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Due in Full: How to Find Dieter Maliki

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details how to complete the GalBank misc quest, "Due in Full" iconDue in Full, in Starfield. You’ll find information on how to start this quest and how to find Dieter Maliki and settle his debts. There are a few ways you can deal with this mission and we’ll outline all the different outcomes below!

How to Start Due in Full

This quest can be accepted by speaking with Landry Hollifeld, a receptionist found at GalBank in "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis. When you speak with him, he’ll ask you to track down a guy that owes the bank a lot of money, and he says he’ll make it worth your while!

Landry wants the money from Dieter…one way or another.

Where to Find Dieter Maliki

Interestingly enough, we did some testing and discovered that Dieter Maliki’s location is actually completely random and varies from player to player! For example, for one playthrough, he could be found in the neighboring system Toliman, but for another, he’s in a system ages away from Alpha Centauri and it required multiple grav jumps to reach.

Dieter's military post will randomly generate on a different planet for every player!

Whatever planet you’ll need to go to though, he’ll always be found at a Military Post generated just for him. You’ll be able to land a few hundred meters away and then enter his little office to find him.

Due in Full: Persuade or Kill Dieter Maliki?

There are three options for dealing with Dieter but only two outcomes. The good outcome is to convince him to pay up by persuading him to hand over the money. It’s a pretty easy persuasion check with only four bars to check. If you succeed, he’ll agree to pay up and you can return to Landry Hollifeld at GalBank and he’ll pay you a handsome reward - we got 5,500 Credits (it scales based on your level).

(1 of 2) Succeed in your persuasion check and Dieter will give you the owed money

Succeed in your persuasion check and Dieter will give you the owed money (left), and Landry will also be pleased you didn't resort to violence. (right)

However, if you fail the persuasion, Dieter will become immediately hostile and you’ll need to take care of him. This will also be the outcome if you try to get him to pay you off - he’ll tell you he’s tried that before and will attack you. If you have to kill him, Landry won’t be mad but he will pay you a smaller amount of Credits - we got 3,300 Credits (scales to level), which is significantly less than if you get the money without killing him!

(1 of 2) If you fail the persuasion or attempt to extort him, Dieter will get hostile

If you fail the persuasion or attempt to extort him, Dieter will get hostile (left), you'll still get a finder's fee but Landry isn't all that pleased. (right)

After completing this initial quest, you can speak to Landry again and pick up another Due in Full quest in which you’re required to collect money from an unnamed Spacer. We suspected that these quests might be infinite but there’s actually only six debts to collect before he stops giving you targets.

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