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Loose Ends: Save or Kill Felix Sadler?

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details how to complete the misc mission "Loose Ends" iconLoose Ends, which is a quest you can pick up in "Neon" iconNeon in Starfield. You’ll find information on how to start the quest, how to complete it and what choices you should make throughout!

How to Start Loose Ends

Loose Ends is a quest that you’ll pretty much automatically start if you ever set foot in Neon. When you first arrive at the spaceport in Neon, you’ll witness a man called Neshar getting arrested by some security officers for having possession and attempting to smuggle the drug Aurora. If you’ve not yet picked up this quest, that probably means you’ve not been to Neon yet! Neon is a cyberpunk-esque city found on the planet Volii Alpha in the Volii system.

When you first arrive in Neon, you’ll witness a guy being arrested for possession of Aurora.

After witnessing him getting arrested, you’ll begin the quest and get the opportunity to head over to the prison and speak with him.

Loose Ends: Where to Find Neshar

Don’t worry if you want to leave this quest and come back to it, Neshar is in prison indefinitely so you can always pick up this quest again at a later date! When you do want to see what Neshar wants, head over to the prison which can be found in the Neon "Security" iconSecurity building opposite the GalBank - it’s easy to find places in Neon as they all have big flashy lights!

Speak with Neshar in prison and he’ll ask you to deliver his package to Yannick Legrande.

He will ask you to deliver a package on his behalf to "Yannick Legrande" iconYannick Legrande. The package in question can be found in his “sleepcrate” in Ebbside, and he’ll give you the code to get in: Alpha-3-Kilo-4.

So, when you’re ready, head over to Ebbside (the entrance is nearby, on the high street). And make your way over to the manager, Izna Sundararaman. Tell her you’re here to open up Neshar’s sleepcrate and then give her the code. She’ll open up his sleepcrate and you can head round the corner to find his room. Loot the cache chest for Neshar’s package, then exit Ebbside back onto the high street.

After speaking with Izna about Neshar’s sleepcrate you can also purchase evicted sleepcrates from her to loot at 1,000 credits each. If you wanna know if they’re worth it, head over to our quick guide on the contents of each sleepcrate! We spent all our credits to save you the trouble!

Grab Neshar’s package from his sleepcrate.

Head over to Legrande’s Liquors near the Ryujin Apartments building and head up to the top floor using the elevator. You’ll find Yannick behind the desk. Mention that Neshar sent you and hand over the package. After speaking about Neshar, Yannick will task you with “dealing” with his other underling Felix Sadler. He no longer wants him in the team and asks you to sort him out. You can choose to do this either by killing him or forcing him to leave Neon.

(1 of 2) Tell Yannick about Neshar’s package

Tell Yannick about Neshar’s package (left), then he’ll task you with doing something for him. (right)

Loose Ends: Should You Kill Felix?

To find Felix, you’ll need to head back over to Ebbside and locate the elevator to Warehouse 01. Upon entering the Warehouse, you’ll be greeted by a bunch of Syndicate enemies that’ll be immediately hostile. Once you’ve defeated them, head up into the warehouse office and speak with Felix.

(1 of 2) First deal with all the Syndicate enemies,

First deal with all the Syndicate enemies, (left), then decide what you want to do with Felix. (right)

After telling him that Yannick doesn’t wanna work with him anymore, you can choose to either attack and kill him, or you can convince him to leave. There’s no persuasion check to make if you don’t want to kill him so it’s just player preference. There are no consequences related to the side quest if you kill him or not, but depending on your companion choice, they may really dislike you if you choose murder.

Once you’ve dealt with Felix, return to Yannick in the liquor store and tell him it’s all dealt with. This will end the quest and begin Fishy Business in which you’ll have to get a job at Xenofresh to start smuggling in some Aurora! Oh boy what have we got ourselves into?! You’ll also need to learn how to make Amp, and he’ll give you x10 "Metabolic Agent" iconMetabolic Agent and x10 "Toxin" iconToxin to make it at the Research Station nearby.

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