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Piloting Technology

In-game Description

As more people journey into space, the number of those certified to effectively pilot various types of spacecraft has increased dramatically.

Category iconRank 1

You can now utilize ship thrusters.

Category iconRank 2

Increased ship turning rate and maneuverability.

Category iconRank 3

Unlock the ability to pilot Class B ships.

Category iconRank 4

Unlock the ability to pilot Class C ships.


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Long Hauler Backgrounds
Space Scoundrel Backgrounds
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Skill Rank

Icon for <span>Piloting - Rank 1</span> Piloting - Rank 1, Icon for <span>Piloting - Rank 2</span> Piloting - Rank 2, Icon for <span>Piloting - Rank 3</span> Piloting - Rank 3, Icon for <span>Piloting - Rank 4</span> Piloting - Rank 4

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