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Can You Join Every Faction in Starfield?

Jessica Dillon

Bethesda fans are more than aware that its games come with different factions all yearning for your attention. Some are rivals, while others go about life without worrying about the others. You are likely wondering if you can join all of the factions at once, or if you need to pick and choose. The guide below goes over which factions you can join at the same time.

You need to be able to visit the Rock in Akira City in Cheyenna to join the Freestar Collective.

Can You Join All Factions During a Single Playthrough?

Starfield allows you to join all four major factions without any consequences at the start of each faction’s questline. In fact, in order to complete some factions, you will need to infiltrate the other by joining. You can also complete all Faction questlines, even if you’re in conflicting factions! The factions available in this game are:

  • "Constellation" iconConstellation - You will join this faction during the Main Story Quest and so it’s a non-optional faction. These guys are the Space Explorers and their main goal is to collect Artifacts and loot from across the galaxy.
  • "United Colonies" iconUnited Colonies "Vanguard" iconVanguard - United Colonies (or UC for short) is the largest faction in the game and players can join it by becoming a UC Vanguard (a glorified police officer essentially). You can join these guys very early on during Mission #2 of the Main Quest.
  • "Crimson Fleet" iconCrimson Fleet - If you’ve already played through the prologue of the game, you know these guys are the Space Pirates of Starfield.
  • Freestar Collective - A faction that leads the government of the Settled Systems, which includes the planets Cheyenne, Narion and Volii. You can join this faction by becoming a Freestar "Ranger" iconRanger.
  • "Ryujin Industries" iconRyujin Industries - Ryujin Industries is a huge corporation whose headquarters are located in "Neon" iconNeon on the planet Volii-Alpha. They are the profit-hungry faction of Starfield.

You can join the UC Vanguard from very early on, and their initiation test isn't even hard!

These are the five main factions of Starfield but there are plenty more minor factions that you can find and join. We highly recommend joining a bunch of factions (even if they thematically clash) as they’re a great way to earn XP, get cool loot and witness everything that Starfield has to offer. Whilst you can join and complete the main quest for every single faction, it is unclear at this time whether there will be endgame consequences to joining all factions and whether you’ll be required to “side” with one faction over another.

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Starfield is an action role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios set in a futuristic interpretation of space exploration and colonization. Earth has long been abandoned, but there are plenty of other planets in different star systems where humans have ventured and settled. You have the freedom to create your own character with a unique background, but the main story will take you through a series of adventures as you uncover more information about mysterious artifacts which create gravitational anomalies. Along the way, you can build and customize your own space ship, establish your own outpost, befriend and romance new companions, and more. As a Bethesda game, you can also expect to see a lot of creative mods which have the potential to change your experience of the base game, or take it in an entirely new direction.

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