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How to Complete Sarah's Companion Quest - In Memoriam

Jessica Dillon

Starfield is a vast game with many things to do, including winning the heart of your companions. In order to do this though, you will need to complete some unique quests that help to wrap up their personal stories. Sarah’s quest, "In Memoriam" iconIn Memoriam, takes you to a far-off planet to learn about her missing crew. The guide below goes over how to complete Sarah’s quest, what to do with Sonia, and how to finally enter into a relationship with Sarah.

Sarah will likely want to speak to you in front of the waterfall at the start of the mission.

How to Unlock Sarah’s Companion Quest In Memoriam

Once you raise Sarah’s affection high enough you will be given her quest In Memoriam. The quest centers around locating her lost crew, and finally making her past right. This is a shorter quest that focuses on helping you develop your relationship with her, and completing it will allow you to date or marry her if you wish to go the extra mile. Keep in mind that you can divorce her at any time if you want to get close to one of the other companions.

How to Locate The Dauntless

Once you have decided to take on Sarah’s quest, you are going to head to "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis and visit the waterfall to speak with Sarah. Afterward, go to the "MAST Building" iconMAST Building in New Atlantis. Once inside, use the elevator to "Central Command" iconCentral Command where you will meet with Admiral Logan. Logan will be standoffish at first, but after a bit of talking, he hands Sarah the data she needs about her rescue. You will now be headed to the Cassiopea System, where you will land on the planet Cassiopea I. Once you get off the ship, head forward toward the marker, you will soon see her ship. To get inside, you simply need an Emergency Power Cell, luckily there is one on the hill next to the ship. Head up and grab it, be careful though as some enemies will spawn behind you. You can either ignore them or fight them, either way, head to the ship once you’re done and go inside to check the computer for data on Sarah’s lost crew.

You will learn that The Dauntless crashed on another part of the planet. Return to your ship and fast-travel to the new marker. Once there, you will be in the middle of a lush jungle. Follow the path forward and you will begin to see some wreckage in front of you. As you keep going, Sarah will make remarks about the sight being scavenged. Soon you will see a makeshift house made out of the remains of the ship, follow the ramp up and head inside. You will meet a young girl named Sonia.

She will be hostile at first, but after a bit of talking, she will stop pointing her gun at you. As it turns out, some of Sarah’s crew survived for a while and had a child on Cassiopea I. Sarah will soon ask you to head to the nearby graveyard to retrieve the tags of her crew to return to New Atlantis. She isn’t willing to go with you though, so this will be a solo mission. Head back outside of the house, and follow the marker up the nearby path. There will likely be a few hostile aliens along the way, but these are easy to beat.

(1 of 15) Head to MAST and take the elevator to Central Command to meet with Admiral Logan.

Once you reach the graveyard, you will need to grab the nine Genetags off of the graves. The game sometimes takes a bit to count them all up, so if you have them all, simply give the game’s counter a bit to catch up. Once this is done, a Greater Silverfish will appear. This is a tougher enemy, so keep your distance and shoot at it until it’s dead. Once it is, you will need to loot its body to get the tenth Genetag.

Should You Take Sona Back to New Atlantis?

Head back to Sona and Sarah, they will be discussing Sonia’s fate. Sarah wants her to return to New Atlantis where she wants to be safe. After the conversation fails, it’s left up to you to decide what happens to Sonia. You can let her stay on Cassiopea one, but Sarah will dislike you for it. The best care scenario is to take her back to New Atlantis with you. After she makes her decision, Sarah will ask you to meet her on a cliff outside where she will have a heartfelt chat with you. Afterward, Sonia will be ready to leave, so board your ship and return to New Atlantis.

Once you’re back, head to MAST to speak with Admiral Logan again and let him know your findings. Sona will move to "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge, where she will live in one of the upstairs rooms from here on out. After checking on her, Sarah will ask you to go to the war memorial with her. You can find it near the MAST building. After a bit of reflection, she will ask you to go with her to the waterfall.

(1 of 9) Speak with Sona about going back to New Atlantis.

Head there by using the elevator near the spaceport and she will speak with you about her findings and offer to enter into a romantic relationship with you wrapping up the quest. Keep in mind if you left Sonia behind, Sarah will hate you and some of these intimate talks likely won’t happen.


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