiho’s desk, so you’d assume that you want to go when she’s by the cabinet, right? Unless you have a high stealth level, she’ll hear you as soon as you get near her. Instead, wait until she sits down, then slowly tap the W-Key Key (walk slowly) while keeping an eye on the Stealth bar in the center of the screen (requires 1 Stealth). Tap it, then wait for the bar to drop, then tap it again. Repeat this until you’re behind Kumiho’s screens, then interact with the Slate. She won’t realize what you’re doing for some reason, and you’ll down the required data for Mr. Bayu. Now exit the same way you came in (through the vent) and continue on with the main mission.

Find Imogen in the Seokguh Syndicate

Make your way to the large room which has a blue tint to it, and head up the stairs at the end. Imogen will be in the door labeled “Syndicate Backroom”. Speak to Imogen, and respond as you like as it won’t make any difference, and she’ll tell you that Ularu set her up. She’ll agree to being a double agent, but she’ll tell you it was on Ularu’s orders. Ask her to help you understand, and you’ll find out what Project Dominion really is, a Neuroamp that can control other people, and she thinks that Ularu used it on her to frame her.

You can ask her what Ularu’s motives would be for some lore, but any choice here will lead to the same outcome, so choose what you want, then ask her if she has any evidence to back up her claim. Imogen will pull out a Slate that holds all the evidence to prove her innocence, and she asks you to take it back to Dalton.

(1 of 2) Imogen can be found behind the brown door at the back of the large open room.

Imogen can be found behind the brown door at the back of the large open room. (left), She'll claim that she's been set up; ask her to provide some evidence. (right)

Decide Imogen’s Fate

You can either attack her and end her life now, bring her in, or give the evidence to Dalton. She’s shady, but she doesn’t deserve to die, at least, not yet, and you can’t bring her in as Ularu will know she’s compromised. If you choose to show the evidence though, you’ll have to trust that Imogen will stay here. Unless you want to side with Ularu, the best bet is to take the Slate to Dalton. Killing Imogen will give you her password for the computer, a minuscule amount of Credits, and her unique outfit. You’ll also pick up her slate of evidence which can be handed to Dalton. Only select this option if you hate Imogen with a passion.

Give the Slate to Benjamin Bayu

Once again if you didn’t agree to do a favor for Mr. Bayu, ignore this part. Head back to Booth 4 on the VIP floor in Astral Lounge, and tell him that you think it may be worth more to him. Demand he pays up some extra Credits, and he’ll actually admire you for acting like an entrepreneur, giving you 2,500 Credits.

You can extort Mr. Bayu, and he'll admire you for it.

Talk to Yuko

When you get back to Ryujin Tower, you’ll speak to Yumiko as you get off the elevator at the Executive Offices, and she’ll ask you what you found out. It doesn’t matter what you tell her, but it’s best to tell her to ask Dalton after your report to err on the safe side. If you do tell her what you found out, you can ask her opinion on the situation, which is to give it straight to Dalton.

Confront Ularu - Masako or Ularu

This step is optional, but it’s one worth playing. Head to Ularu’s office (above Dalton), and tell Ularu to either come clear, or you have evidence that she’s the mole. She’ll tell you to wait a minute as she closes the door to get some privacy. When that’s done, she’ll ask you where you heard that from. You can use the Persuade option if you want to bypass some interrogation, but that’s no fun. Tell her that Imogene is the person who told you about her (it doesn’t matter as you have evidence anyway). If you do choose the persuade option, choose phrases that appease her ego, although the chances of success are random. Don’t worry if you fail the check as you can still select the other options anyway.

After telling her that Imogen told you, you’ll have another choice. Select “[Lie] Tell me the truth, and I’ll hand over the evidence I have against you”. This will cause her to spill the truth, and you’ll get another choice to make shortly after. Select any of these as it won’t change any outcome. Eventually, she’ll tell you that she’s doing this for Ryujin; that Masako is losing her touch, and Ryujin needs strong leadership. The next dialogue options won’t change anything, so once again, pick what you want.

(1 of 2) Lie to Ularu, and she'll confess to framing Imogen.

Lie to Ularu, and she'll confess to framing Imogen. (left), Eventually, this will lead to a choice between Masako, or Ularu with the latter offering a slightly better reward. (right)

The next set of choices after that are important and will solidify whether you want to side with Masako or Ularu. The first two choices will favor Ularu while the bottom two will favor Masako. So, who should you decide? To be honest, none of them are good people, but Masako has a bit more restraint than Ularu. Ularu says she’s doing it for Ryujin, and it could be better for the company, but let’s be real, she’s power-hungry, and she just wants Masako’s job at the end. The difference between the rewards at the end of the Faction’s quest line is marginal, but Ularu does offer a bit more.


If you side with Ularu, you’ll be stuck lying to Dalton about the evidence, which means Imogen will eventually be “dealt” with. You can change your mind about Ularu in a later mission, and stab her in the back if you want to, but poor Imogen will still be a lifeless corpse.


However, if you side with Masoko, Ularu will remember your decision in the following quest. You’ll also get a prompt to Attack Ularu, although if you do that, you’ll have the Ryujin Security on you, and it’ll upset Dalton. Doing this won’t change the outcome of the next quest strangely.


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