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What's in Izna's Evicted Sleepcrates in Ebbside?

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a quick guide for the rewards you’ll find in the sleepcrates in Ebbside if you decide to pay the Credits to the manager Izna in "Neon" iconNeon in Starfield.

How to Find the Ebbside Sleepcrates

Firstly, you’ll need to head over to Neon on Alpha Volii in the Volii system, and make your way over to Ebbside via the door down the alley between Enhance! and the Volii Hotel. We had to make our way to Ebbside to speak with Izna during the Loose Ends quest.

Once in Ebbside, locate the manager of the sleepcrates, Izna. After talking to her she’ll tell you you can purchase evicted sleepcrates for 1000 credits each and there might be something good in the crates…remind anyone of the hit reality tv show Storage Wars?!

Izna has four crates up for grabs at the low low cost of 1,000 credits each. Will they be worth it?

There are a total of four sleepcrates, meaning you’re gonna have to pay 4,000 credits to get all of the available evicted sleepcrates. Are they worth it? Keep reading to see what you’ll find in each crate!

Evicted Sleepcrate Unit C-203 Reward

After paying your first 1000 credits, you’ll get the key to Unit C-203, which is found right opposite Izna. Inside this crate you’ll find an empty pharmaceutical kit…and nothing else! Talk about a rip off.

The first sleepcrate contains nothing, is this a sign for things to come if you continue the gamble?

Evicted Sleepcrate Unit A-102 Reward

If you want to purchase the second sleepcrate, you’ll be buying the key to Unit A-102, which is right next door to the last crate. you’ll find a plushie and Harvested Organs, which are contraband. That 13,500 Credits value may seem like a pretty find but if you head over to "Trade Authority" iconTrade Authority to flog it before you leave Neon, you’ll only be able to sell them for like 10-20% of the cost if you haven’t got skills in bartering. There’s also a chest containing some materials, we got toxins but it’s likely a random misc material drop. You can also find a Creditstik on the shelf that holds around 300 credits.

A better crate than the last but was it worth it? Probably not…

Don’t be fooled by the price, contraband is hard to shift and it will sell for only a fraction of the price.

Evicted Sleepcrate Unit A-107 Reward

Still wanting to take a gamble? The third crate is found right next door and well, you’ll be disappointed to discover that there’s absolutely nothing in Unit A-107! This sucks.

This gambling business isn’t really paying off is it…

Evicted Sleep Crate Unit B-101

This is Izna’s final crate and it does actually contain some interesting stuff, but you’ve had to spend 4000 credits to get to this final crate. Now the other three crates were found nearby Izna, but this one is found on the other side of Ebbside. To get there take the elevator to the Underbelly, then cross this area to find another elevator that’ll take you to the Upper Platform. The sleepcrate is found just up ahead. Inside this crate you’ll find a safe with an advanced lock and a random pack hanging up on the side. The loot in the safe will be random but we received some ammo, a modified Eon weapon worth around 1,600 credits, 900 credits and a medpack. Did we make our money back? Nope, but it was kinda fun. If you had decent skills in bartering you could probably make your money back just about.

(1 of 2) The final sleepcrate has a random pack

The final sleepcrate has a random pack (left), and a locked safe, which you’ll need some skill in lockpicking to open. (right)

It’s up to you if you think these rewards are worth it, but there’s something thrilling about opening random crates to rummage through someone else’s junk. Unfortunately, reading this guide will have ruined the surprise but at least you can make an informed decision on whether it’s a waste of money or not!

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