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List of Particle Beam Weapons in Starfield

Craig Robinson

Particle Beams are one of the weapon types in Starfield, offering players a mixture of physical and energy weapon damage types. However, Particle Beam weapons are somewhat rare to come by, so, we are here to list all the Particle Beam weapons in Starfield, with tips on how to get them.

All Particle Beam Weapons in Starfield

Here is a closer look at all the Particle Beam Weapons you can get in Starfield.

In total, we have found the following Particle Beam weapons in Starfield. These are a range of rifles, shotguns and pistols.

Particle Beam Weapon Type Location
"Big Bang" iconBig Bang Shotgun Random drop from containers and stores. You can get it early through some containers that drop random purple-quality weapons, but, it seems like it typically need to be a higher level (around the mid 20’s before it shows up).
"Eternity's Gate" iconEternity’s Gate Rifle Unique legendary weapon you get from a certain decision at a certain point in the campaign. This is the best-guaranteed particle weapon in the game, but it could be outperformed by really high-roll random legendary gear.
Jake’s Hangover Cure Shotgun A unique, yet common version of the "Big Bang" iconBig Bang looted from behind "Jake's" iconJake’s bar in "The Well" iconThe Well, under "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis. You will need to steal it to get it.
"Novalight" iconNovalight Pistol Random drop or store rotation item.
Reflection Rifle Vendor item in NG+, it’s basically a higher quality Va’Ruun Inflictor.
Terror Inflictor Pistol NG+ vendor item
"The Spacer" iconThe Spacer Pistol Go to Abaron, a store vendor on "Ryujin Industries" iconRyujin Industries’ main floor located in "Neon Core" iconNeon Core.
Va’ruun Inflictor Rifle Random drop from Va’ruun enemies, which can be sold in stores but rarely appears.
"Va'ruun Starshard" iconVa’ruun Starshard Pistol Can drop for Va’ruun enemies or appear in random store rotations.

All the weapons above will come with different power levels on them, depending on what level and the roll on the weapons in terms of stats. Sometimes you may find purple versions of the weapons and get really good mods, damage boosts, and perks for them too. So, we won’t go into too much detail on how good the weapons are. However, we will say the "Big Bang" iconBig Bang is a popular weapon for its close-range annihilation capabilities.

Regarding "Eternity's Gate" iconEternity’s Gate, there is a spoiler route you can take to get the weapon. We have added a spoiler box below for finding that gun correctly, but know it comes with spoilers.

Eternity Gate loctionShow Spoiler

During one of the few remaining main story missions, you will meet with a "Starborn" iconStarborn called Emissary, and again with Hunter. You will then get to make a choice. If you kill the Emissary during that bit, you can loot its corpse and get the Eternity’s Gate. You can also kill the Hunter and get his legendary weapon. However, it’s not the end of those two, as the Starborn battle is yet to come.

Also, if you are going the Particle Beam weapon type, there is a skill to increase the damage and crit chance of those weapons in the Combat skill tree. You can also use "Andreja" iconAndreja as a companion, who comes with "Particle Beams" iconParticle Beams Rank 3, making her capable of using those guns to their full advantage.

This concludes the available particle beam weapons in Starfield that we know so far. Good luck hunting them cowboy.

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