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Outpost Horticulture: Setting Up a Greenhouse

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to set up a Greenhouse at your Outpost in Starfield. You’ll find information on how to research Horticulture and how to fully automate your flora resource production!

It's time to build a greenhouse for your Outpost!

How to Unlock Farming - Horticulture 1

Before you can build a Greenhouse, you’ll need to research Horticulture 1 at the "Research Lab" iconResearch Lab. You’ll only be able to do this once you’ve put a skill point into "Botany" iconBotany and "Outpost Engineering" iconOutpost Engineering in the Science Skill tree. You’ll need the following materials to research:

You can purchase many of the materials here from various vendors such as the "Trade Authority" iconTrade Authority or the shops in "Neon" iconNeon, for example. We do recommend, however, setting up mining extractors and a Simple Fabricator to gather ore and produce manufactured materials like Adaptive Frames.

Before you can build a greenhouse, you'll have to research Horticulture 1 at a Research Lab.

How to Set Up a Greenhouse

There are a few things you’re gonna need to do before you can even access the Greenhouse in the build menu. First off, you’ll naturally need to be on a planet that has available flora. You’ll then need to scan the flora in your Outpost’s biome (doesn’t have to be within the proximity of your outpost, just the same biome) until it’s reached 100%.

As you’re scanning the flora, you’ll also discover its resource type (fiber, structural, antimicrobial etc.), so make sure to keep that in mind when deciding what flora you want in your greenhouse. "Fiber" iconFiber, for example, is a very useful resource and can be obtained from plants such as the Glossy Stickweed and Boreas Root (found in Forest and Mountain biomes). You can then use Fiber to supply your Animal Husbandry Facility if you have one!

(1 of 3) Use your scanner to scan the plants around your outpost.

Once you’ve got a desired plant 100% scanned, you can find the Greenhouse building in the ‘Builders’ tab in the Outpost build menu. You’ll need the following materials:

After building the greenhouse, you’ll need to power it and supply it with water. As long as you’ve set up an outpost on a planet with water, you’ll be able to extract water from the ground or through a vapor extractor. If you want more detailed information on how to set up an extractor, head over to our guide! You can then link up your "Water" iconWater Extractor to the Greenhouse.

You'll only be able to build the greenhouse when you've 100% scanned a flora.

Next is the power supply - the Greenhouse requires 3 power and the extractor requires 5. If you’ve got decent winds or solar energy then you may be able to power both with one generator (you can see how much power a generator produces in build mode). A fuel generator can also be a good solution for powering multiple things but you’ll need a supply of "Helium-3" iconHelium-3 to fuel it.

(1 of 2) First build a power supply for your greenhouse

First build a power supply for your greenhouse (left), then wire it up - you should also wire up your water extractor! (right)

Make sure to link up the water supply and power to the Greenhouse and it should start producing your chosen horticultural material! You can also enter your greenhouse to view your growing plants.


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