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How to Get High Tensile Spidroin in Starfield

Craig Robinson

High Tensile Spidroin is an organic material that players can find in Starfield. This material is needed for crafting and researching some of the better spacesuit crafting, alongside items like Indicite Wafers. So, those on a heavy spacesuit crafting spree will need to go shopping to farm these highly lucrative materials Here’s a closer look at how to get High Tenspile Spidroin in Starfield.

High Tensile Spidroin Farm in Starfield

(1 of 3) Visit the Linnaeus system located here to farm High Tensile Spidroin in Starfield.

For the most part, you can farm High Tensile Spidroin in Starfield through one reliable method, with another two sources offering different opportunities.

  1. Visit Linnaeus II
  2. Find it in stores
  3. Get misc shipment of High Tensile from the occasional traders in POI outposts on moons and planets

If you want to dedicate yourself to farming High Tensile Spidroin, then going to Linnaeus II is your best bet. This planet is located in the Linnaeus system, located in between Alpha Centauri and Olympus, but closer to Olympus. If you’ve not been here yet, you will need to travel through Kryx, Jaffa and some other star systems with "Starborn" iconStarborn or Crimson Fleet present. So, do be careful traveling depending on what faction and main story content you have done, as you starting ship may have issues getting there safely.

Once you’re on the planet, you must land at a mountainous part of the planet (lucky for you, most of the planet is mountains). Once you land, look for the cactus-looking plant called Frigid Palm. This plant will offer you the High Tensile Spidroin farm in Starfield you need. Simply run along, or create an outpost and set up a Greenhouse to start farming the resource reliably (presuming you have "Botany" iconBotany and the Outpost Upgrade for it). Head over to our guide on how to set up a Greenhouse for more information!

High Tensile Spidroin Store Locations

After that, you can rely on two other methods to get your High Tensile Spidroin farm. Throughout all the Settled Systems’ major ports, you can go to various traders that sell resources and hope they have it in stock. It is very rare to find, and it’s something that you will need to get lucky getting. The best places tend to be:

These areas seem like the best places that generate rarer resources used in crafting. But, any store with a higher stock take of resources has better chances than those that don’t.

You can also get lucky by finding a trader at POI outpost that sells the data sets that ping you of huge shipments of resources lost. Sometimes you can get Spidroin, but it can randomize to most other crafting resources and minerals.

You can occasionally find small amounts of the fibre from stores, albeit very rare and in low quantity supply.

If you need any other tips for finding High Tensile Spidroin farms in Starfield, this Reddit thread has a whole list of possible stores for you to check out if you’re not about to visit Linnaeus yet. But again, there’s a degree of RNG involved, so it may not be the best solution.

High-Tensile Spidroin Uses

High-Tensile Spidroin is quite hard to come by, but luckily it doesn’t have that many uses. It’s only use is in the crafting of heavy shielding spacesuit modifications, and in the research project, Helmet Mods 3.

For Helmet Mods 3, you’re gonna need x12 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x4 "Caelumite" iconCaelumite, x3 High-Tensile Spidroin, x2 Indicite Wafer, x3 "Microsecond Regulator" iconMicrosecond Regulator and x4 "Polymer" iconPolymer. This research project will then unlock Gravitic Composites (Helmet) and Heavy Shielding (Helmet).

High-Tensile Spidroin in Spacesuit Modifications

The Heavy Shielding (Helmet) and Heavy Shielding (Spacesuit) both increase all damage type resistances. These spacesuit modifications can be quite expensive, as you need to research quite a bit to unlock them:

Mod Description Materials Required Research Required
Heavy Shielding (Helmet) Helmet Slot 3 - Increases all Damage Resistance x1 "Adhesive" iconAdhesive, x1 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x1 High-Tensile Spidroin, x1 "Polymer" iconPolymer Helmet Mods 3
Heavy Shielding (Spacesuit) Spacesuit Slot 3 - Increases all Damage Resistance x2 "Adhesive" iconAdhesive, x2 "Tungsten" iconTungsten, x2 High-Tensile Spidroin, x1 "Polymer" iconPolymer Spacesuit Mods 3

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